Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai – ff (epi 1 )

A beautiful lady is shown . she gets up and wakes another beautiful girl , it is our mishti .she says tai ji let me sleep for some more time .the lady is our akshara . akshara says mishti now get up please , its becoming late . u r first day in 9 th standard and u will be late is it . mishti says where is mumma . akshara says office . today she went early . and papa is in his room . now get up and brush ur teeth mishti , fast i am going ok . she then goes and wakes up naira . she says naira beta uto its ur first day of college today don’t go late on first day i am telling this same thing to mishti also . are u small kid naira get up no . i am going u get up and brush ur teeth .

Akshara gets ready in a beautiful , red saree, she does puja . everyone gather around the god .akshara does aarti , she sings mein arti teri gaun. She prays gos that mishti’s first day in school and naira’s first day in college shud be nice . naira says bye mumma papa and goes . mishti says tai ji please drop me to school no , papa and tau ji went to office already . akshara says ok beta and goes wid her .

Devyani says to bhabi ma . from the day akshara came to this house she is taking care of this house so well . naman and karishma are always busy . she manages mishti and naira too . she helps naksh in his restuarent work . naitik and naman in their office work . i want akshara to rest .the obly way is getting her a bahu .but naksh is not ready for another marriage yet . that tara married someone els and is happy . but our naksh . akshara says from there don’t say that choti ma . her life shud also be gud no . they say what good people say happens , i don’t want to think bad about that girl , it was just fate . may be naksh would get a more beautiful , literate not foolish like tara , smart girl . may be god wanted that that is why he stopped marriage before . devyani says akshara u r veery gud but i am not that gud . akshara hugs devyani . akshara says lunch was not ready when naitik and raman went to office . i will go and give lunch to both of them . devyani says ok . akshara comes into office .secretary says akshara mam u here. Akshara says lunch . she knocks naitiks cabin ,but when she is knocking itself there comes a reply , come in akshara i know it is u . akshara is surprised . she says how did u know naitik . naitik says ap hamari wife hai ,i cant findout even this . akshara says i came to give lunch to u . naitik says akshara sit no . i will call naman . i know u would have brought lunch for u also . akshara says ok . akshara goes to naman’s cabin .she says naman may i come in . naman is surprised .he says bhabi aap yahan . akshara says naman come and have lunch .i know u r busy in work but atleast eat lunch .he smiles and says ok bhabi . and all the three have lunch .

To be continued

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  1. Perfect…nice 1 keep gng..luvd it

    1. At least its not naksh and tara i think am i right?????

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