Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Dadi keeps a havan-puja for Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik asking the kids to take rest. They all get happy seeing the cute lighting tents. Naira smiles. Rajshri sends Naksh and Kirti. Devyaani says I felt Dadi is annoyed. Rajshri says even Manish didn’t look happy. Bau ji says maybe they didn’t like Kartik calling kids. Devyaani says Dadi will blame Naira for this. Rajshri says none should make her sad on her birthday. Naira thanks Kartik for the big happiness. He says don’t cry now, they came on short notice. She hugs him and asks is there any other gift. He says there are many gifts, and one is superb. She asks him to say. He says I can’t say, you didn’t even feed me cake. She teases him and eats the cake. They romance.

Its morning, Naira wakes up and smiles. Kartik showers flowers on her.

He wishes her happy birthday. They hug. He kisses her. He gives her coffee with happy birthday written. She smiles. She shares it with her. He says perfect. He asks are you ready for surprises. She asks him to say. He refuses. She gets Naitik’s call and says you know about Kartik’s surprise, he didn’t tell me. Kartik asks him not to tell her about party. Kids run to them. Naira says I will call you later. She talks to Pungi. Naira says they are happy for me as I got you. Kartik says have food now. He asks Naira to get ready and come. Naira says I will come along. Kartik says no, you won’t work today, you have to get ready, don’t hurry, take your time.

Pandit says I will do shuddikaran, Kartik said ashram kids came, it won’t be good to call them, try to keep them away, puja will get spoiled. Dadi says I will take care. Dadi sees Kartik with kids and asks where is Naira. Surekha says what was the need to get them here. Dadi stops Pungi and says puja items are kept here. Pungi apologizes and goes. Suwarna tells them that they asked when will we have food. Surekha says its our house, we can have it anytime. Dadi asks them to take care of gold coins. Surekha says they are poor people. Suwarna asks her not to say this in front of Kartik and Naira, they will feel bad. Dadi apologizes. Kartik says sorry, I didn’t feel right to keep kids hungry, I made them have breakfast, I don’t get chance to do anything for Naira. Surekha asks really, I never saw her doing anything for you. He asks her to have badam, her memory is getting less, are you all doing something for her. Surekha says we are doing havan. He asks anything else, we would have been glad if you did anything else.

Singhanias come. Dadi welcomes them. They have a talk. Kartik goes to call Naira. He sees her and recalls his words. He says you look like mum’s reflection. She says you said once that you have memories with this, I have worn this and mumma’s jewelry, to get their blessings. He says its better return gift, thanks. He gets Naira. Everyone smiles. Naira takes blessings. Naira gets gift. Dadi and Surekha talk that Kartik didn’t gift from Singhanias.

Dadi asks Naira shall I send kids out to play. Naira says they will happily sit in havan. Dadi asks why, this havan is for our families, ashram kids have no work. Naira says then I should also not sit, I have stayed in ashram for much time, no one asked about my family, we have eaten food in one plate, what’s the difference between us. Dadi says use senses, I know you stayed with them, you were Singhanias daughter and now you are Goenkas bahu, you have right to sit in puja. Naira says everyone has equal rights, sorry, let this happen as my gift. Kartik comes and asks is gift decided. Dadi says my bahu got it. She goes. Kartik kisses Naira. Naira says anyone will see. He turns. She also kisses her. He asks are you ready for special gift. She asks him to say. She goes. Kids check gifts. A pearl box falls. Pandit steps on pearls and falls.

Dadi sees kalash fallen. Pandit says its a disaster see it happened as I said, havan will not happen, I will not do any puja. He goes. Dadi scolds Naira. Kartik says Dadi…. Naira stops him. Kids apologize. Naira says we all are same, Negi uncle taught us, every human does mistake, but just good people have courage to accept it and apologize. Lav and Kush say we were just playing, pandit slipped on own. Dadi asks who will do puja now, mahurat will end till other pandit comes. The boy says we have a way.

