Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pammi and Sethi worried as its heaving raining and they can’t go to the wedding ritual from Anshu’s side. Anshu talks to Jasmeet and says we are married, come with mem why are you going to your dad’s home. She says one more marriage is left. Anshu says I don’t feel its required. Naman asks Jasmeet can he come with her. Jasmeet says no, come with Anshu as his friend. Shaurya says lets go now, if he comes with us then he will come in evening. He teases Anshu and says you can go with Jasmeet too. Akshara takes Naitik’s slipper and makes him wear it cleaning it.

She says I came to know this is called Seva(Service) in Gurudwara. Naitik says great, I don’t understand so much attitude and love. She says I was busy that time. He says fine, you be busy,

go now. She says fine I will go. They argue. She leaves. Omi says it’s a matter to worry as we invited the society. Vishwamber asks Shaurya to change the hall nearby. Rajshri says how will we manage there and how will guests know to reach there. Akshara says Jasmeet’s parents were worried, we should help them. Dhanlaxmi says we are groom’s family, they have to do all this.

Akshara gets a call and goes. Omi says how will our guests come. Jasmeet’s parents are worried as food won’t be prepared if rain does not stop. Karishma asks Jasmeet to have foo, as she wilk be dropped there even if this marriage can’t happen. Jasmeet says they have many dreams for Anshu’s marriage, if this marriage does not happen by their rituals then. She cries. Naksh says Naitik is coming. Sethi and Pammi come to them. Everyone welcome them. Sethi apologizes to them as tent can’t be put now, food can’t be made, they can’t do the arrangements.

Omi says but the marriage has to happen. Sethi says what can we do, please do JAsmeet’s bidaai and bring her here, as one marriage happened. Dhanlaxmi says you did what you wanted, so now whats the need to do our rituals. She says I knew this would happen. Sethi says we want the marriage to happen. Kaki says I have one son and have dreams to get his marriage done. Dhanlaxmi says it was your responsibility, and now you are refusing.

She says we don’t know, prepare for the marriage if you want Jasmeet to come here. Sethi says we came here to request. Dhanlaxmi says we will do all rituals, else Jasmeet won’t become our bahu. Everyone is shocked. Naitik comes and says I accept this. Everyone look at him. Naitik says Anshu and Jasmeet will be married as we thought and today itself. He says sorry to speak between elders, but I m the son of this house. Naitik says lets keep the marriage at Singhania house. Dhanlaxmi says how can this happen.

Naitik says think its Jasmeet’s Maayka. Sethi says no, we can’t trouble you. Naitik says no, its fine. Akshara smiles. He says you all have always helped me, when I m getting a chance for the first time, why are you stopping me. He convinces everyone and they agree smiling. Sethi thanks Naitik. Vishwamber says we are very happy, Akshara and we are lucky to have you. He hugs Naitik. Everyone smile. Omi hugs Naitik and Kaki thanks him.

Naitik says now I will leave. Akshara messages him thanks, do preparations well. He messages don’t worry and smiles. Naitik comes home and tells everyone about his decision. He says we don’t need to go anywhere, as they will be coming here, the marriage will be in our home. Everyone is happy. Naitik says they were worried so I took this decision, I was sure my family won’t say no. Bhabhimaa says then we have to do it well.

Everyone get ready. Varsha comes to Akshara and asks what happened. Akshara says I don’t know which earrings to wear. Rajshri says I m seeing you are tensed, thinking how will everyone manage there without you. She asks her to go home. Bhabhimaa calls Akshara and asks is she coming. Akshara says I was thinking. Bhabhimaa asks her not to come now and come with baraat. Akshara smiles and thanks her. The kids have a talk. Naman wiats for Karishma. Jasmeet comes with her family and Bau ji welcomes them. Dadda ji comes and asks them to stop at the door. He says don’t come inside. Everyone is shocked,

Dadda ji says come in happily and not with upset face. He welcomes them. Sethi thanks him and says I feel strange to see such good relatives. Bau ji says enough, please come now, no need to say this, this family and house is yours, Jasmeet is our daughter. Naman greets Karishma. Akshara talks to Naitik and he acts busy. He says we have much work and ends the call. They smile.

Naitik talks to Akshara and says we are bringing baraat now. Naitik asks her to come as he will welcome her and the baraat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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