Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Kaira’s anniversary

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with police shooting down the gun. Everyone looks on. Manish and others get down the car and hug Kartik and Naira. Akhilesh says we thought we would celebrate Kartik and Naira’s anniversary and this happened. Bau ji says Naitik called and didn’t say anything. Surekha says Suwarna also didn’t say, there is something. Dadi calls Akhilesh. He asks is everything fine. She says yes, Kartik and Naira’s misunderstanding ended. He laughs and says we will start lunch with desserts today. They all smile. Akhilesh says where is Shubham. Kids say he got a GF now, why will he come here for lunch. Inspector wishes happy anniversary to Kartik and Naira. Manish and Naitik go to give statement. Rajshri and Suwarna go to temple. Dadi says thank God you both came back safely. Naira

says even you all are safe, thank God. Dadi asks are you two still annoyed.

Kartik says sometimes small things create a big issue, that matter of henpecked matter, if you told that to me instead Naira, I would have explained you well, our relation is different, we are happy, I agree you have seen many couples, but this is our relation, we want to live it on our terms. Dadi says forgive me, I made a big mistake, believe me, I was making it good, I never tried to break it. He says we can never imagine this. Naira says I would not like to break any relation. He says every relation changed with time, if husband loves wife, he doesn’t become a henpecked husband. Naira says he is a true life partner. Dadi says society doesn’t understand. Kartik says explain society, change your perception first. Dadi says I have no courage, we have to find an intermediate way, leave all this, celebrate wedding anniversary in a grand way. Aryan says thank God, everything got fine, I will also send a message. He messages Happy anniversary. He sees Suhana and waves. A chunri falls over her. Shiv idol passes by. Aryan smiles and thinks even Lord gave this sign, I will ask for her hand, thanks Lord.

Kartik and Naira come holding hands. Everyone bless. Kartik prays that they stay together to face everything. Yeh rishta….plays.. They cut the cake and smear on the faces. They laugh. Dadi says I wonder when will they grow up. Naira cleans Kartik’s face. They all dance. A boat arrives. They see Kaira written. The family signs them. Suwarna says we are going back Udaipur tomorrow, today is just of yours, live it. Kartik and Naira get on the boat and leave. Everyone waves to them. Naitik feels uneasy.

Kartik and Naira have a cute talk. They wish happy anniversary. Everyone go upstairs. Naitik stumbles. He takes pills box. It falls down. Naitik says they will be worried because of me again. He tries to get a pill. Naira says Kartik, did we do something wrong, by saying that to Dadi. He says till you are convinced, how will you convince others, that your relation is just yours. She says sorry, I don’t have any doubt about our relation, promise me this won’t come between us, neither doubt nor ego, not even family, in the process of pleasing them, we were ignoring our happiness, the person who doesn’t stay happy can’t keep others happy. She jokes that he is much gyaani. She proposes him for marriage. He says I will marry you right now. They wish happy anniversary. Rajshri talks to Bhabhimaa on call. Naitik sees her. He falls helpless. Kartik and Naira sing….. and dance. Dil diyan gallan….plays…. They hug. Their cute moments are seen.
Naira gets a call. She says we are fine, you can sleep peacefully, what happened to dad. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. finally dadi samjhi.. ab dobara aisi galti mat karna dadi amma.

  2. finally dadi samajh gayi..ab dobara aisi galti mat karna dadi

  3. Naira devi ki jai naira devi ki jai. Ab kartik ke saath saare goenkas naira ke ghulam bangaye

  4. Don’t worry Dadi..They will never grow up..Because this childishness and immaturity is hailed as ideal for couple goals..Dadi is partly right..You could handle her easily and live in peace, If You at least do not show off or behave childish infront of others..Cuddling, romancing, praising wife to the top, continuous eyelock, silly arguments etc..Why Can’t they keep all this stuff when they are alone?? Even children will behave well infront of others.. Today’s episode itself showed that family indeed wants you to be happy..You are using their love to the fullest but won’t even give a little consideration to their feelings.. And Naira, she can atleast jeep quiet, when Kartik is explaining his Dadi..No she Can’t.. Whoever it is, she will jump in to give advice..

    Even though I fast forwarded their romance part, few glances itself made me feel, whether this is the show I watched with my mother and little brother?? This is not what is supposed to be cute romance..Those sensuous moves and touches by Mohsin..This is awkward and YUCK..

