Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira and Dadi have a quarrel

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aryan saying Kartik and I have done the puja, we are leaving for office. Naira asks shall we also leave. Dadi says no, we are standing in this line. Naira asks why. Lav says Lord is drinking milk, we have to see it. Naira says its all false, I have seen such fake beliefs many times. Dadi says just you know everything, I will just see this and go. Naira sees the milk poured on shivling. She says Lord won’t drink milk this way, why to waste milk. Dadi says we have much given by Lord, we can give much things to him. Naira says fine, don’t take Lav and Kush along. Lav says we have to see God’s magic. Naira says come, I will show you something.

Bhabhimaa asks Kirti to give aarti to guests. Kirti worries. Naksh talks to some man and gets him inside the

house. Kirti turns away. Naksh comes to her and says a man has come to collect a parcel, what does he want. Kirti says I will give him. Baisa says you don’t go, tell Naksh, he will give it. Kirti lies and asks him to get the bag, it has patch work. Naksh says the bag which Dadi gave you, I will get it. She feels sorry to lie.

Kartik gets stressed and talks to the clients. Kids see the milk going in drain. Naira gets Lav and Kush there. She thinks this reminded me about Rishikesh, we used to see this every day, much milk got wasted in temple, Lord don’t need our chadava, if we give this to needy people, Lord will be happy and fulfill our prayers, Lord sees intentions, not chadava. Kirti sees Naksh getting the bag. Naksh slips on the stairs. The bag falls down. Naksh says I m fine. Kirti sees the money envelop fallen. Naksh goes to pick it. The man picks it and asks are you fine. Naksh says yes, I m fine. Naksh asks Kirti is this to be given. Kirti says yes, thanks Naksh. She asks the man to take it. The man leaves. Kirti thanks Lord.

Kartik asks will I do this every day, to convince you first and then the clients, we should hire extra workers for few days. Manager says sorry Sir, we will do it. Kartik says I got a headache, I will have Naira’s handmade ginger tea at home. Naira stops the men. She says this is ordered by Goenkas right, I m Naira Goenka. The man says we know you, we deliver at your house, we got milk, ghee and fruits, tell me where to unload this. She says follow the vehicle after me. They leave. Surekha says I can’t believe this, Lord drank the milk. The lady says yes, ask your bahu to apologize, Suwarna didn’t do chadava seeing Naira. The ladies ask Dadi about the chadava. Dadi says its all fine, I will donating a truck full of things. She asks Surekha to call and ask. Surekha calls. She gets shocked. She says trucks had come, but Naira took the truck somewhere else. Dadi gets shocked. Kartik is stuck in traffic. He thinks I m so tired, I just want to go home and rest.

Surekha says we got much insulted there, Dadi is angry, Naira did such a thing. Naira comes home. Dadi looks at her. Naira comes in. Dadi starts yelling at her. She says you always test my tolerance, you didn’t want to offer milk, did I force you, no, you don’t have faith, but I have, why don’t you understand this simple thing, who are you, by what right did you stop my chadava truck. Naira says for the sake for humanity, its my biggest Dharm. Dadi asks where did you take it. Naira says I have taken it where its most valued. They argue. Dadi says its our custom to offer food in temple. Naira says the custom which doesn’t do good to anyone should be change, the temple trust is rich, many people give chadava there, but people don’t see the needy. Naira says just think, kids are deprived of milk and food, is it better to pour milk as chadava, which goes in drain, we waste things, so things get costly. Priyanka says Naira is right, we can initiate a change. Manish says come on, we can give chadava and feed poor kids too, mum and Naira can do what they want. Kartik comes home and says what a bad day, I will work from home today. Naira says I have learnt a lot in Rishikesh, I slept empty stomach many nights, how do I see my family member doing something that I hate the most, people used to refuse to give food to kids and left it in the temple.

Dadi says you have snatched the chadava today, you did this, I didn’t know my house’s Laxmi will ruin our respect, everyone was asking me about the chadava, pandit also asked me. She cries. She says this is what you wanted, be happy now, you can jump with joy the day I die, its better I die, I couldn’t even keep chadava for my Lord, you always create hurdles for me, you want me to do as you say. Kartik looks on. Naira says its nothing like that Dadi. Kartik asks Naira to stop it. They all look on. Kartik asks why do you have to interfere in everything. Naira says please listen to me. He says I m fed up of listening to you. She says I m not wrong. He says maybe you are right, let Dadi do anything she wants, why do you control everything. Naira cries. He says its a festival day, but my day didn’t pass well, and this scene at home. Suwarna thinks what’s happening between them. He says I beg of you, I don’t want to hear such things again. He goes to his room. Everyone looks on.

Kartik and Naira get ready as Shiv and Parvati.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh Naira, please leave this stupid karthik.

