Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira asking Chitti why did he open door late, they have come to take puja items. They get inside house. Chitti worries and tries to stop Naira. Nannu asks the man to give him dose, else he will die, I will pay money at night. The man refuses and says I will give dose at night when you pay money. Nannu requests him a lot. Shaurya comes home and hears Nannu. The man says fine, take this dose, if you don’t give money, you will die. He goes. Shaurya calls out Nannu. Nannu hides the drugs. Shaurya asks who was there. Nannu says friend. Shaurya says you should have got him inside home and goes.

Naira is tensed and finding the things. Kartik says she looks so cute when she is tensed. She asks what did she say. He says your ears are ringing, I did not say

anything. She asks him to help. He agrees. She asks Chitti what happened. Chitti asks them to find, or tell him what is she finding. She finds Chitti’s behavior odd and tells Kartik about it. Kartik says you girls doubt a lot. She asks Chitti what is she hiding. Chitti says nothing. Kartik says leave it, if he is saying he is not hiding anything. She asks him to see juice glasses. They hear some sound.

Naksh says I will go and see Naira. Mishti acts to fall and says I got hurt. He cares for her and thinks why am I not sure about Kartik always. Chitti says maybe something fell, I will see, you go. Naira says I will see, you stay here. Chitti says there is nothing. Kartik and Naira look inside kitchen. Chitti says chair fell by air, there is nothing, I will help in finding things, come. Kartik says now even I m doubting, Chitti is hiding something, is he in any problem. Naira says I also want to find out, I did not doubt that he is stealing, he is part of family, I tensed about him. Kartik says I have an idea. They both leave on the bike.

Chitti gets relieved and shuts door. Kartik stops bike and they go back home. She says we will go by window. He says going like thief in own house. She says we have to do this, its necessary, come if you want. He says I won’t come. She pulls him. He says this is wrong. She says its not wrong. They go and see Chitti with some lady. Kartik asks Naira to leave them. Chitti says sorry. Naira laughs. She asks why did you not tell anyone, you would have not needed to hide and meet, why to get afraid when you love someone. Kartik smiles and thinks I m happy to know her thoughts on love. Naira says sorry to disturb, carry on. Kartik says we both are sorry. They leave.

Naksh goes and knocks on the door. He calls Naira. Naira says coming. Naksh says leave it, get ready and come. He says what was I thinking. Mishti called as Naira and says I m helping them. Kartik says their date is going on, why are you disturbing. Naira says I have work. Kartik sings hum tum ek kamre me bandh ho….. She tries to open the door. He shows the keys and disappears. The lights go. She lights a lamp. She gets scared and hugs him. Yeh rishta kya……..plays…… He lifts her. He gets romantic and holds her getting close to kiss her. His dream ends.

Naira asks Kartik to come, and leaves. Chitti prays for Kartik and Naira to get their life partners. Gayu tells Naksh that Kartik and Naira are not at home. Naksh says I heard Naira, she was in room. Mishti says I can’t do anything now. Naira passes by. Kartik comes and asks for phone charger. Naksh gets relieved. Kartik thanks Mishti for managing everything, we just went and took items. She asks did you not dream, did you get married in dream, you are going too slow. She goes. He smiles and says marriage will also happen soon.

Everyone come for aarti. Naira and Kartik smile seeing each other. Vishwamber asks them where is Nannu. Varsha says he is sleeping, let him sleep. Akshara lights diya and misses Naitik. She prays to Lord. She sings aarti.

Dadi says I m feeling unwell, I will go and rest. Nannu says I will take drugs and feel good now. Dadi goes upstairs. Nannu loads the injection and says I was unable to take total dose because of Varsha and Akshara, now I will do this without any interference. Dadi hears Nannu and goes to his room.

He takes the injection. Dadi asks him what is he doing, his eyes have turned red. Nannu asks her to go. She sees the injection and says its drugs right, I have seen this on tv. Kartik sees Naira. Everyone swing the cradle and do aarti and puja of Kanha ji.

Dadi says I will tell everyone how much you got spoiled. Nannu says stop old woman…. Dadi falls down the stairs. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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