  5. Always dying for cheap romance
    Always doing cheap romance
    Shameless ugly cheap Shivangi Joshi
    Hamesha rehti cheap romance ki bhookhi

    Bina cheap romance ke ye aise tadpe
    Jaise bin paani ke machli

  6. Yeh naira ki nautanki… Bapre..

  7. Sanaya kapoor

    wow. mindblowing epi i just loved it…. but mujhe aaj yeh pata chal gaya ki aajkal logo ko voh cheeze dekhna pasand hai jo unhe nhi pasand amazing….. well done guys well done…. pata nhi yeh log bolte toh aise hai jaise yrkkh waale inke pass akar bheek mangte huain bolte ho ki pls humara show dekh lo bhale hi kitni bakwaas karlo. yaar nhi pasand mat dekho….. ? ? ? tumhe kisne jabrdasti bola hai dekhno ko… aisa lagta hain inke gharwalo ko kidnap karke woh bol rahe hai yrkkh dekho warna……. kya sahi hai yaar mai roz saare comments padhti hoon but i never replied… aisa lagta hai apne ghar ka gussaa yaaha nikalte hai amazing…. ek tum unhe 1% bhi pasand nhi karte but tumhare andar itni himat hai ki google par type kar lete ho yrkkb tellyupdate kyun… woh likhte hui gussa nhi aata….. ? ? ? ? . had hogyi let me tell u dailysoap unke liye banaye jaate hai jinko pasand ho naaki unke liye jo isse napasand karte ho… jao naa yaar koi aur pakdo iske liye… apna time uske liye waste karte hai jo inhe nhi pasand… three big claps for all of you…..
    and dont you dare mere comment par kuch aisa vaisa reply karne ki….. tumhe jo man hota hai likhte ho… mera jo man huaaaa maine likh diya……
    now ab isses aage ka msg kaira fans ke liye hai so please stay away and dont read it.
    hey kairins love you alll guys….. loved todays epi amzing one….. dil diyan gallan song with kaira was just amazing….. waiting for the next track………
    lots of love

    1. No body care about what you say .why are you upset about what others watch and are thinking too much about v are not scared of paid pr of Naira who doesn’t know basics of acting.irritating with child voice.karthik tu bi na.???v are watching bcoz of the name of the show, that you in your life never going to understand,I don’t want you to understand say your opinion, don’t advice us about what to watch and what to write.the people who hates naira never asked naira fans to stop watching or stop writing.
      #stop advice

      1. Sanaya kapoor

        hey you! first of all let me tell u…. i never asked you to reply on my comment…. its my wish i can write anything why are you getting so upset….. i am not saying this to u…… and if you are saying that shivangi doesn’t know basics about acting…. do you have the courage to go at her place and act and i bet you will fail…. logo ko tabhi kuch bolna chaiye jab tum khud uss cheez mai perfect ho…. and i am sure you are not getting awards for your so called work…. they work hard…. but you guys always blame them that they dont know acting….. ? ? ? ? i mean really….. tum toh jaise kitni perfect ho…. haaaaa haaaaa lol….. and what were you saying nobody cares about what i say…… ? ? ? ? maine tumhe kab kaha ki meri baatao ki care karo…. tumhe toh khush hona chaiye ki we kaira fans are not caring about wht u people say……. warna kya hota hai shayad mujhe bhi nhi pata and one more thing bache let me tell you i must be elder then you so pls talk in ur limits.. because aap hi log toh toh naira ke role ko isliye blame karte ho because she doesn’t know how to speak….. so after that who gave u the right to speak like this…… ???? well done bacche…. tum na rehendo pls dont make me understand i know everything….. ? ? abhi padh lo logo ki burai karne mai toh puri zindagi padi hai…… aur haa its true ki tumne kabhi bhi naira fans ko kuch nhi kaha but apne inn comments se naaa unhe hurt zaroor hua hoga….
        so bacche in ur words
        #grow up
        and i dont want to fight with u….. anf i am reallly sorry whatever i said to u…. i m guilty for it…… theek hai so take care bacche

      2. Well said..Their constant 2 replies to the questions arising on this senseless track is ‘Don’t watch, If You Don’t like and ‘they are the leads’ ..They cannot reply to negative comments or have a healthy discussion on the show..

        I saw in yrkkh forum, they ask for episode review, but if criticising comment comes, they will ask that person not to comment or not to watch..After all this is a public forum, where everyone has the right to express their opinion..Criticism bound to arise, if you spoil a beautiful show with baseless tracks..Comment only if you worship or idolize kaira is such a pathetic thinking, which reflects their weakness..

    2. Just like you wasting your time by reading all our comments, instead of going to your type, where they strives very hard to idolize and worship kaira in different ways and different postures.. I read one comment where one person gets happy and commenting hard over Kartik caressing Naira’s waist with snow and his sensuous touches…I Don’t know what to say or think.. You people have no reply, If we question the illogical and utter inconsistency in the show..But will resort to name calling and moral policing..

