Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai – ff (intro)


this is a fan fiction on yeh rishta kya kehlata hai after naksh’s marriage gets stopped
there is a leap in this ff after this incident
naksh has forgotten his past he is now 26 years old and naira is 18 . akshara tries convincing naksh to marry but he does not want to marry . naira is now studying in college . she is as usual .likes her papa very much . naksh is now the owner of Krishna . naitik gave him the restuarent after he became responsible . naitik works in singhania office and as usual loves akshara a lot . as this ff is after a leap akshara’s dadi is dead . varsha has accepted kuhu and forgiven shaurya after much delay .akshara looks young even now . mishti is a big girl now .she is 13 years old now .she loves her naira didi very much, always follows her . naman and karishma are forgiven and accepted in the house . naira has a best friend called siya now. Tara is a great hockey player now ,but hates the singhania family . she has married a guy called samar .
rashmi is also settled in abroad she is wid 20year old gayathri . sanju is also married to yash . they have reconciled and married .

friends i am not sure about the ages of each character . sorry about that
please…… comment so that i will know whether i should continue or not . so please comment if u feel it is bad also

Credit to: varshini

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  1. nice varshini

  2. but i want naksh and sanju

  3. Very nice

  4. I like it
    yash n sanju’s marriage gud

    its a leap of 5 yrs right
    ur ages seem correct 🙂
    plz continue.

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