  2. He was just like a pampered kid..
    He had no responsibility..
    Always running around Naira..
    Behaving kiddish infront of others..
    All burden were lifted by dad and chachu..
    But he started taking them in a fit of rage..
    Now that pressure has kept him occupied..
    No 24/7 romance..
    Seeing life & behaving like a NORMAL HUMAN..
    Kartik’s BEHAVIOUR was 100% justified..

  3. Not only Kartik today, but every word spoken by Dadi and Manish is also absolutely right..

    Naira, you have really crossed all borders today..

    Dadi didn’t stop you or taunt you when you questioned her faith..Dunno by what right you took Luv-Kush away, when their Mother was standing there..Hated suwarna today.. she should not have stood in queue at all..Then why to move back just because Naira did..

    You have no right to impose your belief to others, that too to a 70 year old lady..She is donating her things..Just like that you took the truck away without even informing anyone..
    So, you can’t tolerate your family doing things you hate the most..Then better stay away..

    Your father in law is ready to fulfill the wishes of you and his mother as well..Your husband is a director in business concern..Your Father and Brother are ready to shower anything you ask for..You have enough money to book honeymoon tickets abroad by yourself, to buy expensive clothes and jewellery, and can even set limit to husband’s credit card.. You have everything to go ahead with your faith..Sheer interference, stubbornness and such bossy attitude etc.. are some of the names for your behaviour today..

  4. For the first time I liked karthik and dadi , they deserve applause . Karthik stole the screen today, he was really good ?and neutral, it is also the first time he tried to understand and see from other point of view than naira’s and seemed to realise he has other family member than her. If he was not a wife puppet he could be a really amazing character.
    Dadi was equally right and good today everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and view as long as they don’t hurt other, it was her money she can do anything with it who the hell is naira to interfere and lecture her. Is she god to decide what is right and what is wrong? What should ppl do or not do? Do everyone need her permission and blessings before doing anything? She already has karthik , singhanias and suwarna treating her like some kind of goddess, but it is not enough she also wants the goenka family the head of that family included to be in her feet.

    She wanted to help the most needy: good thinking- could have shared with karthik and manish and give chadava and feed the kids at the same time, they are rich enough to do both of it. It was no needed to insult , disrespect someone else’s belief and stole someone’s else work to make her humanity win.

    How many times dadi has compromised for naira. She is a very strict women with principles but lot if times changed her views for naira. And every time her good behaviour is erased by portraying her heartless and selfish to make naira bechari, mahan and righteous. Naira does look like nothing else than a bully forcing other to do as she wants by hook or crook. Once she said something should be in someway everyone must do it but when someone else has plan she will interfere and change it, if someone dare to refuse to her she will be offended and manipulate everything to get it in her way.

    1. Naira is a bully . True.

  5. One thing that this is not first time kartik naira are fighting always they fight, first romance love then after somedays kartik naira again start fighting like this, so this not first time, so, what’s this love after romance love again fighting, I don’t like it, so, if with fight love becomes more strong then it’s OK. But with fight kaira Milan is also important. So after romance love whenever kartik naira will start fight after kartik naira fighting track please please bring kaira Milan track also, please please. Like this time now after romance love kartik naira is fighting, so after this fighting track bring kaira Milan also.

  6. Naira was a complete hypocrite today, there is a difference between advising someone & forcing your views on someone.

    Yes, It’s true that such blind faith can be a waste of time & money & in this case the milk could have been put to better use…however, that wasn’t Naira’s decision to make, I’m not sure what the hell Naira was thinking when she decided to take matters into her own hands & disappear with the truck – she completely disregarded daadi’s feelings & gave no thought to the consequences…. will this girl never learn, such a frustrating character who somehow thinks she is always right & takes it upon herself to change everyone else…can’t believe she had the audacity to drag luv-kush with her… so much for all the ‘hamaari Naira kithni samajhdaar hain’ comments from the singhaniyas there was not an ounce of samajhdaari shown by Naira today, the situation could have been handled in a much better way.

    Today I was pleased that karthik displayed a mind of his own!! & finally spoke up against Naira’s behaviour.

    a good relationship is not about always agreeing with each other,it is about being open & honest.

    1. There is no such blind faith..
      Such things as spread by other religions and pseudo secularistic minded people like Naira, is based on half baked knowledge..

      Most of the temples first dilute the milk offered and yse the major portion to distribute Prasad and for the remaining to be used for abhishekam, which won’t be much creamy, they use a kind of drainage system, which diverts that portion to plants.. These are offered because we are offering what is very valuable to us to the almighty.. Even in my house, my father do abhishekam and distribute it as Prasad to us..For instance the experiments done on the Shiva Linga shown above that is made of  a special material called “navapashanam” or nine-medicines show that the milk remains un-spoilt for more than a week and has many healing properties..