      1. Sanaya kapoor

        you know what i guess i am just wasting my time making you understand
        …… and let me telll you one more thing if they are showing cheap things naa and your mind is cheap if you can share ur opinon i guess i can also….. pls apna cheap dimag itna mat chalo alright….. beacause you see the world the way you are…… its my wish i can write anything who are u tell me what to speak…
        got it so pls keep ur cheap talks with i dont wanna hear them…

      2. If kaira fans are not bothered then why did you say all this.””””””” pata nhi yeh log bolte toh aise hai jaise yrkkh waale inke pass akar bheek mangte huain bolte ho ki pls humara show dekh lo bhale hi kitni bakwaas karlo. yaar nhi pasand mat dekho….. ? ? ? tumhe kisne jabrdasti bola hai dekhno ko…””””
        U do not think YRKKH is limited to kaira don’t bother about what v say..

        I’m getting best employee award in where I’m so don’t bother about my
        Get a life of your own ,I’m not here to discuss about me or give your opinion, don’t teach us what to do.

      3. Appu,they are saying keesh fans are begging for more time for keesh and laughing at keesh fans.the same people begging to star plus for a promo.that is the real lol haha.even star plus doesn’t have anything to show as a promo.hope star plus at least hear their cry and give some promo.

      4. Shwetakapoor

        hey appu! actually this sanaya kapoor named account is mine but somehow somebody hacked! she is really very mannerless….. i dont know who is she…. actually i am a ff writer i writer ff on kaira yes i am a kaira fan my thinking is very different from hers she is trying to spoil my reputation….. i dont understand why is she doing this everyone has different thinking then who is she to say like this i am totally disappointed ? pls guys you dont mind… i am saying sorry on behalf of her.. really she is doing really bad why is she is using my account… i am not able to open my account but when i opened this episodic analysis… i saw her cheap comments and i was literally shocked.. the way she talks… guys i am really sorry but pla dont reply her…. i want my account back because i used to write my ff but nw… i am very sad… she is so dumb yaar… pls try to help me guys…. yes i am also a kaira fan but i never did like this yaar… i think its your choice you can choose anything… i can understand you all but now i am very disappointed with this. so pls try to help me guys by not replying her nonsense talks let her bark…. its your wish you can write anything you want… pls try to understand my problem…. pls if possible advice me that what should i do… ??????????

  8. they always want romance snice they are dating in real life, atleast grow up. show doesnt always has to be about romance cvs, behaving childish just like them

  9. There are lots of people criticizing about the current track of other shows. This might be the only serial in which the so called female lead is pathetic and most of the people are critizing her acting skills and sound modulation.the story is also pathetic as well.people are watching bcoz of the name of the show. otherwise the serial would have ended earler.the credit of the show really goes to Hina who established this show with the help of strong story line and co actors .

    1. Sanaya kapoor

      i guesss akahara was also a mahan lady….. ? ?

      1. If that is so, better restrict yourself in posting your opinion on your favourites..No need to say about our views if you are least bothered..If you do so, we have our right to reply to you..You do not have any right to prevent us from doing so.. ..I quoted that for the example of the craze of your lot..Otherwise no need for me to talk on your favourite cheap romance..Your reply itself shows the amount of respect you show for others and the mindset you possess..No need to waste my time commenting on that..

        No need for us to act in shivangi’s place..It is her profession.. We have our own to shine, where we are doing so.. They are just actors.. I repeat you guys are unfit for healthy discussion on the show..You either shout on ‘not to watch’ or usual chorus ‘kaira are leads’ or else you will resort to disrespecting others and moral policing in every possible way..You might be elder only in age..

        If you are least bothered or do not want us to reply, better restrict yourself to your view on the show..Don’t try to target others on their views..

    2. True..This show is still famous for what it was and not what it is at present..Such a strong base, not only by Naitik and Akshara, but also equal credit to all others..The silent bonding of other characters, views and emotions, the indepthness of relation and the beautiful portrayal of all, made us to connect to the show..We used to watch it with elders and our little siblings and will compare how each character matches with any of our family members..
      I had little hope from Kaira and with found interest in goenka family, when they were introduced..Now everything has become pathetic, inconsistent and totally lost the charm..But still we are watching it at times just for the name not for this Kaira and no one has the right to ask us not to do so..

    3. Shwetakapoor

      i am saying sorry ? to u also anjaana she used my acc and insulted u all… pls if possible help me…..

    4. Shwetakapoor

      i sent a msg to appu… u can read it there… i apologied with sharing my problems with u… pls help

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