Kartik says I have to do this. Naira calls him. He gets tensed. Naira misses him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. karo tum log apne kaira pe focus I have no interest to watch at all so glad that I didn’t even see a jhalak of this nonsense from past three days….
    bechare CVS ke itne bure din aagye hen ke kaira ke ilawa or koi dikhta hi nahi poor CVS…
    dear CVS ur not yet blind so I hope U can see some sense…otherwise I don’t expect anything right now…

  2. Fenil

    Hello YRKKH family.
    How are you all ?
    Thik thak episode.
    Low thinking Dadi should die….I was wishing that Dadi should slips and reached in NARK Yamraaj gave so much punishment Jalte hui oil mein daale ISS budhiya ko….shaitan bhi issue na chose….hell with this Dadi Goenka getting on nerves.????????????????????????????? Snakes bhi Kate??????chaku se iski jabaan cut kardu kya?

    1. Dadi is right. No one invites so many strangers at home. Havan is something very important for family members and usually nobody invites outsiders until pooja is done.
      Also we know naira was a cheater in rishikesh obviously peoole would doubt remaining ashram kids to be cheaters too

      1. Fenil

        Not agree with you…they are not stranger Karthik and Naira knows them well. My family also does havan and we invites neighbors also so that they can also get pandit will say that outsider should stay away.its family’s choice havan mein kitne log Aaye utna achha Hoga Hain….Jo log havan bhi afford na Kar sakte ho usko include Karne Ka punya bhi family ki milita Hain Saath Saath in sabhi ki Jo Aaye Hain ?.

        My friends we got Dadi Goenka’s another spoon here slow claps.

  3. Anyways a big Hii to everyone!!
    well kaina am 100% sure of naira’s accident but I still don’t know about memory loss nor I saw anywhere but I just heard about kaira meeting as strangers in Greece and recreating their love story..such a top Nonsense yar…I don’t give a damn to yrkkh now my TV is always off from 9 to 10 seriously…

    1. Aku

      I saw on Insta.. Mohsin has posted a pic with this insecure attention seeker overacting ki dukan.. captioned as where Karthik met naira first.. taht means first memory loss and then Greece… Kitni bukhi hai yeh attention ke liye despite being a lead.. I like dadi Goenka more than this shivangi naira

  4. Dadi is right. No one invites so many strangers at home. Havan is something very important for family members and usually nobody invites outsiders until pooja is done.
    Also we know naira was a cheater in rishikesh obviously peoole would doubt remaining ashram kids to be cheaters too

    1. You are right Kiya DG is right to treat other humans as rubbish and things as gold
      But woe betide that she should need blood after an accident hope she will find those children’s blood inferior to accept.
      Please how can you support her treating those children as less than human and you want to Pray to God and you want God to answer your prayers – think.
      All religious books wether Islam, Hindu or Christianity teaches that children are next to God because of their innocence.
      Yes the children are going to get up to mischiefs and that’s okay as long as they are corrected.
      I read the update and saw your comments and just had to respond.
      Such attitude as DG and yourself has got is why the world is so divided.
      Children are beautiful and a blessing from God.

      1. Fenil

        Agree missy …

  5. Fenil

    I think there is no memory loss track may be they are just reliving old love story.

  6. ohh my god fenu calm down dear abhi iss budhiya ko aage bohat jhelna hai abhi se itna gussa no no just take a deep breath especially when u see her ok haha anyways go ahead uski zabaan kat do am with u…after all she dared to slap naksh also?

  7. Hello dears
    Fenu, Kaina, Ponkuri, Anjana, Ayesha, Aku and all YRKKH fans (family)
    Just pop in to say hi
    I don’t watch YRKKH or read TU on it anymore – too much nonsense.
    Reading today’s TU I can see the same Naira/Kaira mahan is still going on.
    Have a wonderful day all

    1. Aku

      Heya missy even I don’t watch firstly of cz overacting ki dukan Shivangi and secondly cz of my exams.. I just popped in to read the comments..

