Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik looking for Kuhu everywhere. He gets Kuhu and asks why is she crying, where is her aunty. He gets the lady’s number switched off and asks where is she. The manager says the lady went and left Kuhu alone here. Naitik asks what, was Kuhu alone here all night. He hugs Kuhu. He thinks what to do, he can’t leave Kuhu alone here and can’t take her along, what will he tell Akshara.

Tara cries and says I can’t do all this. She thinks to call Naksh and tell him everything. She gets Naksh’s pic and shouts angrily that he is having fun there, while she is trying hard to impress Baisa. Naksh and Naira try throwing coin and make a wish. He teases her that Lord may not fulfill her wish. She says my wish was you get married to Tara soon. He asks her to

try again and throw right. She says control, if Naitik was here, he would have made me throw coin well. They find Akshara upset.

Naitik takes help and talks to a man about Kuhu, the caretaker has run away, the girl is alone, I came here on official trip, can you keep her. He tells the problem. The man says fine, fill her parents details in this form, then we may keep this girl. Naitik fills the form and thanks the man. He asks Kuhu to go with that couple, and he will come back soon. Kuhu hugs him saying Papa. Naitik says Papa will come and hugs her. He sends Kuhu with that couple. He calls someone and says I had to send her being helpless, I m sorry.

Ananya joins aerobic classes. The girls make fun of Ananya. Ananya shows her energy and spirit. Ranveer is also there and sees Ananya. Ananya scolds the girls and asks who told you, fat people can’t dance, don’t judge people by looks, you look decent, but…. She then sees Ranveer standing there. She leaves. Ranveer meets the trainer, who is her friend. Her friend tells good about Ananya, who is donating fund to some kids. He smiles.

Naitik runs and looks for Akshara. Naira asks Naksh for some money. Naitik gives her money and smiles. She asks are you compensating time with money. He says no, I just… Naksh says its okay, she is blackmailing you. Naira says mumma got upset. Naitik says sorry, I had work, where is Akshara. Naksh shows her and says she was excited, and now she is most upset, go and convince her. Naitik goes to Akshara. He says sorry. She says I m fed up of your lies, what are you hiding, tell me what is the problem, I will be hurt if you don’t tell me. He says there is nothing. She says look in my eyes and say. He says its just work, if I had to tell you, I would have told you earlier, trust me. Naksh takes their pics. Naira teases them. Naitik asks them to take pics and cups Akshara’s face. Naksh and Naira tease them. He says we will go for dining and shopping, come. They get busy.

Varsha talks to Akshara. She asks why are you worried. Akshara says Naitik looks worried and is very busy. Varsha laughs and says Naitik would be planning surprise for you, that’s why he is busy. Akshara says I did not understand this, I wish he is really planning my birthday surprise, thanks. Naitik comes and Akshara hugs him. he says this is market. She says I love you and tickles him. He says I love you too. Naita asks Naitik for whom did he buy this toy. He says Mishti. That card related to Kuhu falls. He panics and puts it in shopping bag. Naira looks for room keys and gets that card too. Akshara asks whats this, and checks.

Naitik gets tensed and takes that card. She asks him whats this, its Chinese written on it. He says its my client’s card, I will give him tomorrow. Naksh asks them to go somewhere, Naira and I will sit in café. Akshara teases that he will have to talk to Tara. Naira says I will check my shopping. Naitik thinks I have to do something and not spoil Akshara’s birthday. He gets message. He buys some flowers and hides it from Akshara. Akshara sees him hiding something and asks what is it. He says nothing. She insists. He sits on his knees and gives her flowers, saying I love you. She smiles and hugs him. A man plays music. Naitik and Akshara dance.

Naksh talks to Tara and says I m missing you a lot. She says I would have come there too, if Akshara tried hard, I miss you too. He says I m standing at chapel, its good mumma stopped me, what about your match. She says I have some other imp match to win. He asks what. Naira asks Naksh to come and they leave. Tara gets upset that he has no time for her. Naitik and Akshara dance and laugh. They spend romantic moments and hug.

Naitik looks for Kuhu. Akshara gets Kuhu and asks where are your parents.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kuhu is shauryas daughter

  2. Shaurya’s daughter isn’t it??

  3. But why is Natik hiding the truth from everyone.

  4. Cannot be shauryas daugter, it is just one year since he went to Hongkong. Must be something else.

  5. And the girl is almost looks like 5 years old. That is ruled out.

  6. Ananys n ranveers scences r far more nic than naksh n thara…

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