      The amount of water used to make 1 pound of meat is equal to what you need for your shower for 6 months and the amount of resources used for the same can feed 30 times the number of people if they are vegetarians.  So by encouraging vegetarianism, Hinduism has already paid for the food and water spent on the deities by millions of times. So it is an investment. Not an expense.  By bringing up the food offered to deities but being silent about alcohol and meat, people are exposing their hypocrisy. I do agree there are other things, which people have to realize the present world and be practical..
      I have seen many people living by eating the Prasad offered in temples and so many free meals in various temples during auspicious occasions.. When we put kolam in front of our house, there is a rule to use rice flour..Because the ants and other insects can eat.. In every single ritual, Hinduism promotes Jeevakarunya for every single creation in the earth..

      1. So true. Hinduphobic writer bhavna vyas is a sickular who can’t understand this.

      2. Amount of water to make 1 pound of meat is 4 glasses r u saying its takes just 4 glasses of water for 6 months bath

  7. Though naira had a point..but Dadi was correct. She didn’t force her opinion on naira.. and moreover the offerings were from Dadi’s side… And Manish had no problem regarding he is the one who is earning money. Naira can’t force her opinion if she is not the one earning.. and Karthik was correct. Now naira is feeling bad as Karthik is supporting his family…she even had a problem when Karthik used to support her. She must have a clear idea about what she actually wants.

  8. Well done kartik ! Naira deserved this
    Naira ji agar aapko itni hi chinta hai gareeb bachhon k khane aur kapdon ki to khud palace mein shaadi kyun ki, simple shaadi karke baaki paise donate kar deti aur honeymoon k liye Greece kyun gayin aap, yahin India mein hi chali jaati kahin, aur baaki paise donate kar deti. Khud to itni fizoolkharchi karti hain aap , mehengey kapde, jewellery pehenti ho, aaj Mandir mein aadhi-nangi hokar pahunch gayi thi shameless kahin ki. Itna hi ashram yaad aata hai aapko, to khud kamao aur donate karo zaruratmandon ko, husband k card par limit set kar Dena, ye nayi soch hai? Jis age mein log college jaate hain us age mein to aap shaadi karke cheap romance karti rehti hain, Bhai-papa NE dance academy khairaat mein de Di hai, saara kaam vahi dono sambhalte hain ,aap bas koi function mein naachna hota hai to aa jaati hain, kartik NE bilkul sahi kaha aaj ” har cheez mein chaudhrayin banna zaroori rehta hai aapka” .
    Jin aashram k Dino ko yaad karti ho aap, ashram mein se kisi ko bhi to nahin bulaya apni shaadi mein aapne, yahan tak ki apni best friend pungi ko bhi ni. Aaj kartik, daadi NE Jo bhi kaha sach kaha , aapko bas logon ko manipulate karke cheezein apne hisaab se karwani aati hai, chahe reel ho ya real life, Shivangi Joshi real life mein bhi aap aisi hi ho na, jab show mein kisi aur ke track ko importance milti hai to aap insecure ho jati ho, phir makers ko zabardasti aapka track daalna padta hai, shameless characterless cheap Shivangi Joshi

    Yaar koi Kaina ko bula do, uske comments bade yaad aate hain, padhkar saari frustration nikal jaati thi….

    1. Kaina1

      aapne yaad kiya hum hazzer tension mat lo article likha hai dekte hain kab tak aata hai

      1. Accha aap yahin ho.
        Hope to read ur article soon.

      2. Kaina1

        yaar article aa hi nahi raha mene friday ka post kiya hai

  9. I have no clue about offering of milk so I cannot comment on that sorry but if it is a tradition by Dadi Naira had no right to interfere,and I do appreciate Karthik anger towards his wife Dadi is elder to her so if Dadi scold her she should not be annoyed,and it seems to me that Dadi do not really appreciate Naira am I right?

  10. Humanity is not a one time issue..If you are of that nature, that should be portrayed in every action of yours. Other than speaking page full of dialogues regarding her life in ashram, I have never seen herself doing anything for them.. It is only elders in the family who often talks about charity to ashram or donation..She married Kartik in a palace which was quite a big affair if she is so much of “giving for good” person, then why the heck she didn’t refuse it.
    She never repeats her exquisite costumes or jewelleries.. Always decks and adorns herself completely..She always arranges for functions and parties in a grand manner, whenever she was asked to..Isn’t that suppose to be a waste of money.. Why can’t you donate that to needy?? Or I can say this sudden change in attitude comes only when the same was done by Dadi.?

  11. Shameless characterless naira, jab kartik ke sath cheap romance karti ho na, tab kyun ni dhyaan aata gareeb bhookhe bachhon ka.

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