Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira walking on ramp. Kartik smiles. Aditya eyes her. Ranveer asks what’s next. Naksh says theme is hawai, so it should be something like that. Naira starts dancing with all the girles. They all dance on hawa hawai……

Elders are on the way and talk of Jagrata. Karishma says Naksh and Kartik gave good surprises. Bhabhimaa says our children have good values. Varsha says yes, we think who party are wrong, but its nothing like that. Kirti falls and Naksh holds her. They all dance and enjoy. Rajshri says girls would have slept by now. Bhabhimaa says we will also sleep and see work tomorrow. The guys dance like girls. The girls laugh seeing them. Aditya goes to touch Naira. She stumbles and juice fall over him. Kartik lifts Naira and takes her

on stage. They all dance. The elders come home and open the door. They all see the girls sitting calm and having a talk.

Varsha gets surprised seeing Ananya. Ananya hugs Varsha and others. Baisa asks what were you doing. Gayu says party, we told you. Baisa says I thought party means food, what’s this. Ananya says its last part of Naira before marriage. Rajshri asks them to go and sleep. The guys hide. Ananya says we will sleep later, you go and sleep. Naira says we have many work in morning. Rajshri says when children are good, life succeeds. Gayu asks them to sleep. Baisa says let me sit, you all clean the place, then we will go together. Naksh says we are gone now.

Naira signs them to hide. Gayu asks Baisa to go and sleep. Baisa says we will go together. Baisa asks whose shoe is that. They all see. Naira says its Naksh’s shoe. The guys think whose shoe is it. Gayu and Naira cover up. Kirti says we will go now, its late. Rajshri says you can sleep here. Kirti sees Aditya and says Aditya is waiting at home. Rajshri says its not good to go alone. Kirti says Aditya has sent driver and bodyguards. Aditya signs her to go. Bhabhimaa says we will wait, go home and call us. Ananya says you go and sleep, we will send them. They send off the elders.

Kartik picks his shoe. Naksh says come, we will leave. Naira says wait, where are you going, its your house. Naksh laughs and says yes, its my house. Kirti goes with Aditya. Kartik and Naira see each other. Naksh says Kartik, party got over. Kartik says I m leaving, and goes. Yeh rishta kya…..plays…….

Manish and Naitik wake up and see each other. Naitik says my head is getting high. Manish says even I have a headache. Manish asks Akhilesh what happened. Akhilesh says what to tell you, what did not happen yesterday, I can’t say. He sits laughing.

Dadi says what was the work that Manish and Naitik did not come. Kartik smiles. Bau ji says don’t know where is Naitik. Naksh smiles. Naira asks Naksh why are you smiling, what happened. He says a lot. Manish and Akhilesh come home. Dadi asks where were you Manish. Manish says I…. Aditya says I will say what happened yesterday. Kartik manages and says Manish stayed at hotel, Naitik was with him, even Akhilesh was there. Manish says yes. Manish sees Kartik and smiles.

Naitik comes home holding his head. Bhabhimaa says if you work all night, this will happen. Naksh asks Naitik to take rest. Bhabhimaa asks Naitik to come for breakfast. Naksh smiles. Naira gets lemon water. Naitik says no, I want tea. Naksh says its good for hangover. Naitik asks is this necessary to say. Naksh says you and Manish had much fun. Naksh acts like them. Naitik says be quiet, you guys are making fun of it. Naira says no and hugs him. Naksh also hugs him. Naitik smiles.

Manish goes to Kartik and says by mistake, maybe, I don’t know, Akhilesh told me what happened, sorry about that, you would have got embarrassed in front of your friends, you know I don’t drink, thanks for saving me, else it would be a joke, I think even Naitik does not drink. Kartik says that’s why I did not tell anyone, as Naitik was involved, I had to cover up. He goes. Manish looks on.

Naitik says stop talking about this. He goes. Naksh says I have seen two things yesterday, Papa’s smile after mumma went, and Manish’s longing for his son, everyone see his issues, but I have seen his love for Kartik, even Kartik was emotional, if this anger and annoyance breaks blood relations, I don’t think any relation will be left in the world. Naira thinks to bring out Kartik’s love.

Dadi talks to Suwarna about mehendi. Kartik says girls apply mehendi. Dadi says we have to send shagun mehendi. Aditya says it will be fun when mehendi function is celebrated with us. He says Dadi, I want to give surprise to Naira and Kartik too. Kartik asks what’s the surprise.

