Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai FanFic Story (Part 1)

Part 1
N is seen looking for a job
He sees an add in news paper where it says
Namaste Radha karishna
We are looking for a servant
If you wanna apply for this job
Please call Vishambarnath maheshwari at this number

N: I gotta do this job I’m educated and good but I need money
N calls Vishambarnath
V: hello
N: yes I saw this add you’re looking for a servant
V: yes
N: I would like to apply
V: it’s only for doing work like cleaning and giving stuff when my family need it
N: ok
V: your hired
N: ok

N reaches the address
N: Radha karishna
A mom: Radha karishna
N: my name is natik
A mom: your the new servant
A mom: don’t worry you’ll get your payment every month
N: yes malkin
A mom: you can call me aunti
N: yes aunti
A mom: go clean the house

N cleans the house
While n is cleaning the house he bumps into A
First he sees a earrings and face
A: who are you
N: I’m the new servant of the house
A: ok
A: my name is akshara
N: my name is natik what should I call you
A: akshara is fine
N: you can call me natik or bhaiya
A: ok bhaiya I’m sorry about bumping into you
N: it’s ok (in English)
A: you know English and your working here
N: I need money that’s why
A: ok

N does his work perfectly
A mom: n go clean the dishes now
N: yes aunti
A mom: hurry up from now I want work done on time
A: bhaiya can you give me some juice from the fridge
N gives her the goes
A: thank you bhaiya
N: your welcome behna
A: rakshabandan is in one gotta buy rakhi one for anshuman One for shura ya and one for natik
A: ma I’ll Oder 3
A mom: but why you have 2 brothers
A: I’m gonna tie a takhi to n
A mom: ok beta

N cleans A room
N organizes the room
A: this room needed that thank you bhai
N: your welcome behna

A thinks about her exam scores
A slips and N catches her
They stare each other
N: you gotta be careful
A: thanks
N leaves

Precap : A scolds N

Credit to: Abdul Hannan Tayyab


  1. dia

    naitik akshra bhai behn
    dnt spoil sch rockong serial wid ur stupid imagination

    now i got to know how yhm fans r being hurt by that neera story
    sry yhmians

    • abdul hannan tayyab

      im posting a new story this one wont happen i promise you it will have more romance love between Akshara and Natik

    • abdul hanna tayyab

      im changing the story this one wont happen im posting a new one tell me how is that one when it gets posted i have changed it it will have romance and love between akshara and natik

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