Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik showing ring design to Lav and Kush. He says this will suit Naira a lot. Manish looks on and asks will you make Naira wear this, will you get this for Goenkas would be bahu, ask someone and take advice, will you decide everything, you think its junior college love proposal or valentines, its your engagement, our friends and family will be there. Kartik says its my engagement. Manish says Maa is trying to make best arrangements, she is ordering rare diamond for Naira, you like it or not, you have to agree. Kartik says I do a job and my salary is less, I can’t give her diamond worth lakhs. He goes. Manish asks who asked you to do work, we count Kartik in board of directors and he is doing job there. He angrily goes. Akhilesh asks Suwarna not to worry.

Suwarna says you and Surekha managed everything, I m worried for Dadi and Kartik’s relation.

Everyone at Singhania house decide on diamond ring. Naksh says keep it simple, men don’t care for diamond. Mishti says we should get something special for Kartik. The jeweler says I have classic antique model, range is high, its rare, I can get good price for it. Naira and Naksh refuse to see it. Bhabhimaa says we will see it once. Baisa says yes, if we all like it then… Naitik asks him to show it. The man shows the rare blue diamond. Naitik asks him to get it. Naira asks why. Naitik says I want to get this for Kartik. Naira says Kartik does not want this. Naitik says its my right, none can snatch it, I really want to do this.

Naira calls Kartik. Kartik asks her why was she romancing in middle of the park, can’t she have patience. She argues. He asks did Dadi take class. She says no, I will not leave you. He asks what will you do, when shall I come to meet. She asks did you approve ring. He asks did anyone tell you something, Manish or Suwarna…. Naira says no, I heard Dadi saying she is excited for engagement. He says no one is excited, they just want to show off. She says no, they are really happy, we found our ways in all matters, let them make any ring they want, Papa also asked me not to interfere and snatch his rights. He says he can make ring as he wants. She says if my Papa has rights, even your family has rights to choose ring. He says how did I get you. She says fine, I made you free. He says I m Kartik Goenka, I will marry you, I m doing favor for the last time, don’t expect anything next time. She ends call and thinks how to explain him, how will I do what Suwarna is expecting.

Surekha shows the blue diamond to Dadi and praises her dad. Dadi says we are in our own house, don’t praise your Maayka, you said a lot in Singhania house. Surekha says sorry, this is rare piece. She shows it to Manish and Akhilesh. Manish asks Dadi to ask Kartik once. Dadi says I spoke to him, he said he will respect my choice. Manish says I know Naira did this, if we have to make him do anything, we have to request Naira.

Shaurya and Naksh come to discuss engagement guest list. They give the invitation. Manish finds it light and says we will get more stylish card for our side of guests, I mean this is good, it shows you are simple people, we like to celebrate things well, if Lord gave us money, when will we spent it if not in children’s marriage, you can see the ring Maa is ordering for Naira, you will understand. Surekha gets call and goes. Manish says we have to maintain status. The man informs Surekha that someone else ordered that diamond. Surekha worries.

Dadi says we will have many guests in the function. Naira and everyone like the ring. Naira says its beautiful. Naitik says not equal to my daughter and not precious than Kartik. Naksh says I m getting jealous seeing this. Bau ji says your turn will also come. Naira smiles.

Surekha talks to her Bhabhi and says if Maa ji knows we did not buy that diamond, what will happen, tell Bhaiya ji to send payment and get ring ready. She sees Dadi and ends call. Dadi asks what happened. Surekha says nothing, I was talking about my dress. Dadi asks did your brother order gift, this is gold box, keep ring in this, don’t show ring to anyone before mahurat, I trust you, so I m telling you. Surekha wishes rare diamond does not go to anyone else.

