Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara thinking whats in that cottage. She goes towards the cottage. Naman kisses the file and says its great that client has sent file here, Naitik was chanting Akshara’s name and my work has got done. Rukmani asks Rose to come along. Mohit says I think Maa understood now. Karishma is worried. Naksh asks what are you thinking. Karishma says nothing, I was thinking about Rukmani. He asks her not to lie, I know you are thinking of Naman, he will come soon.

Naira thinks where did Kartik go. Kartik says whats happening, I thought to patch up with Naira, but all this happened. He calls out Naira. Kartik imagines a dance sequence. They dance in filmi way on the song Khuda jaane ye….

Kartik’s imagination ends as someone hits ice on him. He smiles

and leaves. Rukmani tells everyone that its good news, congrats, I got Rose’s test done, Rose is pregnant. Everyone react as if they did not know before and congratulate Rukmani. Mohit thanks Devyaani. Bhabhimaa says we should take care of everyone.

Akshara goes and gets the cowbell. She ties the bell. She sees AK written on it and says Akshara…. It means Naitik is here. She looks around and says where is Naitik, he is here, my heart was not saying wrong.

Rukmani says I know Naitik, Akshara and kids are not here, but I don’t want to lose this chance, we will celebrate, I want to keep a party, I mean a get together at home. Everyone smile. Gayu holds Kartik. Kartik says Naira….. he sees her and says sorry. She says I know you are upset because of Naira, we have come to a beautiful place, enjoy this place, lets go. Gayu smiles and stumbles. He holds her. Ishq mujhko hua hai….plays…….. Kartik and Gayu fall down and laugh. Naira looks for Kartik.

Akshara goes to knock the door and sees Naman. She gets shocked. She says Naman, here and hides…. Naman and the man go inside the cottage. She says what is Naman doing here, he said he is going to Geneva, he said he stayed in hotel, its strange place, and Naitik wrote my name on cowbell, why is he not coming infront. Naman takes the file and asks the man to prepare the parcel, I will give file to client, then we will send parcel to secret place, no one will know, we have to be careful, I don’t want anything wrong to happen. He leaves. The man goes inside the cottage. Akshara says Naman is doing something wrong, I will call police, but Naman will go jail, he is family members, but I have to call police. She checks for police number on net.

Kartik and Gayu hit each other with ice and play. She tells about ice sports, and says we will go once Naira comes. Kartik says we will go, why to wait for Naira, she will come. Gayu thinks to spend time with Kartik alone till Naira comes. She gets glad. Akshara calls Kartik and says I have seen Naman, I think Naitik is in some big problem, come fast. Kartik says I m coming. He asks Gayu to find Naira and come downstairs, take care. Akshara hides from the man.

The man goes back. She calls police and call disconnects. Kartik runs to Akshara. Naira asks what, did mumma call Kartik, I will call her. She checks Akshara’s missed calls and tells Gayu that its not connecting. Gayu and Naira rush. Gayu says I m scared, the way Kartik has run away in tension, there is something. The man goes upstairs and looks around. Akshara tries to look inside the cottage. Naira says mumma’s phone is not connecting. Akshara says my heart is saying Naitik is here. She looks onside the window. She sees the men talking. Naitik calls out Akshara. Something falls and Akshara wishes no one heard sound. The man checks around. He worries and says parcel is here, no one should know, then all tension will end. Akshara hears this and says I have just 15mins, what special parcel are they talking about. Naira and Gayu are on the way and run.

Akshara tries to open the window. The men see Naitik. They look around if something else is there. Kartik stops Akshara and they hide. She says thank God you came. He says yes, but what are you doing here, who are they. She tells everything and shows AK on cowbell. She says its just 15mins left, Naman is doing something wrong, Naitik is here. He says nothing will happen, call police, stay here, I will go inside, take care. He gets inside by a window, while the men take Naitik along. Kartik looks for Naitik, and misses to see him.

Kartik fights with the men. A man catches Naira and Gayu. Akshara gets worried seeing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I loved today’s khuda Jane I just love you kartik????????

  2. Kartik I am also kartik being a boy I don’t loved naira instead I loved u too much

  3. Everything was good but I felt a little bit jealous with gayu and katik moments as I ❤ kaira

  4. Dream was a saving grace to todays episode. wow awesome dream yaar how beautifully they shot and hats off to shivi n momo for thie hard work in that cold place
    creative for heaven sake stop forcing gayu on viewers .get someone for her.
    during tram scene u wnated karthik to be with u as u were scared to be alonebut today u found it okay for naira to be left alone in the snow n u go enjoy ah.karma got back to u and ur enjoyment short lived.

  5. Love u kaira. I am so I’m love with you two. Special karthik. Their chemistry it’s just awesome

  6. I just love kaira,just kaira i am so excited to see when kartik propose naira…waiting for that movment seriously i can’t wait……

  7. Just bcoz of kartik m watching dis serial, serial has become more interested to watch after his entry in d serial…. ??Plz producers get kaira united soon.. ☺

  8. Love you to all will you be my girlfriends

    1. Kartik you should get merried to naira seriously

  9. f**k off ass

  10. Super episode

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