Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai – ff (epi 2 )


Sorry friends naira’s friend name is diya , it was a spelling mistake

Akshara goes home .naksh is eating at home. He says mumma where u went . akshara says i went to give food to naitik and naman and i ate wid them . how was ur day at Krishna . naksh says gud mumma . how was ur day . akshara says same but great , i dropped mishti , did some houseold chores, went to office that is all . he says great mumma ,ok i am going .akshara says ok go ,but come home by 9 thirty no 11 o clock business here after . ok . naksh says mumma aap meri kitni fikar karti hai . i am not a small kid ok . akshara says then how do u become small when i tell u to marry .naksh says how many times will u tell this mumma i will marry . my life will not go like this ok then don’t worry . akshara says ok duggu i am not going to stay quite after this . i am going to look for a bride for u . that’s all duggu . naksh goes out .
Akshara starts looking for a nice bride for naksh ,at last she finds too .
The next week naksh’s family goes to the girl’s house . naksh is still not ready for a marriage . he does not agree to go to the girl’s house . akshara keeps compelling him . her inner mind kept on telling her , naksh’s marriage will happen with this girl only . with so much compelling of akshara naksh agrees to go and meet the girl . they enter the big house . the father of the girl welcomes them . the father says my wife died when siya was 14 years old .from that time siya is only taking care of the house .she wanted to take only teaching profession . it was her passion so i did not want to compel her in any field . so will u like to meet her . akshara says ji bulayiena . a beautiful girl comes there ,she looks wonderful in a blue saree. Naksh who did not want marriage is mesmerised . he says what a beautiful girl. Akshara says to karishma ladki acchi hai na . sia comes and touches bhabima , rajbanna and devyani’s feet . devyani says sanskari hai bahut . she goes to touch akshara ‘s feet . akshara says teek hai uto beta . sia gives coffee to everyone . akshara SEES naksh and is happy . she thinks mujhe lagta hai duggu ko pasand aa gaya . she says thank u so much god . sia sees mishti and smiles . mishti comes to akshara and says tai ji this is my class teacher ,last week i went to new class na she is our 9 th standard class teacher . akshara says really . she asks sia u are a teacher in Indian public school . siya says yes . i know ur daughter also . akshara says this is karishma’s daughter . siya says ho .
. naksh says i want to talk to her
Naksh and sia come to terrace

To be continued

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Credit to: varshini

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