Kartik calls Naira and asks are you thinking about me. She says no. She says you know I m getting fat. He jokes. She says I won’t lose you for a lahenga. He says great, today there are many surprises. She asks what, about your dad, Naksh told me. He says no. She asks what were you saying. He says our pre wedding photo shoot is planned. She says wow thanks, you are very sweet. He says not me, Aditya planned it, take Naitik’s permission, we will get busy, it will be just you and me, what happened why did you get silent, are you not excited. Aditya says why will she not get excited. He talks to Naira and says its my and Kirti’s wedding gift for you, we will be glad if you accept this. He thanks her and ends call. He says sorry Kartik, I thought to present the surprise to her. Naira thinks why do I feel he is strange, maybe I m overthinking.

Aditya gifts chocolates to Kirti and says we should make a new start, Kartik and Naira’s photo shoot is part of it, you will be happy if I do anything for him, even we will get time to spend. Naira’s family likes Aditya’s idea. Naira wishes its just her thinking, nothing else.

Naira gets dressed. Aditya clicks her pics. His sleeve gets stuck. Naira turns and goes to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Rahul96

    A big hii my new , big and expanding YRKKH family Pat di(elder sister ) , Sachu di , Sindhu di , Sophie di , Swara di , Fenil Bhaiya , Aniket , Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Nithya , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, , Jas , Ponkuri , Ridz , Raven, Ishika , trishi , Paakhi , Nikhil , Chanya , Shesha , Amalina , TV Fan1 , Lasyashree.10 , Pari , Trusna , Ishu (Ishwarya) , Twana
    , Khushu , Claire , riyasmiles , sweetsara , irum , Raf , Tanu , 123 , Su_16 ( Suha ) , Dona , Rosa 18 , Chanpreet ( Preet ) and all other YRKKH fan
    and silent comment readers and new comers

    How are you guys????

    Thanks amena dii for your fast update!!!!

    Coming to the episode !!! It was ok !! Love the way Manish said sorry and thank you to Kartik . But get a little bit sad when Kartik said that it was all because of Naitik sir . And guys when baisa and every elder women was entering the house i was getting thrilled , excited !!! But glad that they were not caught . But still it is not clear that how did they get to know that they are arriving ??? Maybe they have heard the car noise. Naksh word to Naira regarding Manish fatherly love toward Kartik was awesome !!! And Naira’s word that ” Anger should not eat love and relationship ” was also awesome !!!

  2. Rahul96

    Hii guys my two big comments regarding the serial on yesterday episode tellyupdates have created a mess here . I am really really sorry guys for this . Since this mess was created by mine comment so this is my responsibility to put the things in right place !!!
    I am really sorry guys that I am replying to everyone comments now . Actually today I was having classes from 9 am to 5 pm ( in between I peeped in here and noticed that my comment have created a little mess but was not having time to comment here ) . And after coming from college I got busy and got freed at around 7 pm. Till then it became very late and so I decided to put my comment on tellyupdates of 9th February!!!! So now I am replying to everyone now!!!!

    1. Rahul96

      And guys my comments was not meant to create a mess here . But if you guys will notice the initial of my comment then you see that I was asking the POV of Everyone especially of my elder sisters and my brother !!!

  3. Omg this aditaya is so cheap . But kaira looks cute and i know they wil sort this also Omg this aditaya is so cheap . But kaira looks cute and i know they wil sort this also

  4. Rahul96

    Thank you so much diii’s , Pat dii , Swara dii , Sophie dii for your words . Dii’s when I was reading your comments I was feeling like that my own elder sistes are seating beside me and was advising me . Thank you so much Rosa18 for your comment and no need to Sorry dear I asked the advice of everyone and you did this only !!!

  5. Rahul96

    Hii vrushy
    Thanks for your words dear . First of all I am really sorry from the core of my heart dear . My comment was never to hurt your feelings .
    See vrushy and everyone
    This two comments were constantly hitting my mind from somedays back and this two point arise in my mind when somedays back . But was fearing that my comment can might hurt someone . But I gain some courage and decided to posted it. But trust me dear my intention was never to insult someone . If I was having even 1% idea that someone could feel insulted and demotivated by my comments I would never have posted such comments .

