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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mishti giving demo of Naman and Karishma’s fight. Karishma scolds her. Devyaani sends Mishti to play. She asks Karishma why is she scolding Mishti, she is doing what she is seeing, your fights are affecting Mishti. Karishma asks her to explain Naman and leaves. Naman comes home. Naitik stops him. Akshara asks him to join them for coffee. Naman joins them. Naitik asks him how is business going on. Naman says all okay. Naitik asks any other tension. Naman says nothing, just office work stress, I m feeling sleepy and goes.

Naman comes to room and angrily removes his shoes. Karishma asks him whats this way, Mishti is sleeping here, whats the problem, discuss it else behave well. He thinks to discuss with Karishma. Akshara says Naman would discuss if there

is something. Naitik says no, there is something. She asks what. He says maybe he is not telling us to not make us worry, I will wait, he will tell me if he wants. He says coffee does not have sugar. She says you are drinking from my cup, it means we don’t have love. He says I forgot to whom I m talking. They laugh.

Karishma asks what are you saying, we got ruined. He says talk slowly, we will find solution, I don’t want anyone to know about this. Its morning, Naitik tells Akshara that they will go out, weather is good. She says I have to pack Naira’s tiffin. Devyaani and Karishma ask her to go. Karishma says I packed tiffins, I made Naira’s fav food. Akshara touches the tiffin and guesses it. She says its lid is loose, it leaks oil. Karishma says sorry, I did not know, I will change. Akshara says no, just wrap this with cover. Karishma says its good you told me and wraps it. Naira thanks Karishma.

Kids leave. Karishma gives tiffin to Naman and asks if he wants anything. He says I just want peace and goes. Naitik tells Akshara that Karishma and Naman are getting along well. She says I m glad. They also leave. He signs Maharaj ji to take Tanpura out.

Varsha surprises Jasmeet with her and Nannu’s tickets to Hongkong. She asks her to surprise Anshu. Nannu thanks Varsha. Varsha asks what to help you, tell me. Jasmeet argues saying those who do charity do not need to help. Varsha gets shocked. She asks what are you saying. Jasmeet says I have seen Nannu’s holidays getting waste, you were there and Nannu was here when there was Christmas, when his holidays are ending now, you are giving tickets, why. Varsha says I wanted to do this before, but situation was… Jasmeet says I don’t want this charity, thanks. She gives the tickets back and goes. Rajshri, Sunaina Kaki and Dadi look on. Varsha worries and turns. She sees elders there.

Naitik tells Akshara that everyone will be jealous seeing how much I love you. She says it means I love you less. They sweetly argue. The ladies say they still fight, their fights show they are husband and wife. Naitik and Akshara laugh. Naitik asks her to practice now, here is your tanpura. She asks how is this here. He says I know you, you won’t play tanpura there at home. Few people ask a lady to sing bhajan. Naitik tells her and takes her there. He asks them can we sit here. The man asks them to sit. The lady has sore throat and could not sing. The ladies say we wanted to hear bhajan today. Akshara sings the bhajan. The man plays the flute. More people gather there. She sings o Kanha….. everyone clap. Akshara asks Naitik are there many people. He says yes. She says you should have told me. He says then how would I see your smile. The man says you sing well, and asks her to participate in competition. The lady gives the pamphlet.

Kaki and everyone come to Jasmeet. Kaki asks Jasmeet what happened to her, she changed so much. Jasmeet says you all changed, not me, you all are partial, you have sent Varsha to hong kong, not me, you love and respect Varsha more. Rajshri asks how can you say this, we treat Varsha and Akshara equal, we did not send you as Nannu has exams. Kaki says you would have not been able to manage with Nannu there. Jasmeet says excuses will look okay now, don’t blame me. Varsha says you are mistaken. Jasmeet asks what, you think I can’t understand anything, you went to set the house there, I have seen your pics in Ananya’s phone, you went to many malls. Varsha says I went to buy things for home. Kaki says what if Varsha visited malls. Jasmeet says I can’t be quiet and leaves.

Naitik and Akshara come home. He checks about competition online and thinks Akshara should participate, it will increase her confidence, but will she agree. Akshara thinks to participate or not, Naitik will worry for me, don’t know will he agree or not, how to ask him. He checks last date for registration and thinks to convince Akshara, maybe kids will help. She thinks to talk to Naitik once.

They both talk about competition. He says you have to participate this time, else I will be angry. She says I want to participate. They smile. Bau ji says sorry, we heard you. Bhabhimaa says we also want this. Devyaani says we are very happy with this. Naksh says we all are with Akshara. Naira and Mishti come back from school and say it will be fun when Akshara wins. Akshara thanks them for encouraging her. She says I will not be scared, even if I lose or win.

Naman sends the staff guy Ashok for lunch. He checks some files. He hopes to get the file and end the work before anyone knows. Akshara says I will practice in my room. Karishma says yes, she does not understand me now, she is feeling bad of my words, what shall I say. Akshara says fine, I will practice here in hall. Naira says they will make her dress by her choice. They all support her. Akshara smiles. Naitik says any dress and jewelry don’t show any magical effect, which your smile shows. Naitik takes her pic while she sits to practice.

Naitik says I will take tanpura. She says I will manage. She steps on the bottle and tanpura falls down. Everyone rush to Akshara. She says I m fine. Naksh sees tanpura and says it got damaged. She cries and hugs her tanpura. She says sorry Naitik, you gifted me with love, I did not manage it for 2 days. He says its okay, we will get it repaired. Akshara says no, I should be punished, I have thought of it, I will try my best to win this competition for your happiness. She asks Naitik to get it repaired. He says no, I will buy a new one for you. They all smile.

Varsha talks to Shaurya and asks him not to say anything to Anshu. She comes to Jasmeet and Nannu, and sees them sleeping. She recalls Jasmeet’s words and keeps a sorry card there. She leaves. Jasmeet gets up and takes water. The card falls in the dustbin. Jasmeet does not see the card and drinks water. She sleeps.

Naitik makes Akshara wait and goes to get water. Naman comes home drunk and greets Akshara. She asks are you fine Naman. He says yes, I m fine, there is much work in office, so I got late. She asks did you drink, what happened, is there any tension, did anyone drop you or did you drive yourself. He says I m so happy you care for me, I felt no one cares for me here, I got drunk and drove car myself, I did mistake, I also did a big mistake. Karishma looks on. Akshara asks what, tell me. Naman says promise me, if I tell you, you will not tell anyone. He cries. Karishma comes and stops him. Akshara says wait Karishma, he is saying something. Karishma says nothing, what are you doing here, where is Naitik, Naman had meeting with foreign clients, that’s why. She takes Naman. Naitik comes and says sorry, I got late, tap was leaking, so I repaired it, what happened, are you annoyed. She says Naman…. He asks Naman?

Karishma says I hope Naitik does not see Naman. Naman hides seeing Naitik. Naitik sees him hiding behind the table and says Naman…

Update Credit to: Amena

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