Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi calling Akshara and asking her not to lose courage, if Naira takes step back, you take two steps towards her. She encourages Akshara. Akshara cries. Naitik comes and makes Akshara rest. Its morning, Akshara moves back seeing Naira coming. Mishti greets Naira and hugs her. Mishti asks do you have fever. Akshara checks Naira’s fever and worries saying its very high, Naksh call doctor, Gayu take Naira upstairs. Naira asks Akshara to stay away. Akshara recalls Dadi’s words and says fine, have medicines and rest. Naira refuses. Akshara asks her not to hurt herself. Naira gets angry. Everyone look on. Naira sees the rain and runs outside in the rain. Everyone run after her and ask her to stop. Devyaani says your fever will get high, come. Naira cries. Akshara

asks Naira to come inside.

Naira goes away. Akshara gets umbrella and asks Naira to take it. Naira asks her to stay away. Akshara says you will fall ill, don’t do this, I will not come close, come with me. Naira gets unwell. Everyone ask Naira to come. Akshara asks Mishti to get towel fast. Naira faints. Naitik comes and holds her. They all get worried. Naitik takes Naira inside the house. Ananya gifts everyone. Ranveer also gifts elders. They ask why did they get gifts, this was not needed. Ranveer says like you bless us, we are gifting by love. Rajshri says you gave us respect. Shaurya says yes, you stayed away and did not get distance in relations. Ananya says I want to meet Naira, I can’t wait more. Varsha asks Ananya to rest and go later.

Doctor checks Naira and says she has high fever, she fainted because of fever, why did you all let her get in rain, don’t take risk again, take care of her diet and rest. Akshara blames herself and shuts her room. They all ask her to open the door. Akshara comes out with her bags. Naitik asks what happened, tell me. She cries and says let me go. He asks where will you go, explain me. She says I m responsible for everything here, my daughter has eloped and stayed away because of me, she is hurting herself today, so I decided that I will not stay here, I should leave, this is better for everyone. Naksh, Gayu and everyone stop Akshara.

Akshara says no, let me go. Naitik says first Naira left, then I stayed away from home, now you want to go, I won’t let you go anywhere, Naira has misunderstanding, like I had, I also felt you are responsible for Naira’s leaving home, I was wrong, its all clear now, my eyes opened, all the misunderstandings cleared, Naira can also understand, we will explain her, one day will be such that Naira will understand, just you love her the most, we will stop her, she will stop, trust me, you have to support me, I can’t do anything alone, you know I m incomplete without each other, we promised to support each other, fulfill your promise, support me please. She hugs him and cries.

Its morning, everyone take care of Naira. Naira sees everyone and thinks where is Akshara. Naitik tells Naira that I will be with my princess, I m not going office. Naira says but your work. Naitik says don’t worry, I called Kartik here. Gayu asks Naira to get well soon. Naira looks around. Naitik goes attending some call. Naksh keeps his phone on charging.

Kartik comes there with roses. Gayu smiles seeing him. Kartik says this beautiful flowers are for my beautiful GF. Mishti thanks him. Kartik hugs her. Gayu imagines Kartik giving her flowers and holds her head blushing. Kartik says next time, I will get chocolate. He greets Naira and everyone. Naira makes annoyed face.

Naitik comes. Kartik greets him and gives the papers. Naman and Karishma worry. Kartik and Naira see each other. Gayu smiles seeing Kartik.

Everyone care for Naira. Naira misses Akshara and calls her from Naksh’s phone. She gets her number switched off and says where did she go, I did not see her since morning. She cries and thinks she scolded Akshara. Naksh comes and Naira keeps back his phone. Naira says I was going to drink water. He says I will get water, did you remove my phone from charging. She says no, I don’t know, maybe Mishti. He says maybe, she did that before too. He sees call made to Akshara and says who did this. He asks Mishti did you call mum. She says no. He asks then who called Maa.

Naitik, Naksh and Gayu talk about Akshara. Naira thinks why are they not worried for Akshara.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awesome episode…naitik is too good as always..

  2. Finally Naira care for her mother good news and best episode ever… Ab jaldi se karthik and Naira love story start Karo please please please please I think karthik and Naira both fall in love with each other

    1. No karthik and gayu’slove story ! ?

  3. Probably akshara is hiding somewhere so naira can realise

  4. naira chodi pakdi happy to see her concern for her mom.very nice epi.

  5. naitik as so good as always a cute hug between naitik nd akshara is naitik win a gold award 2016 for best actor a big congrats yrkkh team as always natitik akshara as always best jodiin tv industry naitik is best actor for ever plz naitik dont leave the show u are the rock star of the show evry time expression are so awesome in the show in sbs of omg segement nd expression nath baba always praise to u because u deserve it al the time u are the rock star handsome because u are reason that yrkkh trp increase first time when u are enter in yrkkh u are the best actor

  6. Gayu will start liking kartik and kartik will aswell start liking gayu but naira will also start liking kartik.

    1. kartik ll like naira mohsin said in interview.its kaira love story.gayu gonna b the third angle.

  7. Let Naman and Karishmas truth come out . Please director

  8. Plzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t involve gayu in kartik n naira lv story. Plzzzzzzz.

  9. i didnt like the fact gayu is all smitten by kartik in just girl u r too fast.being a sebsible girl u hv already gone to “gf” status of him.they should bring another guy for gayu coz kartik to naira k pyar me padne wala hai n naira bhi maybe later ll definitely like kartik n kaira is the jodi ye to serial leap lene se phle hi pata hai.

  10. But I think there will be twist in love story…

  11. So happy to see naira caring for akshara
    Loved today’s episode

  12. The upcoming episode will show that Akshara is shattered seeing Naira’s hatred for her and decides to leave house.

    Akshara is ready to leave house as she wants that her daughter should remain with her family and her father.

    Naksh, Naitik and Gayu consoles Akshara and stops her from leaving house like that, Naksh promises Akshara to turn things right.

    Naksh now plans to bring Akshara and Naira closer by making Naira realize that she also loves Akshara and can’t live with out her.

    Naira finds Akshara missing from home, Mishti also informs Naira that she left with a suitcase and gets tensed for her mother.

    Naksh’s master plan to unite Akshara-Naira

    While Naksh, Naitik and Gayu behaves as if everything is normal and they don’t care where Akshara is.

    Naira will get tensed and will start to search for Akshara alone in Udaipur, Naira will finally find Akshara.Naira will scold Akshara for leaving house like that, Akshara is happy to see Naira’s concern for her.

    Let’s see what more will Naksh do to bring Akshara and Naira closer again.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  13. Emotional episode!!!! ??

  14. Nice episode.. Finally naitik understood akshara’s side and supporting her too.. And very sure now the problem between akshara and naira will be sort out slowly

    And y didn’t naksh and kartik meet each other till now. May be the makers planning to show some interesting sequence between them…?..

  15. Very emotional episode..wen akshara cried and told that she ll leave house at tht tym it was very in yhm also.same ruhi hates ishita and in tis also naira hates ssel suhani and yurvraj stay alone while soumya became vamp.again same as in yhm.also shagun became vamp again.every serial is in same story line…

    1. Yh thats very true

  16. I luv today’s episod. But i think gayu loves karthik. But this is a slove story. I think this is very good to show that naira loves karthik and karthhk also loves naira. Find other guy for gayu. Plzzzz directors:-)

  17. Plzz make gayu stay away from naira and kartik.
    Find another guy for gayu.
    And make tara And naksh meet once again.

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