  6. Su_16 (Suha?)

    Hello everyone…
    I know I had vanished for several days, its bcz I can’t be bothered to comment (actually I am lazy).

    I think YRKKH is watched by many people including children, the creators should avoid to shoot the romantic scenes (e.g. kissing) and should finish the track of Aditya MMS. The children are having a bad impact on children, may cause early age love (you guys know what I mean). Please don’t feel bad abt this comment, criticisms on this comment are most welcome.

    Maybe, I should stop my ff, coz its not likedby others. Well I don’t have any time left so I will reply to my ff comments later.


  7. Rahul96

    Hii Pat dii
    My reason for that two comments was not because of that I have been been talking to someone with negative perception about life. Anyway Pat dii your guess were right to some extent. It just because till now I have not been able to encounter any love story till now and only have witnessed arranged marriage . Even in my society till now I have witnessed only arranged marriage . But have encountered some heart breaks.
    I remember very well when I and my elder brother was small my mother and father used to quarrel with each other a lot . Instead of sorting out matter things only get worse and they were opting to get separated . But their this decision was affecting us alot but it was affecting my elder brother a lot and he decided to end his but then was saved by my mom and my dad . But his decision shook my mom and dad to a great extent , I was small but I can clearly remember my mom and dad crying . Because of me and my brother my mom and dad decided to reunite again because at that time they might be hating each other but they love their sons more than they were hating each other . From that day onwards I have never seen them fighting yaa quarrelling with each other .
    As for now my brother is doing job getting a handsome Salary and I studying in a central university. And whatever we Both are today it only because of our parents!!!

    Pat dii since you shared your personal happenings that’s why I was also sharing !!!
    Two years back in 2014 my elder brother suffered a serious bike accident and he survived only because of helmet and by top quality doctors of New Delhi but in that accident he has completely lost the sense of one of his leg . And now he walks using a stick . And since this is his age of getting married my mother is finding it difficult to find a right match for him !! Why ?? Because he has now become handicapped!!!

  8. Rahul96

    Hi Pat dii
    And my mom does not believe in love and love marriage. I don’t know why as a student she has always remain topper and she was very much intelligent and is intelligent now also . She is even now much more intelligent than me also. She loves us very much but is strict in love marriage ???. This was also one of the few reason why I denied Ishika’s proposal.

    So that’s why pat dii I don’t believe in love stories and niether my mom believe in love and love stories. I don’t know about my elder brother and father because I don’t have guts to ask them ????.

    Actually I think that love exist only in serials and love stories are like fairy tale!!!
    And I think that love stories are unrealistic!!!

    And a few days back I noticed someone( I don’t remember name ) commenting that
    every girl deserve boy like Kartik . And also noticed that Aniket was thinking too much about a serial and was thinking that what will happen next!!! (??? Sorry Aniket bro ) . So that’s why I decided to post comments regarding this but was fearing that my comment can might hurt someone . But I gain some courage and decided to posted it.
    But trust me dii my intention was never to insult someone . If I was having even 1% idea that someone could feel insulted and demotivated by my comments I would never have posted such comments .

  9. Rahul96

    Hii Sophie dii
    Thank you so much for your support dii. You almost understand my words …
    Now coming back to vrushy
    Hi Vrushy and also to everyone
    Imagine me as your elder brother seating beside you dear with a smile on face..
    If you have readen my above comments then I guess now you will understand me.
    Vrushy first of all you totally misunderstood the fanfiction portion of my comment. I never told anything about your efforts dear infact in brackets I have myself told that fanfiction writers put a lot of effort in writing fanfiction.
    My sweet sister I never told that fanfiction has any negative effect..
    Let us take an example ( to explain what I was trying to tell )
    Suppose a boy of 18 year old is studying engineering and he watches YRKKH but he started thinking too much about the serial . So he started writing fanfiction , daydreaming and in fanfiction he gives the hero and heroine of the serial his favourite personality and then after some 36 chapters he ended his fanfiction . Now when this boy will grow up and get married it might be possible that he will try to find Akshara yaa Naira in real life !!! But it might be possible that he might get disheartened because (what I think is that) in real life there is no-one Akshara yaa Naitik yaa Naira yaa Kartik !!!;
    This is my pov sister it might be wrong also!!!
    Now I hope that you guys might have understood that what I was trying to tell and I was not demotivating any writer dear.
    Hi Sophie dii , Pat dii , Swara dii , Rosa18 now I hope that you guys have understood that what I was trying to tell and I was not demotivating any writer .

