Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episodic Analysis


Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 23rd August 2016:

The episode begins with naira saying that we have to do something special for this independence day

Naira: Koi bataye hum iss independence day pr kiya krain?(anyone tell what we should do special in this independene day?)
All the family members starts talking..
Naira: ek minute!! turn by turn bolo sarey pehlay app bari dadi(one minute one by one grandmother u speak first)
Babhimaa: Hum na lado bantay gay(we will ditribute sweets)
Naira: acha idea hai bari dadi!(nice idea grandmother)
Mishti speaks to kartik that you also suggest something..

Kartik: humarey school mein independence day wala dress pehn kr aana hota tha and mumma….(we used to wear the our country’s flag dress and mom…), mujhay office mein kuch kaam hai tou mein kal nhi aa payon ga (i have some work in office so i will not join u tommorow)
Naksh: meinay sara kaam krdiya tha office ka tou tum ab nhi jao gay ek bar celebrate kr kay hi tumhey parsal krain gay..(i have done all the work so u will not go and once we celebrate independence day then we will parsal you)
Naira: Karishma chahi app kay pass koi design ho tou?? (Karishma aunt do u have any design about tommorow?)
Karishma: yeah come in my room
Gayu: chalin mein chalti hoon apkey saath(i will go with you)
Once she leaves rama aunt call her..

Rama: Naira tum gayu ko koi kaam mt dena( naira dont give any work to gayu)
Naira: pr gayu di kay baghir tou kaam nhi ho skta dadi(but woth out gayu we cant do any work)
Rama: tou manage kr lou na naira itnay saal sey gayu nay bhi tou tumharey baghir itna manage kiya hai(so manage naira for years gayu have managed all this and its ur turn)
Naira: Mujhay pta hai app yeh sub kuvh q kah rhi hain!(i know why are u saying all this)
Rama: naira bachi hi bachi ban kr rho(naira u r a kid so be like a kid) she goes
Naira: mein janti hoon app yeh sub kuch q rhi hain ek baar mumma wapis aa jayin tou yeh sub kuch sanbhal lain(i know why r u doing this let mumma come she will handle all this)

Gayu comes down from stairs and rama was behind her…

Rama: gayu beta mein kah rhi hoon na tum chir dou sub yahan hai kr lain gay(gayu i am saying you leave all this they will manage), tum vivan kay saath bahir jao beta uss kay saath time spend kro ussey acha lagey ga(gayu u go with vivan and spent some time with him he will feel good)
Gayu: pr yahan pr kaam kon dekhay ga?(but who will see all this work?)
Naira: gayu di app jao mein dekh loon gi sub(gayu u go i will see all this)
Gayu: theek hai(okay) she sees kartik who is busy in work and leaves unwillingly…
Karishma: yeh lo naira tape, mujhay nhi pta ek jaga aunty chupa rhi hai aur show bhi kr rh hain( naira take this tape, i dont this wommen sometimes she dont show but somtimes she shows that she is doing..)
Naira: matlab chachi appko pta hai??(means aunt u know this)
Karishma: jiss terha woh behave kr rhi lag hi rha hai( the way she is behaving it seems like this only)
Niara: mujhay samjh nhi aa rhi dadi itni jldi q rhi hain kiya pta gayu di ussey psand nah krti hon(i dont know why grandmother is doing all this dont know if gayu likes him), kiya pta woh kisi aur ko pasand krti hon aur woh…..(maybe she likes someone else and she….)
She suddenly stops and sees karishma…

Karishma: aur woh???(and she??)
Naira: kuch bhi tou nhi,,(nothing..)
Karishma: naira nhi batao mujhay kon hai woh??(naira tell me woh is he?)
Naira: nhi yeh hum behnno ka secret hai and secrets share nhi krtay..( no its between us sisters and secrets arent meant to be share with)
Karishma: acha theek hai nah batao( okay fine dont tell),, tum sub bachey itni jldi barey ho gaye ho kah tum logo ki shaadi….(you all kids are grown up this much that we are talking about your marriges..)
Naira: chachi app kioun fikr kr rhi hai mein hoon na ap ko chor kr nhi jaon gi( aunt i am here i wont leave you)