  8. The worst part is surekha’ s thinking.
    My god how can she forget that her daughter was excused for aksharas death.
    Anyways fed up to hear naira and see kaira on screen
    No use how many times we say only thing we can do is stop watching the show

  9. Do you all know any site to watch it online except for hotstar?

  10. Shrilatha

    Hii ayesha, kaina, fenu bhai everyone.nowadays I am just going through updates that too scanning them from top searching for keesh ka names so that I know if their scenes r there or not .it’s been two days and no keesh scenes .only karthik looks Naira smiles.karthik sneezes Naira smiles. Hell with them I am not watching this unless I get keesh

    But for now ..and yup RIP CVS

  11. Hi everyone,
    Keesh lovers who r not in instagram r missing all the fun guys and gals….. Rishi is sharing Greece stories and they r sooooo entertaining and full of fun. Can’t get over it…. Watching keesh again and again… Go to hell yrkkh….. Please don’t miss it….. 100% better than the 2 sec glimpse that they show….

    1. Aku

      Exactly guys.. I’m saying this for such a long time.. stop watching the show.. jaise hi kaira track shuru ho just stop watching it.. then maybe CVs understand that we are not interested in this overacting ki dukan attention seeker insecure annoying and irritating Shivangi.. iska face dekhkr man krta hai isko do thapad Laga du.. and her dressing sense is so yukkk.. be it reel or real..

  12. Soofia bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I’m really worried about karthi right now coz I think that has been kidnapped by some goons And he can’t get himself released and I’m worried about naira coz she is missing kartik so much I really hope that kartik gets home soon to see his wife Naira I’m doing loads of dues for kartik

    From soofia Bhatti

  13. Just a few words

    Why did they make naira look like some heroine of old cinemas? The saree, her hairstyle all gives a very mature women look! She’s in 20’s still! Both story wise and in real life! If at all they wanted to show her sanskari they could have given some other saree and a different hairstyle! No consistency in her looks! Looks like the makers are promoting her like they did Akshara! New looks and all! Such a dumb episode! I stopped watching and I watched it today when I also watched the wretched YHM few hours back after ages! I was like who will dress so old fashioned that too on their birthday!! I think I am better off not watching any serial!!!!
    Missy- we missed u in many episodes where we had vented our frustration!!

    1. Sorry dear
      I stopped watching during the wedding
      I was getting too angry and it was not good for my health so I decided to stay off Starplus for a while
      All my shows at the time were going bunkers with sloppy storylines.

      1. I agreed to you missy, happy to see you after a long time.i don’t find anything interesting in star plus

  14. Just a few words

    My montage got changed!!

  15. Just a few words

    My comments were eaten!! Anyways in short – not a great episode! Makers please of you have decided Naira is your lead please do act so! All of a sudden showing her as a younger than age married girl and suddenly changing her looks to a black and white or just colour movies launched tamil or Hindi movies heroine!! I wonder how did they even get that idea! Too much zari saree, big jhumkas, one tacky neck chain and hairstyle I don’t want to comment!! Don’t try to keep changing her look like Akshara! Keep it consistent to make the fragile and petite Shivangi look presentable! Keesh looked so pretty in their respective outfits! Same reaction by all family ?? when DG said now how will we do havan!! Arey yar yeh suwarna ko koi teek se saree pehne ke liye sikao!! She is looking better with less makeup but still tacky clothes!! Yrkkh is not a serial which has any issues with make up of its cast in the past! Why now? You have reduced the cast by showing kaira only! Still why bad choice of clothes and accessories and make up?? Rajan doesn’t see his own PH serial or he is too oblivious to all these?

  16. Kaina1

    guys aaj ka episode mat dekho ek hi keesh scene hai woh bhi 5 second usme bhi naire ki baat kar rahe the so guys aaj ka episode mat dekhna let trp sink aur keesh scene dekhna hai toh #keesh type karke insta par dekhlo its only 5 sec scene guys

  17. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I’m really worried about karthi right now coz I think that has been kidnapped by some goons And he can’t get himself released and I’m worried about naira coz she is missing kartik so much I really hope that kartik gets home soon to see his wife Naira I’m doing loads of dues for kartik
    From soofia Bhatti

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