Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone complimenting Naira. Akshara starts we will not interfere in your party. Naira’s friends come and elders leave. Naira tells her friend that nothing happened, that guy would have been scared knowing party is at my home, and all elders are here, come, lets enjoy. Elders sit outside in lawn. The guy dressed as delivery boy comes there with bouquets and gifts. He asks for Naira. Naitik and Naksh see the gifts and ask who has sent so many things. The guy says I don’t know. Akshara asks is there no name. Naitik says all her friends are here, who has sent this. Akshara sends Mishti to call Naira. Naira comes and that guy hides his face. Naira says I don’t have any idea about this. Naksh asks is there any friend missing. Naira says no, I think Cape town

friends sent this, I will call them and ask. She takes the cake and asks the guy to keep the gifts inside.

Naira asks the guy to keep gifts in her room, she dances with the friends. Akshara asks Naira where is that guy, how can you send him to room, he is stranger. Naira says sorry. The guy smiles seeing Naira’s room. He sees Naira’s pics. Akshara goes upstairs.

Varsha talks to Shankari Tai and says that family did not call. Vishwamber asks Varsha not to think bad, we should take time and decide. I have got Akshara home and annoyed Naitik, Ananya is smart girl, she will have good life partner and stay happy.

Naira sees the cake with my love written and thinks to tell this to Naitik. Her friend says we have no proof, there is no name written. Naira says it means he has sent those gifts. Akshara asks the guy what happened. He says I don’t know where to keep. Akshara sees the rose with guy and thinks who can send all this. Ananya thinks to have chocolate, but this would hurt Varsha. She worries and thinks what to do. Naira’s friend her to dance. The guy smiles seeing Naira.

Varsha gets to know that Prateek has come India and wants to meet Ananya. Ananya refuses saying he can comment on me. Varsha says no, his parents have met you and he agreed to meet you. Ananya says no, don’t force me. Akshara checks all gifts and says there is no one’s name written on this. She gets a chit there. Naira is tensed and goes to drink water. Akshara reads the chit, that I will come in your party even if you stop me. The guy wishes Naira happy birthday and says I love you. He holds her hand and she tries to go. Akshara says who is this guy, Naira is very young, is it that delivery boy… Naira’s friends see that guy.

Naitik says we should see the party once. Naksh and Bhabhimaa stop him. Naitik says fine, I will call atleast Akshara. They all look on. Naitik says fine. Akshara looks for Naira and thinks to call Naitik. Akshara comes downstairs and gets shocked seeing that guy with Naira. Akshara goes and hugs Naira. She drags the guy away and asks what is all this. Naira cries and says I don’t know who is this guy, he troubles me, I just realized he has sent the gifts, I was coming to tell you. Akshara says fine, go, let me talk to him.

Akshara asks who are you. He says I like her. She asks what is your age, how dare you touch Naira, are you not ashamed. He says no, I like Naira. She says call your parents, I will tell them, are you not scared. He says do anything you want. She says I will call police and thinks he will be scared. She calls police and the guy says I will cut my nerve, I love Naira, you all will go police, you all can’t come in between. Naitik and Naira stop the guy. Akshara says we should call police. Naitik says I will show him, he is just scaring us. Naksh says see Naira is so scared, I will see him. He slaps and beats the guy. Naira cries. Naitik scolds him and says if you regret for this, we will forgive you, apologize to her. Naksh says apologize else I will beat you more. The guy says sorry. Naksh says we will get him arrested. Akshara says no, this would ruin his life. Naitik asks the guy not to come near this house. Naksh scolds him and says leave now. Naitik asks Naira to come and slap this guy. He says no need to be scared of such guys, you should teach him a lesson, I m with you, if you slapped him before, this would have not happened. Naira slaps the guy. Naksh says see, how he is staring, I wish to beat him. The guy apologizes to them and goes. Naira hugs Naitik, Naksh and Akshara. The guy sees them and thinks he will take revenge.

Ananya says Varsha is worried. Akshara asks her to try, if she likes guy then fine, else refuse, whats wrong to meet. Varsha smiles hearing them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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