Suwarna asks Manish to work tomorrow. Manish says I will have much work. Someone enters the house. Manish says Priyanka and smiles. He hugs her. Priyanka asks Suwarna are you jealous. Suwarna says no. Priyanka says you should be, as I m more beautiful and have more right on your husband. Manish says yes. Suwarna hugs Priyanka. Manish asks why did you come to give surprise, I was coming to pick you tomorrow. Priyanka says I wanted to meet you soon, I would have not got your attention tomorrow. Suwarna says we will sit and talk all night. Priyanka asks did Kartik sleep. Kartik jokes. Priyanka hugs him and says you left me in single club and went to marry. Kartik says Naira is such, if you met her, you would have said why did you not marry till now, I will make you meet her tomorrow.

Naira fixes flowers and thinks of Kartik and Suwarna’s words. She falls in the flowers box and screams. Everyone come and get her out of the box. Naira says I m fine, I just fell. Naitik asks what are you doing here. Naira says you all were working late, I thought to do some work. Naksh asks her not to take tension. Naira asks what did I do. Baisa says you do your work, makeup etc. Gayu screams and says Naira, your nail got broken up.

Its morning, Dadi asks Kartik to sit for abhishek. Kartik says Dadi please…. Akhilesh stops him and makes him sit in huge tub. They all pour milk on Kartik and tease him. Kartik and Priyanka joke. Manish and Suwarna smile. Manish gets a call and goes. Priyanka says sorry Suwarna, I feel bad for you, Kartik could not give you didi’s place. Suwarna says I never tried to take her place, I just wish Manish and Kartik stay happy, I feel bad for Manish, he loves Kartik a lot, I have full hope from Naira, what I could do, she will do it, she will end Manish and Kartik’s distance. She smiles.

Naksh says welcome drinks did not come till now, guests will come. Kartik asks family to come fast. Baisa prays. Tulan falls over Manish.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t know why but I like the ring of kartik more than goenka and singhania and kartik thinking is right

  2. Vrushy

    Waiting for tomorrow !!
    Finally the engagement of the year has arrived. Can’t wait for kaira engagement.
    Also naksh and Keerti each other for the first time. A new love story is starting and as well all.know the love stories of Yrkkh are awsome and worth watching.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow. They should wrap up the engagement in max 2-3 episodes and not more. Nowadays it seems like prolonging as the tilak rasam also lasted for 3 episodes. The CVs should increase the pace of the story !!

  3. Vrushy

    Hello Everyone.
    How are you all ?!!
    I actually need a small help from all of you. I have adopted a puppy. He is a beagel. He is 3 months old.He is really small and sweet.
    I want to name him.
    Thus I want you all to suggest me names please.
    Right now I have decided on chikuu as its virat kohli’s pet name and I really like him. But if there’s some other name that I like than I would choose that name.
    So please do suggest peeps !!

    1. Vrushy…you can name him Cooper or Benz

    2. Even i love dogs and have named mine muffy and tuffy you can name him that to if you like.But i think they sound good names for furry dogs since yours is a beagel so you can think about it but please do not forget to tell me what you named hin

    3. How about Snoopy…it means eye of the day…

    4. Name him fluffy

    5. Twana

      Chikku wo achcha hai…. Let me suggest…. Rexy?? My dog’s name is Timmy… ?

    6. Lasyashree.10

      Hw about Lucy or Max!!??

    7. Soumya85

      U should name as virat’s bog ?

  4. Twana

    Hi my YRKKH family…. How r u all??
    BFF where r u???
    Today z ep went nice
    Who z this Priyanka???
    She seems to be Karthik’s mom’s sister to someone….
    Waiting for the engagement….
    Good Night everyone n sweet dreams… ???

    1. Yeah she is Karthik’s Maasi from his actual mother…

  5. Lasyashree.10

    omg!who is this new character priyanka now??

    Any ways goodone!!


    hoping for the best[fingers crossed]

    1. She is Karthik’s Maasi

    2. Twana

      Heyy Lasyashree.10…. After a long time….
      How r u??

      1. Lasyashree.10

        I’m fine…thank you!!

        How’s uh????

  6. Yogender Tanwar

    Nice but next time in hindi

    1. Twana

      What does that mean???
      Next time in Hindi???