Karishma: ek din tum bhi kisi larkay ka haath lay kr aao gi aur bolo gi kah meinay iss sey shaadi krni hai(one day u will also bring one man and will say i want to marry this guy)
Naira: Kabhi bhi nhi( never ever)

THEY BOTH LAUGH, karishma and naira are busy in rehersing when mishti come and says
Mishti: nhi pita jee hum yeh nhi honay dain gay(no father i wont let this happen)
Naira: mishti yeh tumhari line nhi hai(mishti this is not ur line)
Mishti: mujhay pta liken mein sub ki lines yaad kr li agger koi bhool jaye tou mein ussey yaad dila dou(i know but i have learn everyone’s line so if someone forgets i will remind them) karishma leaves wid the call naira calls kartik..

Kartik: bolo (speak)
Naira: yeh pakro aur agger mujhay kuch bhool jaye tou yaad dila dena(take this folder and if i forgets something then remind me) she speaks, she coughs kartik give him water she again continue.. kartik smiles seeing her
Gayu and Vivan are in car:
Vivan: gayu tum theek ho? kiya hua koi tension?(gayu aare you fine, any tension?)
Gayu: nhi tou kuch bhi nhi(no nothing like that)
Vivan: tum bore ho rhi ho meri company mein right?( u r getting bore in my company right?)
Gayu: aisi baat nhi hai vivan( its nothing like that vivan)

Vivan: phr batao mujhay kiya hua?(then tell me what happen)
Gayu: vivan woh..(vivan actually..) she tries to speak but heavy bike come in between and cross them..

Vivan: gayu tume theek ho?(gayu u ok?)
Gayu: haan mein theek hoon tum theek ho na?(i am fine u tell na u r fine?
Vivan: haan mein theek hoon chlo tumhey ghar drop kr deta hoon(okay then let me drop u home)
Naira and Kartik starts their arguments that moment gayu comes and sees them together she gets sad..
Naira: gayu di app aa gayi kahan kahan gayi app?(gayu u came back where where did u go?)
Gayu: naira mein bhtt thak gayi hoon baad mein bataon gi(naira i am very much tired i will tell u later)

Babhimaa; haan beta tum jao mein coffee bejhti hoon(ok u go i will send coffee for u)
Naira: dard ho rha hai??(is it paining?)
Naira: zaida dramey nah kro mein bhai ko uthati hoon(dont pretend to be smart i will brother)
Kartik:pagal ho gayi h kiya itni si baat kay liye naksh ko utha rhi ho rehnay dou(are u mad! for such a small thing u will call naksh)
Naira feels his pain she sits besides him and holds his hand yeh rishta kya kehlata hai plays…..

Naira: chlo ek game khailtay hain(come on lets play a game)
Kartik: iss waqat?(this time?)

Naira: haan tou iss mein kiya hai(yes so what!), (guys i dont know which game names she tell)
Kartik: nhi baba mujhay nhi khailni..(no i dont want to play)
Naira: bht achi game hai soocho agger mein kartik hoon aur tum naira ho tou kaisa lagey ga?(think that i am kartik and you are naira)
THEY IMAGINE, their funny convo continues…
Kartik: waisay bhtt maza ayaa aur aur…. mera dard bhi chala gaya(that was funny game and my pain went), u did this to make my pain gone
Naira: tum ab itnay bhi bodu bhi nhi ho(u r not that much foolish) mein chalti hoon good night(i will go now gud night)

Kartik says some poetry and smiles………..

Precap: Kartik says you put this badge on my shirt naira says why u r also now scared of needle? he nods yes she put the badge on his shirt and the needle hurts him he says ouch! she says ohh sorry.. kartik makes fun of her and say why clouds didnt thunder on ur sorry he stars laughing and niara make face!!

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