Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira asking Kartik did he go mad. He asks her why did she come, when he did not call her. He asks her to hold stairs as he does not want any problem in Rose’s function. He smiles seeing Naira. Yeh rishta……plays………. She asks is it done. He fixes the fuse and says yes. They go inside the house. Electrician comes and Naksh asks him to hurt up, board is there. Kartik and Naira look on. The electrician says I have done it quickly, give me money and I will give. Naira asks Kartik to tell them that he has done it right.

Kartik says you told me not to say. She says so you are afraid. She says I m not saying as they will feel bad, why to say if I did anything for family. She tells everyone that Kartik fixed the fuse, and why is the man asking money. Devyaani

asks what, we told Kartik not to do. Kartik says I know that work. Naksh says if anything happened to you then… blame would be on us. Kartik says its fine. Naira says its not big thing. Naksh scolds Kartik and says just be as office employee. Akshara comes home and asks whats happening, why is Naksh talking to Kartik like this, he is not employee, he is Rose’s brother, he is helping us, you should thank him, why are you angry. She tells Kartik that its risky work, you should have not done this. Kartik says sorry. Kartik asks Naira is she happy now, to get him scolded.

Vishwamber asks Rajshri to use the neck support. She says no, everyone will come there well, I will look odd, I m applying balm. He says health is imp than beauty and compliments her. Naira goes to help Kartik. He refuses to take her help and they argue. He prays that she does not leave. She asks him to stop his drama and applies ice on his hand. She goes. He smiles holding his heart.

Yash and Rose come for their sangeet function. Everyone is dressed in traditional wear. Yash asks Anmol to wear proper theme clothes. Anmol refuses. Mohit scolds Anmol. Rukmani defends Anmol. Mishti compliments Kartik. Naksh looks on. Kartik greets everyone. The men wear sherwanis and ladies wear Anarkali dresses. They all ask Kartik to set up right mood. Kartik asks where is aunty. Mishti says Akshara and Naira are getting ready.

Kartik thinks Naira will drop more lightning today. Akshara does arrangements and looks for Gayu. Naira says I will give this to Gayu, get ready. Akshara says thanks, tell me if you need help. Naira says I don’t need help, that day problem was something else. Gayu gets ready to impress Kartik. Naira comes and asks whom do you plan to strike by looks. Gayu says no one. Naira says mumma sent this necklace for you. Gayu says fine, keep it there. Naira keeps there. Gayu wears the wrong necklace.

Chitti comes to get courier. Gayu asks him to seal packet and give it to the man. Chitti takes necklace and puts that in box. He takes it to give to courier guy. Naira hugs Gayu and asks who is he, tell me, anyways love will not be hidden.

Anmol says its good chance to take revenge from Pungi and Naira. Kartik hears Anmol telling about Naira. He gets a call and goes. Everyone smile seeing Akshara. Naira and Gayu come downstairs. Kartik gets bowled over seeing Naira. Gayu sees Kartik and smiles thinking he is staring at her. Bhabhimaa compliments Akshara, Gayu and Naira and blesses them. Kartik goes and does shayari. Everyone ask Kartik how did he start so soon, and they all proceed. Akshara asks Kartik to say who is in his life. He says none. She says I hope you tell me, else I know to find it. Kartik thinks to control his feelings.

Gayu cries on losing Rashmi’s necklace and talks to Akshara.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. In the past episode some people have written “hate you gayu” but all of u have to think she is also human does she not have the right to love anyone.and any ways its just a serial

  2. Kaira seens were awesome

  3. See if most of fans love kaira and not gayu
    And infact there is no name for gayu and kartik as nairakartik’s – kaira..
    Love u kaira

    1. KaYu or GaTik Lol!
      Any ways I love kaira pair

  4. Not good episode

  5. awwwiieeee kaira scene was awesome.loved how naira applied ice on kartik’s ice n kartik saying shayeri for naira infront of all.kaira rocks.

  6. Takash Malhotra

    Gayu is not bad…she loves karthik that’s not her fault..

  7. Kaira rocks I love karthik and naira love scenes when karthik tell shayari for naira in front of whole family it’s just awesome I wish gayu misunderstanding soon solve and I gayu also know that karthik loves naira not you….. Naira applying ice on karthik hand is just awesome love kaira but I seriously hate gayu

  8. I just love yeh rishta kya kehlata hai best serial ever karthik and naira love story marvellous

  9. I feel like Naksh is jealous of Kartik which is why he keeps getting angry on him becuase Kartik is a well-rounded young man and knows how to do all most all jobs to a good standard (i.e Electrician, Dancing, Getting venue ready etc.) here as Naksh is lacking in that area. I also feel he is sort of insecure the amount of time he spends with his family and how they are starting to like Kartik is making Naksh jealous and insecure.

  10. Ever since Natik and Tara is out of this drama . I only read the written episode . I have not seen any series up till now .

  11. archana gupta

    same here shana i really dont watch yrkkh

  12. Why do you read then Archana and Shana???

    1. Ishra Forever

      You have a problem with that as well Lisa? I don’t understand why this serial is still running. Change is inevitable, yet star plus sticks to its most boring over sold concepts. With Naira and Kartik in ten picture there is more mature acting happening here. The cast of the previous generation especially Akshara and Rajshri purely over act.

  13. Kaira…they r such a cute lovable jodi.enjoying…

  14. Naksh is only trying to protect his sister, that’s why he is always after kartik because he caught him staring at his sisters.

  15. archana gupta

    sorry i really dont want to explain it to lisa

  16. I really love this show since 8 year and thank god baba ji it is going om still my all family watching it daily nd love naira gayu kartik varsha akshara all

  17. Naira se achi to akshra lg rhi thi…

  18. Yrkkh rock
    Everyone shock

  19. No one is more special like akshra…you are so cute…

  20. Selfish naira…

  21. Naira jaisi ldkiyo ko km hi ldke pasand krte hain.. gayu ko to koi bhi pasand kr lega…plz gayu k liye bhi koi ldka bhejho…plz plz

  22. Kitni misunderstanding create ho rhi h jaldi se gayu ko pta chal Jaye…kartik doesn’t love her…..

  23. Hey guys should i join u pls……..I am huge fan of this show. ……….I love kartik and naira …….and i know u all also love them ……?☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

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