  10. Rahul96

    Hi vrushy
    But I am glad that you keep in mind that these are only serials. And I just hope that you will not allow serials to control your thinking !!!!
    And I was also happy after reading that you make sure to post a Chapter every day because you know that there are people out there waiting for your update despite having busy schedule in your personal life . It means that you are a kind hearted writer who thinks about readers first.
    And was also glad to know that writing is your passion !!!
    How can you think dear that I was demotivating and insulting you!!! Infact if you remember I have always appreciated your work dear !!! And has never considered your work less than Rajan sir’s YRKKH ( I hope you remember that dear) . And I also have commented on your fan fiction dear !!! The only difference was that when you write chapter 25 I remain stuck in chapter 2 . If you have carefully noticed my comment ( which I posted on your previous FF chapter 46 yaa 45 I guess ) you might have feel that I was not reading your FF I was enjoying your FF dear . Vrushy I have always told you that you are an excellent writer!!!

  11. Rahul96

    Hi Vrushy
    You are an excellent writer dear !!! And when you will pursue writing as career then you will receive negative comments also . Till now you have received only positive comments from reader but when you will start writing as career you will get negative comments also when people will directly say that your work is poor!! ( Am I right Sophie dii?? ) . I guess my comment was not negative one and it was misunderstood by you . And even if you were thinking that my comment was an negative one yaa insult one you should have taken my comment as challenge rather than feeling demotivated dear. I guess that even negative comments are also of two types one is sensible negative comment ( where people give some sensible point that why they disliked your work) and other one is totally useless dear . So try to acknowledge the sensible negative comments of audience dear and don’t pay attention to useless negative comments dear. Then you can become a famous writer dear and trust me dear you have 100% potential !!!!
    Hi Sophie dii am I right ???

  12. Rahul96

    Hi Rosa 18
    Thanks for your words dear . And no need to apologize dear !!! But I guess that some people might get influenced and their expectations too arises !!!! Because I watches comments like that every girl deserve husband kartik yaa akshara like wife.And as said by Sophie dii “Coming to the movies…I am sure you have watched DDLJ…
    You can’t even imagine how many girls wanted a husband like Raj…and they still do…because that is just human nature..
    People will be influenfed by books and movies and if they don’t get what they want…their are going to be problems…”

  13. Rahul96

    Hii Swara diii
    You are welcome if you will see my family list then you will notice that I have included your name also !!! Hi Swara dii if you don’t mind can you please introduce yourself or atleast can you tell us your age ??? So that we can tell you Swara dii yaa just Swara. And thank you so much Swara dii for your advice . Your advice was awesome Swara dii . Thank you so much Swara dii for liking our virtual family !;;

    Thank you Pat dii , Sophie dii ,Swara dii your advice was awesome. Feeling very sleepy now . Will comment tomorrownonln . So bye guys ,!! Goodnight!!!

  14. Ok I hate adityas character but hes soooo cute omg
    I love the actor he’s handsome ???
    Sorry if I hurted any1 but who agrees with me

  15. Helli my yrkkh family, thanks rahul for accepting your mistake but don’t worry we are all friends here.
    Sorry to hear about your brother, I wish him all the best
    To the episode
    I really enjoyed it was a continuation even though there was little dragging but I want the wedding to come already they are taking too long. After I want break from festivals to focus on yrkkh values and stuff like they did in the past. I hope they wait a while before bringing in keerthi and naksh because I don’t want all of it happening together

  16. Sorry hello

  17. Hello Rahul I read your above comment and we are sorry..because it’s because of us you remembered all those past which is very hard to digest…. Rahul being a married woman I can just tell that marriage is not done by physical personality but by spiritual beauty… and mental appearance.. I hope you know that.. some day your brother will definitely find his better half.. I don’t know soon or later but he wil definitely… because there are still humans on this earth… who have a beautiful heart and they will surely accept your brother and live happily….

  18. Rahul don’t think that I have not commented on your yesterday’s page comment on serials … I wrote a long comment on that issue but don’t know why it’s not getting posted…. I thought of typing it again but now the issue is cleared and I thought I need not raise It again by posting that comment…. so sorry but if you really want me to then I will… so don’t take me wrong that Tanu Di didnotcomment in my POV but commented about the serail…okay dear??

