Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajshri thinking of Akshara. She says why did this truth come out in front of us. Devyaani and everyone cry. Naira says I should have gone there. Gayu says Naksh will manage Naitik, you handle yourself. Rajshri says why is Lord testing us, we are seeing Naira’s sorrow. She says don’t know what is Naira going through, she lost her mum and this relation, no it will be much wrong. Naira hugs Rajshri and cries. She says what did this happen, what is this test, why is Lord giving us pain.

Kartik, Akhilesh and Surekha are on the way. Surekha says nothing should happen to Mansi. Akhilesh says nothing will happen, I know Naitik well. Surekha says why will he forgive Akshara’s culprit, the family will bear the punishment, everything will be ruined, do something

please. Bhabhimaa says I m worried for Naitik, if he knows before Bau ji and Naksh reach there, how will he manage himself.

Naksh and Bau ji get Naitik home. Naira cries and hugs him. She asks did Naksh tell you, they cheated us, they lied to us. She cries. Naitik gets upset. Everyone cry. Naira says I m very angry with Kartik, I will never forgive him. Naitik asks how did this happen. Naira says we trusted them, they cheated us, they gave us many sorrows, they made Akshara away from us.

Naksh defends Kartik and says he could not say as I could not, I got to know this some days back, but I had no courage to tell you all. They all get shocked. Naksh says Naira try to understand, taking decision is not easy, I could not say. Naira asks why, there is no reason. Naksh says Akshara taught us to see truth as truth, not my truth or your truth, we are emotional and angry, so we see it wrong, think well. Naira says this truth is very painful, wound can be tolerated, how shall I tolerate cheat, my trust has broken. She runs crying. Naksh cries.

Kartik asks Lord why did he do this, whom shall I support, both are my families. Mansi hugs him and apologizes. She says now truth is out, you can tell Naira it was not your mistake, I should get punished, I deserve this. Surekha says stop it Mansi. She says Kartik you know accident happened by mistake, save her, do something. Kartik holds Mansi. Surekha says talk to them, try once, we are ready to do anything they say. He says I can just request Lord and pray that nothing happens to Mansi. Mansi asks him not to talk to Naira about saving her, don’t force them, don’t worry. She says I m not afraid and accept their decision.

Rajshri gets Kartik’s call. She answers. He says I m sure you will hear me, I m really sorry to hurt you all, I did not do this intentionally, I did not call to clarify, you will be hurt, you can punish me, handle everyone there, Naitik, Naira and everyone, I wish you were here, I would have lied in your lap and cried, maybe I don’t have it in my fate, just once, tell me everything will be fine, I will get big support. Rajshri cries. He says fine, sorry, I troubled you more. She supports him. He says thanks, this is enough for me, take care of Naira, she needs you. She cries and asks Lord why did this happen. She sees Akshara’s pic.

Dadi and everyone worry. Kartik comes there with tea and asks Dadi to sit. He asks Mansi to have something for his sake. Mansi hugs him and cries. Naksh comes to Naitik. He asks him to say something, since you got to know the matter, you got silent, tell me what’s going on in your mind. Naitik says I have no words, its tough to choose between truth and Mansi. Naira looks on. Naitik says Naira got much hurt, I can feel her pain, I will wish to choose life, as death can’t be our choice. Naksh and Naitik see Naira. Naira goes. Naitik says we find truth when we don’t know it, when truth comes out, we think it was better hidden, atleast Naira’s heart would have not broken, this truth has shaken her life.

Surekha and Kirti see Lav and Kush making a drawing. Lav says we were making your portrait to give mothers day surprise, happy mothers day. Surekha hugs and thanks them for making her day special. Kirti takes their pic. She says I m jealous of you. Surekha says your turn will come in few days. Lav and Kush say we made cards for Naira, Suwarna and Dadi too. Surekha says they obey Naira a lot, I have to ask her what she thought for my Mansi. Rajshri takes care of Naira and feeds her. She says you would have taken decision, now what can I say, whatever we say won’t matter, much is snatched from you, I don’t want to snatch decision rights, I just pray you get courage. Naira hugs her. Yeh rishta….plays…. She cries seeing Akshara’s pic.

