Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara and Varsha seeing Rajshri and Sunaina. Rajshri and Sunaina ask Akshara what was she saying, why is she tensed. Akshara lies that she had fight with Naitik. Rajshri supports Naitik. Akshara says I forgot you love him more, sorry. They leave. Varsha says thank God they did not hear us, I will shut back door, Nannu is sleeping like he fainted, thanks, we will see him after puja, you always come to help leaving all sorrow and tension. Akshara asks what sorrow do I have. Varsha says you miss Naitik, I will wish you both unite soon. Akshara cries and says yes, I m tired to act, when Naitik is with me, no problem looks tough, people call us Radha and Krishna, but I m not Radha and Rukmani, I have become Meera waiting for my kanha.

Naksh gives gifts to

Kartik and Naira, and congratulates them. Vivaan says Gayu, Kartik is a nice boy. She says very nice, I just…. He asks her to say, its enough, don’t hide. She asks what. He says you said that in masquerade party to me, now I understood it was for Kartik. She says sorry you got hurt. He says its fine if I did not get my love, my best friend should get her love, promise me you will say your feelings soon. She asks are you sure, I m scared, if he refuses… He says no, you are so lovely and pretty, anyone will be unlucky to reject you, I will leave, sorry. She says sorry, are you fine. He says no, but I will get fine, else Kartik can also love someone else like you did. She looks at him. He says thanks everyone, I have my flight, I will leave. He asks Gayu to take care, just remember I m just a call away. She hugs him. He leaves.

Naira wants to finish work soon. Kartik collides and color gets on his face. She says sorry. They both argue. He asks her to clean her face and color gets on her face. She scolds him. He jokes on her. They laugh. He says finally, my color got on you and your color got on me. He goes.

Gayu asks why so much butter. Rajshri says Naksh will have it, Karishma taste it, its tasty, Naksh was crying on Janmashtami, then he had butter and got silent, Akshara and Naitik used to become Radha and Kanha, Lord always blessed them, we are celebrating after long time, just Naman and Naitik are missing, Akshara would have done program with Naitik if he was here. Gayu says I would have become Radha and danced with Kanha if I got married. Rajshri asks with whom. Karishma says you refused for marriage, do you have anyone in heart. Gayu says no, I said generally. She thinks I dream to become Radha with Kartik. She sees Kartik and smiles. Bhabhimaa asks Gayu to come with her to kitchen. Varsha sees Nannu gone from his room and wonders where did he go, he was sleeping here, whom to ask, Akshara would be working, I will find him. Nannu talk to someone and asks for time. The man asks for money, else they will come home. Nannu says I m not scared of anyone, I will give money, give me some time, thanks. Varsha comes to him and asks whose call was it. He says why do you spy on me, I will tell Dadi. He goes.

Naira asks Bhabhimaa what is she finding. Bhabhimaa asks her did she get puja items, did you forget. Naira says no, I kept it upstairs, I will get it. She sends Bhabhimaa. Naira says sorry to lie, what to do now, I will go and gets items, I will be back before puja starts. Nannu looks for cash and goes to take from Rajshri’s room. Rajshri comes to room and sees locker open. She takes money and locks cupboard. She says I forgot to lock it before and goes. Nannu thinks how to get money.

Naira goes out and gets Kartik’s bike. Kartik sits behind and says biker free with bike. She says I know riding bike, I don’t want biker. He calls her thief to steal his bike. They both argue. She says I don’t have time, let me go. He says fine, I will sit behind and talk, I won’t let you go alone, its festive time. She says I m not scared of anyone, get down. He says don’t be superman, I won’t let you and bike go. She says you love bike more than people. He says I love people more, but I don’t feel afraid to say my love to bike. He takes keys and asks her to go by walk. She says fine, sit, give keys. He asks do you know driving. She starts and he holds her. He jokes don’t do this, I m from good family. She asks him to shut up, and they leave.

Mishti drinks juice. Naksh look for Naira. Mishti makes juice fall on him and says sorry, I did not see you. He asks for Naira. She says yes, she was going to get ready, you also get ready. He asks where is Kartik, I had office work. She says he went to meet friend and said he will come before puja, go. Naksh goes. Mishti says its difficult to manage love story. Gayu looks for Kartik. Mishti gets juice glass and says sorry Gayu.

Naira and Kartik reach Singhania house. He says thank God, I m saved. She says you talk a lot, first we will do work and then I will see you. She rings the bell. She says why is no one opening the door. He says everyone is there, you forgot to get keys. She says door is locked from inside, Chitti is at home, why is he not opening door, is there any problem. He says maybe he is sleeping and calls on landline. Chitti opens door and says Naira you…. She asks what happened, why did you get tensed seeing us.

Naira tells Kartik that Chitti is behind strange, he is hiding something. Kartik says this is wrong. They go to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. Yes. I agree with you. He did not restrict her but at the same time kind of protected her.

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