Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara asking Naksh did he not apply in any other course. Bau ji says Naitil will get sad. Akshara says if he does not get admission. He will sit at home for one year. She scolds him for being so senseless, Naira and Naksh are troubling them. She says this time she will not save Naksh, just pray you get admission. Naitik calls Naksh to come and see the result. Ananya comes office and does not see anyone. She says how can I forgot, boss gave off yesterday, how is office open now. She sees light in boss’ cabin and goes to see. She sees her boss working and greets him. He asks how is she here. She says I forgot. He says its not good to be so sincere, have a seat.

She asks how is he here. He says I forgot, I was reading blogs, infact yours. She asks whats

wrong. He says she did mistake by making everything public about her, anyone can say she is shy and naughty. He says he is just joking, did she feel bad. She says no, then shall I leave. He says sure, once second, I was saying, did you get your tiffin, give it to me, you would be going home. She says sorry, I forgot it today. He says he was hungry, canteen is off, if she is not getting late, shall we go out. She gets stunned and says yes.

Naitik and Naman check Naksh’s result and his name is not there in any list. Naitik says congrats to Yash and checks other courses. He asks Naksh and says his name is not here, I told you to prepare, you are overconfident, one day this will sink you. Bau ji asks him to calm down. Naksh keeps fingers crossed. Naitik says net is gone, whats remaining now, sit at home for one year. Akshara says Naksh wants to tell something. Naitik says whats there to say. Naksh says he gave exam of just business studies course, he lied to him. Naitik gets angry and scolds him. He says he knows the system here, his one year is waste. He says they all feel he is wrong. He asks Yash to explain Naksh.

Naksh says why would I study if I don’t want to take admission. Naitik says I m angry that you lied. Naksh says I was afraid that you will force me, studies should have purpose, this is my life, I will live my way. Naitik says I have done what I wanted to, what do you know about life, we have seen more life, we know right and wrong, we did not teach you to lie, when kids learn to lie, it means there is no trust, ruin your life.
Sanju comes and greets them. She says congrats Naksh, he got admission in the college and course he wanted. She says she has seen his name in college in the list at last position. Everyone say congrats. Akshara asks Naitik to calm down now, Naksh has cleared test. Sanju and Yash leave. Akshara asks Naksh why did he lie to dad, he got hurt. Naksh says even I m hurt, see he has not said congrats to me, and gets annoyed. Akshara says she us stuck in their fight always.

The teacher tells the class that she made groups of students, and monitor reads the names. Naira gets glad and tells the girls that she is in their group. The girls go to collect project material. Rajshri makes Sanju have sweets and asks why was she afraid. Sanju says she will take her for lunch. Rajshri says I will make better food at home. Sanju says we will try something new and asks her to come to celebrate. Rajshri agrees and goes to change. She gets Yash’s call and he asks why did she go so soon. He says now she will stay here, he wants to thank Lord, they will celebrate, he is coming to meet her.

She says she fixed her date with someone who loves her a lot. He asks who. She says she is taking Rajshri on lunch. He asks her to make any excuse. She says no, I invited her, we will go some other day. He says but we should celebrate together. Rajshri comes getting ready. Sanju says sorry Yash, I will come back and call you. The girls come back and tell Naira that they will come to her home in evening. They smile planning something.

Anmol comes to Yash and asks him to play game. Yash refuses and sends him. Nandini brings pakodis. Yash says he does not want. Nandini asks why is he upset, his result is good, there is something. Yash gets a message and smiles. He says he is going out and leaves. Nandini says what happened to him. Rukmani says he is in love, girl will be annoyed and he went to make up to her. Nandini says nothing like that. Rukmani says Yash will not study now, go and ask him. Nandini says fine, I will ask when he comes.

Sanju brings Rajshri to a restaurant. Rajshri says this looks Chinese. Sanju says come sit. Rajshri likes it. They give food order and laugh on the names. Naksh talks to Yash and says he wants to open his own restaurant in Udaipur. Yash says what, where will you open it, and how will you arrange investment. Naksh says I did research and was planning. Yash asks about Naitik’s reaction. Naksh says I did not tell him. Yash says what, you said take his advice, he did this work for many years. Naksh says I know him, he does not trust me.

Naksh introduces Yash to his consultant Malhotra and they talk about the business details. Malhotra explains them. Rajshri sees salad, and why this wooden sticks. Sanju teaches her. Rajshri likes the noodles. Malhotra says they can buy the place when they get money. Naksh says we will think and say. Malhotra goes to take a call. Naksh says I know few people who got investors to get funds. Yash says then find investor, I liked your idea, I still feel you should discuss with Naitik. Rajshri see Naksh and Yash. Sanju says who is with them. They see Naksh shaking hands with Malhotra.

Akshara gets call from Naira’s school and tells Bhabhimaa that she does not know whats the matter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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