Inspector says Naira called to talk about Akshara’s accident case. Naira asks inspector to leave Kashyap and…. Kartik and everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I really hope that naira kartik will patch everything up between them really soon coz I can’t see naira kartik separated anymore it’s really upsetting me so much I’m doing loads of dues for naira kartik to patch things up between them as soon as possible coz I’m missing karia so much right now so naira kartik please sort ur misunderstanding out patch everything between urselfs right now

    From soofia

  2. Shivaya khanna

    Such an emotional episode Kairas acting was superb waiting for tomorrow where are all the ff writers missing you and your ffs

  3. Too senti episode…. Naira move on… Nowadays this serial has become too senti….

    1. Welcome back sindhu dii. So glad to see your comment back dii.

  4. Arey yaar so sad… Kyun naira… Bechara karthik and rajshri and naksh such a good supporting characters even naithik was really good… Sureka my god i mean the actress playing that role what a performance she nailed her role she just got into the character.. for a minute i really thought was she really the mother of mansi.. Hatsoff to the crew of yrkkh.

  5. episode was sooo sad…i was crying throughout d episode..everyone did there best today..luv u kaira..cant c them saad all d tm plzz end this track soooon…karthik n nani’s convo was nyc..luvd it…

  6. im very much excited for #SPA….vote for kairaaaa…n hope this time kaira will get best jodi award…

  7. Salman Khan too intentionally didn’t kill the people sleeping on footpath ,the car killed them.
    Likewise the CV of the show are trying to show that Mansi didn’t kill Akshat intentionally and now Naira is saving Mansi,great indeed great.

    1. Bhai serial ke bich me salman khan kaha se aagaya?? . Are you a sallu bhakt????

      1. that’s what i was thinking

    2. Thank you Abhishek, I support your comments. Yes Naira should move on because it is everyday you get a new mother – just needs to walk into a shop and pick one up.
      Mansi shows more maturity than her mother. Yes Surekha, you want your child saved but what about Rajeshri, who saved her child. She thinks her motherhood is more precious than others. I am disturbed at her attitude – no remorse, too much arrogance.
      Someone lost their daughter, wife, mother, sister and some one innocent went to jail all because of your daughter and your husband. Have some heart woman and show some humility.

  8. Rahul96

    Tomorrow Naira will tell the inspector to live kashyap and to close the accident case of Akshara’s accident.
    Akhilesh will tell naira that he ( Akhilesh ) betrayed kartik and kartik was innocent . Kartik, naira will return home. Slowly slowly everything will become normal between kartik and Suvarna. Aditya’s truth will come out and new love story of keerthi and naksh will start. Track will also show the baby of Yash and Rose. Then love story of Gayu will start. Naira will become a mom. Then story will take a leap and the show will concentrate on love story of grown up Mansi, grown up mishti and grown up luv kush. Children of kaira, Rose, Gayu, Neerthi, Ananya will be shown as grown up and then show will show their lifestyles, their love story and their problems with parents and family .

    In between Dadi of Akshara, bhabhimaa, will die. Naman will also return from jail. Rajshri aunty, Vishwambarnath, Deyani ji, Rajshekhar will become very veryold. Shaurya, Varsha, Naitik, Karishma, Naman will become old. And like this the show will move on.
    Am i right guys??

    1. Soumya85

      Wow rahul bhaiya aapne to puri story hi bata di yrkkh ki??aur dekhiyega aisa hi hoga
      Aur aap mujhse gussa q ho??

      1. Rahul96

        Chill gussa to mae tumse uss samay bhi nhi tha. Bhootni

  9. Naira needs time as she needs to sort out her emotions. This was a big betrayal.
    My only thing is she is refusing to listen to Kartik. If I am her I will listen to him and then ask for time to sort through my emotions. Because she does need time – how is she going to live in that house with her mothers killer? So she will need time to sort through her emotions.

  10. Twana

    Hello Guys
    Sorry I’m busy these days….
    Hope u all r fine
    Loved today’s ep…?
    Couldn’t watch…thankz Amena di for the update…..
    Gotta go guys see ya all soon
    Urs Twana

    1. Soumya85

      Hello are u?
      I’m really happy to see your comment
      All the best for your exams
      Be regular soon

      1. Twana

        Thank you Soumyaa?
        I’m fine dr Hope u r doing fine too?
        Tc dr

    2. Rahul96

      All the best for your coming exam. Twana

      1. Twana

        Thanks Rahul bhaii

  11. Lasyashree.10

    Heyloooo……. Everyone how you?? Sorry for not commenting I was busy….. So I somu and fenu thought of an idea….
    Why don’t we people create yrkkh we are family group?
    So we created a group in hangouts…. So people who are comfortable to give your emails please do give so that we can create a group…. Only… If you are comfortable….. If you are not then no problem we can understand….. And if you want to tell your email please private message me somu or fenu…Will be waiting

    1. Rahul96

      Hii lasii photo me tum ho??? Bahut cute ho ??????????

      1. Soumya85

        Nai bhaiya lasya di nai h pic me…she is her brother’s daughter and pls tell r u in hangouts??

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