      1. I think he want’s the post to be written in Hindi…

  7. Hey everyone…. how r u all???
    Ishika dii isn’t it your birthday today..????
    Good luck to all the people that still have exams
    I’m not sure but happy birthday anyways????????????
    At least in my time zone it’s your birthday…. in India it’s already done
    Also congrats on your test score…. awesome job????????????
    Coming To the episode…. who is this priyanka character..???
    Cant wait to see the engagement..!!!!

    1. Priyanka is Karthik’s Maasi

    2. Twana

      Yeah yesterday was Ishika’s B’day
      Btw how r u Shesha??
      And where do u live Shesha???

    3. No – she is Kartik’s Bua

  8. Really good episode I like how manish is considering naira as a goenka but don’t like that it is based on reputation. Can’t wait for the upcoming episodes — I can’t wait to find out who priyanka is !

  9. I forgot to mention that it has now become more obvious that surekha has a negative shade – she has probably bribed the ring designer to give an artificial ring to the people who have actually bought it – the singhanias!!! Now that i think about it I think priyanka Is either manish sister or cousin because they have a good chemistry

    1. Pryinka is Manish’s sister-in-law/saali…

      1. Who the hell are u commenting by Sophie dis name

    2. Pryinka is Manish’s sister-in-law/saali…

      1. Who the hell are u commenting here by Sophie dis name

    3. What the heck…
      People are lidget using my name…
      Guys…this me…not the other one…

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      2. I am the registered member only…the other two are not me….

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        Ahh is that so?? Then why r they commenting from ur name?? ??

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        Shall I give them a punch? ??

      5. Ho dii.
        Welcome back…

      6. Hiiii *

      7. Thank you Pawan..
        And Twana yes give them a punch..❤

  10. superb episode…
    rahul comment yaar
    tumhare bina adhura adhura h yrkkh ka web page…
    pls.. my bfffff

  11. Twana

    Aniket, BFF aur Rahul bhai…. kaha hai wo thum dono??

    1. Rahul bhai ka toh Pata nahi
      Par aniket bhai jarur mujhse dare gaye hoge q ki Maine Rahul bhai ki side jo leli…..

      1. Ahahhahah

  12. superb epidode waiting for tommorows episode….
    rahul plz apna mood change karo n…

  13. Soumya85

    Hi my yrkkh family members…how r u all??gys this is my last comment here I will comment after 8 April now as cbse board date r released and from today I will not use my phone so sorry gys byeeeee and best of luck who have exams too..I have 49 days to complete my syllabus..
    Byeee everyone

    1. Bye Soumya…
      Come back soon dear..
      Good luck and work hard..
      Love you…

    2. Vrushy

      All the best for your exams.
      We know you would do well and make us proud !!
      Study hard.

  14. Hi BFF, Here I am! Sorry to b late! U can punish me ohk! Hi Sophie Di, Sorry I couldnt comment that time, so asking now, how is ur friend now? And I was very angry on u bcoz u werent replying, but as the reason is clear, now I am no more angry on u! And here is my reply to ur comment few days back- Love u too sister! Reply when things get fine and u get free.!

    1. It’s ok Aniket…
      My friend is fine now…
      I am fine now..thankyou
      And I am registered memer now…Yaaa
      Aniket tum bhi apne aap ki register kar lo..

  15. Hi Soumya, TYSM for joining hands with me and my BFF. Ab toh duniya ki koi takat hame Rahul bhai ko pakadne se nhi rok sakti! Hi BFF, here is our 3rd cop. So now we all are ready for our mission. Hi Soumya, its okay if u r busy in studying, but plz comment on weekends atleast. Will miss u my lil angel.!

  16. Hi Adi bro and Pawan, why u both are behind my birth date.? Ohk, here it is- Yes its 21st Feb. I was born on 21st Feb 1999 in Mumbai.! Now both of u get registered asap. Hi Pawan, whats ur DOB? And u really surprised me by joining hands with Rahul bhai, wait tujhe to mai bad me nipatlunga! Abhi ek bada msg Rahul bhai k liye likhna hai.

