Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara meeting Dadi. Dadi asks what happened, tell me. Akshara hugs her and cries. She says why is it tough to be parents, why do we have to take such decisions, why do we have to walk on thin line. Dadi asks what happened. Akshara says I saw something and got scared. Dadi says such things happen many times, you can manage everything, don’t worry. Kuhu asks Naira for the gown Kartik gave her. Naira refuses to give it. Kuhu ask why. Akshara and Naitik ask Naira to give it, Kuhu can wear it, its for sister’s happiness. Naira sees Gayu and says right, I can do anything for sister I can give anything for my sister, sorry, you won’t have any complains with me. Naitik thanks her and asks Akshara to come. Naira and Gayu see upstairs. Akshara sees them and goes.

Naitik asks Akshara what is happening, we did not know this, what parents are we to not understand daughters, Naira is hiding but we can see pain behind his smile, she likes Kartik, what to do that both daughters are fine. She says calm down, we will ask her. He says she has ability to hide pain, if she likes Kartik, its possible she may sacrifice happiness for Gayu’s sake, we should not do anything and give her time to take right decision, I can’t see Naira sad and can’t see Gayu crying.

Its morning, Gayu asks Baisa shall I help you. Baisa says I m making this. Bau ji says Mishti would have asked her. Baisa says this is Rajpanna and Manru’s fav khichdi, I did not had money in Diwali, Rajpanna asked me money for sweets, I made sweet rice, Rajpanna felt I m making special sweets, I made laddoos of that rice, he used to eat it thinking its special sweets. Bau ji says I will have it today also. Baisa says the time was tough, sometimes lie is imp for loved ones, its pure than truth. Naira says because just heart knows truth. Naitik and Akshara look at Naira. Bau ji ask about Kartik. Naitik says he is fine. Akshara tells Bhabhimaa and Devyaani that sometimes, you choose any way, it hurts. Gayu says we will go and make tea. She goes with Naira. Baisa says talk to Kartik today itself. Bau ji agrees. Akshara says Kartik is unwell, we will talk later,

Rajshri and Vishwamber feed Kartik a lot, saying they have a special relation with him. Kartik says family should be like this, sweet and loving, but some families are…. Varsha says Gayu has sent flowers for you. Rajshri says Gayu is lovely, she cares for everyone. Varsha says the guy who will marry her will be lucky. Kartik says yes, she is caring, she messaged me many times, its regretting when you expect from someone and that someone does not care, I mean some people don’t think of anyone, thank Lord I have you all and Gayu. Vishwamber says don’t waste time thinking of such people, think of those who worry for you. Kartik says yes, move on is necessary. Shaurya says yes, it hurts in beginning and then it gets fine.

Akshara cries and hugs Naitik, saying I have strong feeling that Naira loves Kartik. He says I feel she wants to become Akshara’s daughter and more strong, to make love sacrifice, she is learning this, its not needed here, we should talk to her, she is suppressing her emotions to become ideal. They go to Naira to talk. Naitik asks do you like Kartik, do you love him, please don’t lie, we have trust that you will not hide anything, please don’t get scared, just say truth, do you love Kartik.

Naira says yes, I love Kartik, but as a friend, he is my best friend, I did not have such strong friendship with anyone, I know why you felt so, seeing my worry for him after accident, I would have worried for Pungi too, its worry for a friend, I have nothing in heart, truly. She turns and says if Mishti worried, no one would have asked her, I m in age when all girls and guys are in love, so you are asking this.

Naira says some friendship is pure like mine and Kartik. Gayu and Kartik love each other. Akshara says Kartik did not say anything. Naira says you did not ask him, he will say yes, maybe no also, but nothing will change, Kartik and I will always be friends, now go, I have clean room, don’t tell this to Gayu, else relation can get bitterness. Naitik and Akshara leave. Naira cries. Yahan wahan…..plays…………

Naitik says I m much confused, are we thinking something else than truth, its tough to accept guy and girl’s friendship. She says we have accepted Naksh and Sanju’s friendship too, I feel its more than friendship, Naira is behaving strange. He says what is proof that we are thinking right, Naira is not such to hide emotions, maybe Gayu would sacrifice, Naira fights for her rights, she is different, is she denying love for family. Akshara prays for Naira and Gayu.

Gayu is worried as bulbs are not coming. Akshara says how to end this problem, but how. Naitik says you are also not believing Naira. She says yes. He prays to see the right way. Mishti comes home in darkness.

Mishti enters home and sees the decorations. She tells Akshara and Naitik that Kartik loves Naira a lot. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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