  19. Commented *on * my POV …. and about the *serial *

  20. Hi Rahul bhaiya!!
    I really like the way you replied to Vrushy!! Sorry, I didn’t replied ystrday as I waz buzy in preparation!!
    Dear Vrushy!!
    Rahul bhaiya has just shared his POV. U misunderstood him dear. Sorry if u feel hurted! But Its true dat he never insulted fan fiction writers. Even I remember that once he told U that Ua FF is not less than Rajan Sir’s YRKKH & I agree with that bcoz u r an amazing writer. I hope, now everything is clear.Right?? Rahul bhaiya is the one who has appreciated ua work always so how can he insult u dear?? He can’t even think to insult coz, u r such a wonderful writer Dear. & I’m extremely sorry if u r hurted Vrushy!! Forgive me!

    Hi Swara!!
    Welcome to our family!! But will u pls give ua lil intro only if U r comfortable.!!

    Hey Aniket!!
    Ua practical xams starts from Monday na, Seems like u r buzy in preparation. Its Okk . Prepare wellll bro!!

    Guyz, I’m getting late now coz, I already told dat I have my practical xam today so bye! Will comment later if possible! Missing U alll…sorry couldn’t mention everyones name as I’m in a hurry now..

  21. Hey all
    My beautiful, cute, wonderful and blessed family. I pray you are all doing well.
    Welcome to Swara and all new members in the group.
    Best wishes to Aniket and others taking their exams. Do your best.
    Coming to the episode – I love Manish and Kartik’s moment it was beautiful.
    Sorry Dina you are all on your own – whenever I see him my blood runs cold. I can’t see cuteness ???, all I see is creepiness ??????. Anyway to each his own.
    I miss my boys the double cuteness – Luv & Kush – were are they?
    I love the whole episode and yes Adi they have dragged the pre wedding party but I love all the fun moments.
    And yes they need to stop clashing Keerti and Naksh – I don’t want him to be blamed for anything.
    I really love the new Naksh.
    Thanks Ameena for the update ?????????
    Have a wonderful and blessed day you all ?????

  22. Hey Rahul
    I know right and I am understanding where you are coming from. Let me say this as long as your brother and your family remain good people some one will take him as he is & show him love. Yes in tv world we see so called perfect people meeting and loving so called perfect people but I am telling you in reality people will marry who their heart desires it is just the matter of meeting the right person.

  23. Rahul I used to love YHM
    This is my feelings exactly when YHM was introduced and Ishita was child less – we see someone who have been rejected by society being accepted by this man and his family and will do anything to protect her image. That was a good message given to society. I used to identify with her so much because it is like part of my story there (in mine case the groom have no kid). But once you believe in God I believe that all will be well. In my family I have such stories, where one half of a couple is termed as imperfect.
    I have a aunt – widow now since several years ago – she is very beautiful and intelligent (in fact she is one of the people that got me interested in education) she married a man who suffered polio in infancy – so walks badly. For us he is normal my uncle was hard working, quiet and just took care of his family. I have aunts who can’t have children but have wonderful marriages.

  24. And finally Rahul, As for me I take courage in the knowledge that there are so many kids orphaned in the world that needs love. I am looking to adopt – done the researched and all. Well I will just leave this at that …………..
    Rahul don’t worry about your brother I pray your mum finds a good wife for him and soon.
    Even me I support your mum about preferring arranged marriages to love marriages. When love happens after marriage – it is beautiful but you all need to talk to her about it; she might be open to the idea of semi love marriage. Have courage and speak to your bro & dad just to get their perspective on this issue. I am telling you there is still hope that she will get someone for him. All is not lost.
    It saddens me to see how society treats people who are different to them.
    I believe everything will work out in the end.
    Have a wonderful and blessed day

  25. Hey wonderful people, thanks to one and all personally who welcomed me here,
    Let me introduce my self..

    I’m SWARA.. I’m married 6months back and I live in Pune along with my husband…
    But my hometown is Hyderabad..I’m 25 year old and a Brahmin.
    I can speak Telugu Hindi English
    Are there anyone who can speak Telugu over here??
    I watch Yrkkh and used to watch ehmmbh enkkcmb….
    If you need any info more feel free to ask I’ll definitely answer to you

    Thank you

    1. Same pinch…I am also twenty five…

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