Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh and Yash leaving till Sanju goes to them. Naira waits for her new friends, and Girja says its call for her. Naira gets sad and says no one is coming, fine. She tells Girja that its raining and no one is coming, I know they did this so that I make the project alone. She sits making the project. Akshara gives the tea to Naitik. She says she did not get time to set the cupboard and looks for her earrings. Naitik says he will arrange it and find earrings too. She smiles making him busy. She comes to Naira and sees her throwing papers, while doing project and asks why is she messing room. Naira says don’t disturb me. Akshara offers help. Naira says no thanks.

Akshara asks did she make friends. Karishma and Mishti come to room, and Karishma says Mishti

has to sleep. Naira says this will take more time. Akshara asks her to come to her room. Naira says she as to pick many things. Karishma says its fine, Mishti will sleep in my room and takes her. Naitik arranges cupboard and praises himself. She says I know people’s talent so I told you. He smiles. She asks him to forgive Naksh. He says no way, he did wrong today. She says about Naira, she is getting irritated, I think she is not getting adjusted in school. He says he is worried for Naira, she will take time to adjust.

Its morning, Akshara gives tiffin to Naira and Mishti. She asks Naira about her project. Naksh says he is going college. Bhabhimaa asks him to have food. Naitik talks to Naksh via Naira. Naksh apologizes. Bau ji asks Naituk to forgive Naksh. Devyaani asks him not to be angry. Naira says yes, we all know you care for Naksh. She asks them to talk directly, else they have to give her fees. Naksh says sorry once again. Naitik says its okay, but be careful, this should not happen again. Akshara smiles.

Naksh and Yash see the form and don’t understand a column. Sanju comes and Yash is annoyed. Naksh asks is this love’s first fight. Sanju says he is not taking as I went out with someone, I m sorry, we should have our first date today, and asks him will he be her date for today. Naksh says it means someone else tomorrow, just joking, Yash is lucky that Sanju is convincing him. Yash smiles. Sanju says she has seen them in restaurant and who was with them.

The girls are ready with their project and think Naira could not make. Naira comes to class and shows her project. They like it and look at each other. They say its all wrong. Naira asks why. The girl says its of no use, she will not write Naira’s name in her project. Naira says this is not fair. She says they will show message and prove they cheated her. They say sorry. Naira says tell to Miss yourself, else I will tell her.

Bau ji asks Naitik to help Naman and give him some rest. Naitik says fine, I will try. The girl shut Naira in the store room. Naira says let me go. The girls scold her and ask will she complain about them. Naira runs outside. A teacher sees her. The girls cry and says Naira tricked us and locked us in room, she did our ragging. Naira defends and teacher scolds Naira.

Karishma talks to her staff and suggests. Akshara gives her suggestion on radium lights concept in marriage. The lady likes the idea and asks her to join them, she will suggest this to client. Karishma asks Akshara not to interfere in her work, she does not like. Akshara says I was just helping. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa defend Akshara. Akshara gets a call from Naira’s school and says what, we are coming. She says I will call Naitik there.

Sanju says great, I will have food for free there. Naksh says I will start tiffin service. Sanju says its good idea. Yash suggests cuisines. Sanju asks them to try unique ideas. She gives them some good ideas. Naksh likes the ideas. Sanju says Yash is talking negative, we will decide and then approach investors. Naksh says he forgot parents’ day is coming, this time we will plan something different. She asks can she help them, as her parents are in cape town. Naksh says yes. Sanju gets happy.

Naitik and Akshara come to meet principal. She complains about Naira ragging the girls, she fights with everyone, she locked her classmates. The teacher says she has seen the girls crying. They get shocked. The teacher says Naira does not hear class instructions. Akshara says this can’t happen. Naitik says we know her, she is sincere, she can’t fight or trouble anyone, she ended ragging issue in her last school. The principal says they are defending Naira and encouraging her. Naitik says we will not take her side if she is wrong, Naira told us that she has adjustment problems, everyone is avoiding her, your teaching staff did not notice this. She says this happens at every new place, I regret you are supporting her, which we will not bear, if she does such again, we have to suspend her, I m just warning you. Naira gets sad.

Naitik explains Naira to sort the problems by herself or his help, she can tell him everything. She starts crying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Naira isnt spolit she has studied in capetown thats why she isnt used to adjusting in a new school in india so doesnt mean
    she is spolit.

  3. Naira is soo cute and sweet. Ppl her should understand her,but we Indians treat NRI’s as aliens. We should understand them and treat them as human beings at least

  4. yash and sanju are nys couplei

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