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    1. Twana

      Aniket I think now we hv 4 reasons to arrest Rahul bhai…
      Other reason z he didn’t come to this page during the whole day…
      The first thing I’m gonna do after we arrest u z give u the 4n n command u to comment here…. Rahul bhai beware….
      Comment fast…. or else I’m not gonna leave u alone… beware????

      1. First catch my radio bhai and then speak about leaving him….. Hahahahaha!!

  19. i really feel that kaira should make karthik wear that special ring and i hope goenkas are unable to arrange that ring. please goenkas should know that singhanias are no less. they are just simple.
    they sgould be treated a lesson

  20. Hai guyz..big hai to my yrkkh family…i din cmnt frm so many days currently vry vry busy wth my board xm prep…
    I’m sry cant cmt more…jus came to say sry n wish all of u a happy new year sry im late..

    N belated bday wishes chanya,sophie di,adi ji n ishika di
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    Missing u all sosiso much…
    K aftër a long way aniket tld hid bdate
    pawan i think we can reveal ours to..i was born on 14th june..
    Miss u all m bff twana n all..wil cum after 31 march.
    Advance bday wishes to all in btn these days…how many of u r going to write neet??
    Wish u alll success
    n guys do u remember me ???
    Dare nt forget me..remember me in prayers..

    1. No long time no see Aliya ..Welcome back…
      And thank you for thee wishes…
      Love you…❤

    2. Hey good to see u back….
      Plzzz keep commenting……
      Missed u so much my sister…..

    3. Trusna

      Welcome back alia…we really missed u..

    4. Vrushy

      All the best for your exams.
      Study hard, do well and make us proud.
      And don’t take stress you are surely gonna rock it !!

  21. i agree with u aniket to scold rahul…

  22. Twana

    Hey Guys did u see??
    Our Aliya z back!!!
    Aniket our long lost BFF commented today!!
    U don’t know how happy I was to see ur red dp coming up next….
    Hey I will bever forget u…
    Will remember u always..
    And all the best… I also hv my exam in the near future…

  23. Hi everyone – my wonderful & YRKKH family
    I pray all is well
    Just a quick comment
    I agree with you Ridz about the ring – the Goenkas should know that the Singhanias are no less than them, they just like to live life simply
    Manish still do not understand his son
    Sometimes I am on his side & then he acts arrogant like he did with Naksh & shaurya when they showed up to discuss engagement arrangements.
    Now I know some of you want Naksh & Kirti to romance but this is not done yarr. Remember she is married & she has not left her husband – if the CVs go ahead with this track then it will send the wrong message to the youth
    We should first see her trying to work at her marriage & show what the problem is (unless the guy is beating on her)
    Then her returning home when all fails, before they consider her pairing with Naksh.
    Even now in the engagement – they should not pair them cause if she leaves her husband later then it will be seen like Naksh broke them up.
    Coming to the episode – brilliant
    All the families working together for the engagement.
    Luv & Kush – adorable
    Kaira – sweet moment
    Surekha – very shady
    Manish & Dadi – very arrogant
    Suwarna – what a mother’s heart she has got, pure, doesn’t ask for much, supports her husband well.
    Priyanka Bua – beautiful with a sweet tongue – reminds me of my buas too (my dad sister’s Romances you when they talk even when they scold – so much love)
    The series is getting excited with all these new characters but I hope the CVs do not forget the old ones.
    Priyanka looks very young – maybe she is the love interest for Naksh.
    Awwwwww Akshara’s children are showing so much maturity – her upbringing is not lost.
    Those doing/taking their exams – best wishes & God’s Grace
    Have a wonderful and blessed day ????????

  24. Oh my word – lol ?????
    I said a quick comment and I wrote an article.

    1. Hehe lol…. That was not less than article…..
      But was good to read ur looking comment….

  25. Vrushy

    Hii Aniket.
    Are you upset with me ?!!
    You replied to everyones comments and questions but didn’t replied to mine.
    I know we had that fight but then two people have different minsets about certain things so I thought that it was not a big deal. But if you are hurt, angry or upset then please do !! We can clear it by talking.
    I was really expecting your reply but when you didn’t say anything I was disappointed.

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