Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baisa saying Naira did not come till now. Gayu says she went to meet Kartik. Naitik hears this. Baisa asks why did she go. Gayu says she will come and say. Baisa asks Naitik to manage Naira, if anything happens, what will we do. Naira signs the papers. Inspector says you should have read once. Kartik reads re investigation and asks who told you, Manish Goenka? Inspector says no, Naira Singhania. Kartik turns and sees Naira. He refuses to meet her. She goes to him. He asks why did you come here. She says I could not see your pain in Maa’s sorrow, can you forgive me. He says no need to apologize, I understand whats sorrow to lose mum. She says proof was against you, even police believes you can be innocent, support me, I will not let anything happen to you.


says you did not trust me, I don’t care of any proof now, I would accept any punishment by court, but not this. Naira holds his hand and stops him. Yeh rishta kya…..plays……… They cry. He shuts the lockup door. She says I will prove you innocent. He asks her to leave. Manish and Suwarna come home. The kids do rap and stop them. Suwarna says we love you and smiles. She hugs them. She asks how are my Lav Kush. She talks to the little boys. They ask Manish when will Kartik come back. Manish smiles and says who said he is coming home. They say Papa/Akhilesh said, will Kartik come forever this time. Manish says this time he will come and stay with us. The kids get glad and leave. Manish asks Suwarna to get Kartik’s bags, he will come back to stay with us, decision will be in our favor, else I will get it done in my favor.

Naira comes home and says sorry, I got late. Gayu asks are you unwell. Naira says I m fine. Mishti asks what did Kartik say. Naira says I don’t care what he says, his truth has to come out. A man calls her and says I know who killed your mum. Naira asks who are you, come infront, how do you know. The man says I will tell you where to meet. Inspector calls them. Gayu puts call on speaker. Inspector says we got the proof, Kartik is innocent, Naira gave right evidence, we got car tyre marks, its not of Kartik’s car. Everyone hear this and get shocked. Naira cries and asks who was there, who did it, if Kartik is innocent, who killed my mum. Inspector says I can’t be sure, I can’t make mistake to blame anyone.

Mishti says we misunderstood Kartik. Naitik and everyone go. Naira recalls Kartik’s words. Naira says I did big mistake. I misunderstood Kartik, I said I love him and did not trust him. Mishti feels guilty to not keep friendship. Rajshri says I made him my son and did not support him. Gayu says its not late, we can rectify our mistake. Naira agrees. She says I have to prove him innocent. Rajshri asks her to do this soon.

Its morning, Manish says I m going Delhi to talk to lawyer. Suwarna says Maa ji is coming today, if she knows about Kartik, don’t know what will happen, you said you will tell her after she comes back from tirat. He says we will tell her. She asks him to come soon, you can manage her. He says I will try. He leaves.

Lav and Kush sing rap. Suwarna smiles. They tell about their school annual day. She says I know you both are best, get ready to sit in havan. They say house is ready. She says there is much work. Akhilesh asks did Manish leave for Delhi. She says yes, and Maa ji is coming. He says don’t worry. Kirti comes and says I m going to meet Kartik. Suwarna says everything is complete and yet so incomplete. She prays Kartik comes back soon.

Kirti meets Kartik and tells him that everyone loves him and wants him to come back home. Manish’s mum comes home. Kirti says Manish is just busy to get you out of here, he is meeting big lawyers just for you, Akhilesh and Surekha are trying to help, Dadi kept havan today, if she knows of this case, don’t know what will happen. Dadi sees time and enters house. Suwarna greets her mum in law/Kartik’s Dadi. Dadi taunts Suwarna. Dadi says I told you to give chadava to temple, Kartik fell in problem, no one invests time and money in dharm, so this is happening, when I heard about Kartik’s arrest from outsiders, I was shocked, what could I answer, no one told this to me. She asks Suwarna to get away. She coughs. Suwarna gets water and says don’t get us wrong, we thought you will worry if we told you, have water. Dadi asks don’t you know I don’t take water before havan. She calls Manish and asks did no one tell you that I m coming, my heart is sinking, come home, I want to know from you what happened, I m doing havan, you have to be here. He says I m coming and ends call.

Naira sees the ring and cries. She says my love was true and wears the ring given by Kartik.

Naira runs on the road to catch some man. A note falls. Naira tells Gayu that we will go to his house now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vrushy

    Kaira scene and dailouge was just superb. Naira wearing the ring at the end was just so touching !!
    Finally the track is coming to an end.
    Goenka villa is just awsome.

  2. Hi Aniket, vrushy , Shilpa, Pat and all other YRKKH fans and silent comment readers.l hope you all have enjoyed your day today.

    Finally Goenkas ko ghar mil gaya?????????. And this is awesome????. And I think from now onwards Naira’s family guilt trip start. When is akshara going to return?????

    1. Amalina

      akshara is gone

      1. Noo I am talking about akshara with new face. When akshara with new face will return???? And who is going to play the role of new akshara????

    2. Vrushy

      Nothing is confirmed till now. They have not finalised the actress I guess. Because it would be a big news about the new akshara, but there has been no such info.

  3. i just want to know how is akshra coming back in the show some people where saying a girl in bidaii will be in the yrkkh show as the new akshra we all want the old akshra back she is so cute in the role of akshra

    1. Vrushy

      It was just a rumor. The bidai actress is none other than parul chauhan who is playing karthik’s mom. There were rumors that she is going to replace hina but its not true.

  4. I feel that Kriti mom and dad are culprits

  5. Kaira scenes seems to be emotional. I wish I could see the episode. I have a guess that the accident was intended to harm karthik and Akshara mistakedly got in between. If that is the case, Avinash can be the culprit. He might be the one who creates misunderstandings between karthik and his parents. He might be aiming to snatch the property of goenkas. This is only a guess. I dont wish to see anyone frm Akshara’s family to be shown negative. Karthik’s dadi seems to be a problem creator. We ll get to see takkar moments bet naira n dadi in future. What say guys, does anyone here thinks so ?

  6. Hi Rahul, Shilpa, Pat, Vrushy, Amalina, Rohan, Sachu and all my friends on the site. I hope I find u all in good condition!! Well, I wonder why is Shilpa and Pat silent, I mean why arent they commenting these days?? Anyways Hi Sachu, Ur thinking is quite good! No one on the site thought the way u r thinking, I guess u r ri8, someone thought to kill Kartik, but poor Akshara got killed mistakenly!! Well, I hope track should end in next week at any cost..

  7. Hi Aniket I also hope that this track ends soon. By the way Yrkkh usually dont drag much and lets hope that they do the same in this case also.

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