Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai new story part 1


Yeh rishta new story part 1

I’m beginning with November 2 story I hate gayu so I will make sure to have twists

Akshara: who’s locket is it
Naira: it’s mine I love Kartik
Akshara gets stunned while gayu is shocked
Gayu: Kartik loves me and I love him
All family members hear it And come
Bhabhima: call Kartik here
Kartik come after 15 minutes
Akshara: gayu and Naira live you who do you love
Kartik: Naira
Gayu Is shocked
Gayu no you were mine Naira this is your fault
Naira: di
Kartik: gayu I love Naira
Naira: I love you too
Gayu: yes you Both are together that’s what I wanted
Everyone is tsuunned but happy for kaira

Gayu goes in her room
Gayu: I will not let kaira became kaira
Gayu: I love Kartik he’s mine

Akshara feels restless
Akshara: I feel like something is gonna happen

Precap: Akshara hugs gayu and thanks her gayu smirks with evil intention

Please comment if you want it to continue

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  1. It was really nice to read after waht is going in serial.
    But make it long

  2. Anyan

    It’s interesting.
    But make it long

  3. Awesome ??but update soon and make it long when u updating next ??

  4. Hales

    Nyc .. make it long ?

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