Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara asking Naksh and Naira not to be sad, Naitik maybe busy, he will come. She takes selfies with them. Naitik gets emotional seeing Kuhu. He asks will you have anything. She signs no. He gives her a chocolate and is at same place. Akshara says we will go downstairs, I heard its nice view. They go towards Naitik. They stop seeing a couple kissing and leave from that place. Naitik leaves with Kuhu till then. They miss to see Naitik. Naira says view was really good and laughs. Akshara says their mood got good now, it will be fun when Naitik comes here.

Tara asks recipe from Vikram on phone and notes it down. Tara thanks Vikram. Baisa looks on and taunts that your family makes girl run in ground and makes guys cook. Tara says no, we do what we like, Vikram

likes cooking just like Anshu. Baisa asks her to cook and show. Tara cries and says I will show that I can do anything if I decide.

Akshara, Naksh and Naira come back to hotel and ask about Naitik. Manager says he is still out. Akshara wonders what is that work he is busy in, She hears chapel bell ring and goes there. Naitik tells about Kuhu, till he tells family about Kuhu, how can he take Kuhu, how can I tell Akshara. Akshara sees him there and smiles. She sits behind and smiles. Naitik says I get sad seeing Kuhu’s eyes, I promised Akshara that I will not hide anything, when Akshara knows this then… He calls Akshara. She asks him not to waste money in calls and turn around to talk. He gets shocked seeing her. He asks how did you come here and hugs her. Naira comes running and hugs Naitik. Naksh asks about his meeting. They say it’s a surprise for Naitik. Naitik says work is going on well, if you are not tired, we will go out for dinner, I can avoid work for you all. Akshara prays to Lord to solve Naitik’s problems. They leave.

Ananya gives few things to Kaka. He asks whats this. She says its books and school accessories. He thanks her for all this, as none does these things in such times. She says I want to make Mannu a big officer. She buys flowers and says I don’t want discounts. Ranveer comes there and picks the flowers. Ananya says thanks and leaves.

Akshara tells everyone about famous temple and they visit it. They all do some traditional things to get some answers. Akshara wonders what is Naitik’s worry. Naitik asks Lord to say whether he should tell Akshara about Kuhu truth or not. They get answers. An interpreter tells Akshara that one secret will make her worry soon. Another interpreter tells Naitik that secret will create big issue, if possible, reveal it soon. They both get worried.

Tara does not cook properly and messes the kitchen. She cries and says Baisa is right, I m useless, what to do now. Aditya and Vikram come there to help her. Baisa goes to see what Tara made. Vikram says we knew you can’t cook. Aditya says Vikram made food and we got it here. Tara says its wrong, I can’t do this. Vikram says you can inform Akshara, she will understand. Baisa comes and gets surprised seeing so many things. She says its miracle, Girja will help you in serving food. Tara worries. Baisa stops and says these utensils are not of our home. She sees the burnt dishes Tara cooked.

Akshara, Naitik, Naksh and Naira do some rituals of tying thread. Naksh recalls Tara. Naitik gets call and says its not imp. Akshara goes. Naitik says maybe its of that lady, who else have my local number. He hopes everything is fine. Baisa tells Devyaani and Bhabhimaa that Tara lied and cheated us, her family taught this to her. Tara says no, I don’t know cooking. Baisa says don’t know why Akshara chose her, she has no qualities. Tara cries and leaves. Baisa says she just knows to argue, and no work. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani take Tara’s side. Baisa says Akshara did not ever argue or lie to me, this girl will no adjust here, remember.

Naitik, Akshara and kids take selfies and visit places. Naitik gets the call and worries. Akshara finds him worried and talks to him. He makes excuse and leaves.

Naitik meets Kuhu and hugs her emotionally.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. If she is real naira then she should the age of orphan naira….

  2. Kuhu is actually naitiks friends daughter and he has gone to fight in kashmir and has left his daughter with naitik apparantly

  3. Is it true Shaista ? I mean how did you know ?

  4. I won’t agree with Shaista……. the way Naitik sees Kuhu it’s like father – daughter relationship

  5. Kuhu is shaurya’s daughter

  6. How do you know

  7. Yes guys kuhu is actually sharyas daughter i found the first part out by watching it on youtube but that isbjust what naitik is saying to cover shauryas mistake

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