Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara asking Naira what was she doing here. Sukanya says we were taking selfies. Akshara says in such dangerous place. Naira recalls Vicky and wants to say. Sukanya stops her. Naira says we won’t go again and stops Naksh from going. Akshara asks them to come. They stop and see that side, where Vicky is lying. Naira gets worried. Naira makes excuses. Gayu worries that they will find out it. Akshara asks Naira where does her sense go when it comes to her time. Naira says sorry, we will go. Gayu tells Naira to tell truth to Akshara, Vicky can survive, else he will die. Sukanya says no, if we tell aunty, she will call police. Naira asks Sukanya not to worry, Naksh can manage mumma. Sukanya says I don’t think so, you can tell them, but whatever I did is to save you.

Naira says yes, someone will understand. Sukanya asks why do you want to invite trouble. Akshara asks what are you talking, is there any problem. Naira says nothing.

They join everyone. Bhabhimaa says Rajshri won game by finding all pics. Akshara says we lost because of these girls. Naksh says we will play another game, I will tell you. He gets hula hoop. Naksh says couples can do this too and asks Kuhu to show demo. Kuhu shows and they all clap. Naksh asks all of them to do it. They all play the game and laugh. Naira tells Gayu that they will tell everyone about Vicky later. Naksh asks Naira to come along.

Everyone clap and compliment Rajshri to win this game too. Rajshri laughs. Akshara wishes everything happens well, why do I feel restless. She smiles. She asks Naira why is she lost, what did you see there. Naksh says in know why she is silent. Naira gets tensed. Naksh says your mistake is caught, don’t act now, I got to know everything, I have seen that myself. Naira says I m sorry, I will tell you what happened. He says whats use to tell now, I have seen everything.

Akshara asks him to say what did he see. He says they were stealing mangoes there and ate it too. Naira gets relieved. Naksh says if resort people know, they will fine for it. Varsha says yes, girls should be allowed to pluck mangoes. They all laugh. Akshara gets a call and goes. Gayu says we will go once and see Vicky, if he is gone, our tension will get less. Naira says we can go. Naksh asks where are they going. Naira says we are going for a walk, we are getting bored here. He says I m also getting bored, I will come along.

The elders find the day enjoyable and are happy. Sukanya makes excuse and goes to see Vicky. She gets shocked seeing Vicky still there. She gets worried. Naira and Gayu are tensed, and think why is everyone not reacting to police siren. Everyone hear the siren. Police comes there. They all look on. Sukanya comes back and gets shocked. Akshara sees the girls worried and asks what happened. Naira says police. Bau ji says we read incidents happening at such places, no need to worry.

Everyone go inside the rooms. Sukanya lies to Naira that Vicky was not there, maybe he left. Naira gets relieved. They see police talking to everyone. The inspector says we were waiting for you, ask these girls, they did a murder, they killed someone. The family gets shocked. It turns out to be Naira’s imagination. Inspector says robbery occurred in this resort, so we came here to do our duty, we have to check rooms, but I know your family. Akshara says you can check our rooms. Vishwamber says we will stay here till your work ends. Inspector thanks them. Naira says I did not tell mumma before and was trapped, I have to tell mumma, she will handle situation. Sukanya stops her and asks her not to say.

Akshara talks to Naitik. Someone looks at her. Sukanya stops Naira from telling Akshara. Naira says my mumma will understand. Gayu says I think Naira is right, we should tell Akshara. Naira asks If Vicky gets police then… Sukanya says this won’t happen. Naira asks why, you said he troubles you, he has full chance to trouble us, we will tell mumma, sorry but I have to tell her. The thief runs and money falls. money. Akshara asks did you steal this money. The thief apologizes and tells his helplessness. Naira looks on and tells Sukanya that my mumma will help him.

Naira gets shocked seeing murder word written in the note, while she plays a game with family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Day by day Naira is becoming a spoiled child.

  3. @ Raunak I agree with u. I actually thought she would have learnt from her previous experience and am sure this is all sukanya setup with Vicky.

  4. I think she will get scared and will run away from her home . then there will be a five years leap where shivangi joshi will be seen as grown up naira

  5. The most idiotic upbringing of nakhs n would be better if Akshara n naitiks romance is shown less n concentrate on the kids behaviour.

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