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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh and Yash waiting for Sanju outside her hostel. The guard throws her bags out and she scolds him. Yash asks her to calm down and tell them what happened. She says actually….Bhabhimaa tells Naitik that she does not like to separate him and Akshara, as they both have always stayed together. He says whatever you thought is right. She says I m ashamed, I did mistake to misunderstand you for 10 years, you supported your wife as she was right, I m proud of you. He says he is proud of his upbringing, they have taught him to respect relations. He hugs her and she blesses him.

She says his hair got rough, she will apply ghee. He says no, this is my new style. She says Naksh does not say like this. He says no, I will not eat ghee, I lost weight after much

work, I look smart. They laugh. Naksh and Yash think what to do. Sanju eats snacks. Naksh asks her how is she relaxed, this is serious. She says if they are taking tension for her, why will she take tension, chill, I will stay in hotel. Naksh asks Yash to take her home. Yash says I wish, but you know my Dadi. Naksh says even I have same problem. Sanju jokes on them.

Naksh says don’t know what to do. He gets Rajshri’s call. Rajshri asks is he work done. He asks what. She says about ordering few items. He says I forgot, I will order. She asks him to order soon, and asks about mandap. He says we will talk later, I m in more tension. She asks what happened. He says actually. Varsha, Jasmeet and Naira come to Akshara and make her choose the costly dresses. They first ask her opinion on the clothes saying about Ananya. Akshara says I think Ananya should wear simple clothes. Jasmeet and Varsha say they are rich and traditional. Akshara says we are fine as we are. Naira says this is not your college class, don’t give lecture, just say what you like, I want to see what happens in Indian wedding. Akshara says this is not wedding. Naira says I mean functions.

Akshara sees the dresses. She finalizes one and Varsha says sangeet dress is final. Karishma shows jewelry pic to Naman. Naman ends the call and says Naitik helped us in project, we got the deal and client is very happy. Devyaani says Naitik knows about business a lot. Karishma says but Naman managed well when Naitik was not there. Devyaani says yes, Naman is smart, but Naitik taught him, they will work together. Devyaani asks Karishma to choose any necklace. Karishma thanks her for solving her problem.

Rajshri says Varsha and Jasmeet to get items from the market. Naira says she will go along. She says I m thinking how to make mum ready. She will doubt seeing her bridal dress, Bhabhimaa got it by love, but its not possible. Dadi says we will find some way. Akshara comes and asks where are they going. Naira asks her to rest. Akshara says she wants to go for shopping, she knows Ananya’s choice. They ask her to be at home, its very hot. Dadi asks Akshara to spend time with her.

Its night, Naitik and Akshara have a talk. He says everyone is pampering him a lot. She says its till I m not there, then I will be getting Bhabhimaa’s love. He says my love too, see its romantic weather and we are so far, I feel I did not meet him since long, I m really missing you. She says I m recalling our engagement time, we used to talk for hours. He says thanks to pandit ji, sometimes I doubt on my fate, how can anyone be lucky.

She says yes, its our kids’ time and we are doing this. She says they are preparing like its Ananya’s marriage in few days. He says even here it looks like any marriage in our home, when its neighbor’s son’s marriage. She says we came after long time, many things changed here. She says don’t know if they all remember our anniversary or not, we wished to celebrate it with them. He says its good that we are with them. She says she will end call now. He asks her to give him a kiss. She asks what, he is mistaken, its Ananya’s time now, not theirs. He says he does not know anything. She says he has two grown up kids and ends the call.

Its morning, Rajshri shows her necklace and says its for myself. Akshara says it looks heavy. Rajshri says its in fashion and asks her is this beautiful. Akshara says yes, but wear anything light tomorrow. She says everything changed here. Naksh brings Sanju home. Akshara is shocked seeing her. Sanju smiles. Nannu says Naksh’s GF has come. Naksh says what are you saying Nannu. Everyone look on.

Rajshri says she is Naksh’s friend. Ananya hugs Sanju. Sanju greets everyone. Naksh says about her hostel’s problem, she complaint them about bad unhygienic food and she made her leave. Ananya says no one respects truth people here. A vase is about to fall on Nannu and Sanju holds it. Jasmeet says how is she, she saved the vase and made Nannu fall. Sanju says yes, vase can’t save himself, when Nannu can save himself, my dad says kids can learn by falling, if vase breaks, the pieces could hurt anyone. They like her as she is smart. Naksh asks them can Sanju stay here.

They all see each other. Naksh says since her exchange program ends, she did not wish to come here, I forced her, she was saying she will stay in hotel and I got her here. Ananya says its not safe for a girl to stay alone in hotel. Shaurya says he knows daughter’s safety, and Naksh did right. Vishwamber says she will stay here. Ananya asks Sanju to come and she will show the room. Akshara gets thinking.

Naksh asks Akshara to wear a traditional dress. Rajshri makes Akshara wear a costly dress.

Update Credit to: Amena

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