Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai FF Part 1


akshara and naitik caught by naksh and naira talking about having a new child! naksh gets upset because his wedding will be less great than the new family member being born!. also, naitik and akshara think about aborting the baby to make naksh happy. find out what happens in this drama by reading it once Ive posted episode 1!! my name is moli chodra and this is my version of yeh rishta kya kehlata hai and I believe my dramas are better than the originals so come read babbbbbiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss 😉 naira catches akshara and naitik in the act and goes ballistic!! she tries to commit suicide over the fact that she could not un-see what had happenedddddd!! ai aiiii

I hope you enjoy and read, until then please do wait, can you all guess what will happen???? Please comment and support, I would be coming with a unique, unseen and unheard the story, some of you wouldn’t like it, lol. Please do comment and read about naitik and akshara babbbbyyyyyyyy 😉


Naitik and Akshara are sitting on the bed, Naitik is thinking and Akshara looks at him,
Akshara: What happened Naitik?
Naitik doesn’t respond, he is thinking too deep that he couldn’t hear what Akshara was saying,
Akshara: Naitik!
Naitik comes out of his thinking and looks at Akshara,
Naitik: What happened Akshara?
Akshara: That’s what I want to ask you Naitik, what happened? What are you thinking?
Naitik: Nothing Akshara.
Akshara: No Naitik,something is troubling you, tell me please.
Naitik: What should I tell you Akshara?
Akshara: What do you mean?
Naitik: I want another child, would you give it to me?
Akshara is shocked, Naitik looks at her and then puts his head down,
Naitik: See Akshara, you wont give me another child, I feel so empty from the inside, Naira is gone and Naksh is growing up ……
Akshara remembers that day, the day everything fell apart;

Akshara:why are we lying to them, why are you doing this! We need to tell them…
Naitik:We cant Akshara
Akshara: Why? Because you let it go to far! Everybody will be heart broken
Naitik; Akshara just stop this nonsense
Akshara; what do we do, oh Naitik! I feel so guilty…
Naitik; I don’t know
Akshara; exactly! There isn’t much we can do!
Naitik and Akshara turn around to see Naira. She has many different emotions on her face; anger, shock, sadness….
Naitik;Naira its not what you…..
Naira; just stop it okay, I cant believe you….you lied to everyone.EVERYONE
Naira was furious
Akshara: Naira I’m sorry
Naira runs, Naitik and Akshara run after her.
Akshara: Naira please wait
Naitik; Naira! Naira! I said wait,we can explain!
Naira turns around too quickly and was about to speak but loses her balance. Naitik was so close to grabbing her hand, but it was too late and before he new it, she went falling down the stairs and with each bump you could hear a crack. It was her skull banging against the marble stairs.
Akshara screamed the loudest she had ever screamed and Naksh comes running hearing the sound of his sisters struggling. Every one else was outside celebrating holi, but Naitik and Akshara had came in. Little did they know it was the biggest mistake of their lives.

End of flashback.

Tears fall out of Akshara’s eyes, she cries in front of Naitik, Naitik sees her crying and touches her shoulder,
Naitik: Akshara……
Akshara: No Naitik,let me cry! Let me express my pain! I lost my child and its been 3 months since we lost her, she left us!
Akshara cries and Naitik gets sad, Akshara remembers Naira, Naitik smiles remembering Naira but his smile disappears after her remembers her falling, yeh rishta kya kehlata hai……sad…..tune…..plays……

Precap: Naksh’s birthday and Naitik and Akshara plan something, Naksh looks at Naira’s picture and says I’ll never forgive them!

I hope you like it, lol

Credit to: moli chodra

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  1. hai let it be positive

  2. Wow it’s beautiful dear.?

  3. Awesome, is Naira actually dead? Overall it’s good, continue and upload the next part soon please?????

    1. in show naira isnt dead..

  4. upload next part soon very interesting story nd let the track be positive

  5. This is no good how can naira die I don’t like jt

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