Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th July 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akshara saying she called the matchmaker for getting Maharaj ji married. Maa and Bhabhi Maa are stunned. Naksh is talking with Yash. The kids have a discussion. Naksh says everyone listen to us when we are ill. Akshara says she thought about Maharaj because he needs a family, he is alone. Naitik agrees with Akshara. Maa and Bau ji says Maharaj will not be ready for marriage in this age. Naitik says we will try once. Akshara says I saw the pain on Maharaj’s face when she spoke to him about this. Akshara says can’t we do this for Maharaj. Maa says we can do it. Bau ji agrees. The match maker says who will talk to Maharaj and what type of girl does he want. Chikki jokes.

Varsha says Naksh has infection and it will take time. Ananya says

Naksh might be sad, and I m feeling bad for Naksh and Yash. Shaurya says they will be fine soon. Everyone laugh on Ananya’s words.

Akshara asks Bhabhi Maa to talk to Maharaj. Everyone say each other’s name and say they cannot talk to him. Everyone laugh. The matchmaker says call me when Maharaj is ready for marriage. Akshara says give me some time, but you start looking for the girl for him. Maharaj comes and greets the matchmaker. She asks Maharaj about laddoos. He does not understand. Akshara and everyone laugh. Chikki says who is going to talk to Maharaj. Chikki says we will decide by chits. Chikki makes the chits and Akshara picks up a chit. The name is Bhabhi Maa. Bhabhi Maa says no, not like this, and says something else. Bauji says you are finding excuses.

Akshara asks Naksh how he is, she says sorry I cannot come to you. Naksh says its ok, Maa told me the consequences. Naksh says I m getting bored. Akshara says we will play a game from here. They play the game. Naksh enjoys the game.

Maharaj is doing his work. Bhabhi Maa tries to talk to him. She says did Akshara tell you about marriage, then she changes the topic. Maa says can’t you ask him directly. Bhabhi Maa says you ask him, I was feeling awkward.

Ananya is angry, and Dadi says oh lord, she is so angry. Ananya says I want to go and meet Naksh, he is having fun. Ananya says I din’t acre about the infection, I want to go. Ananya says she wants the infection, so that mumma don’t stop me from going there. Yash comes to Naksh. They discuss about the infection marks and what will happen if the scars don’t go. Bhabhi Maa talks to Maharaj ji. She says you have served us since so many years. Maharaj thinks they are firing him. Bhabhi Maa says we are not sending you anywhere, but we all think of getting you married, as we feel you should have your own family. Maharaj is shocked. He says he is shy and leaves. Akshara says its a yes from him, we have to ask him what kind of girl he likes. Bhabhi Maa says I cannot ask. Shaurya and Varsha are also thinking about Maharaj. They all think Akshara is doing a good work.

Dadi, Bau ji have a light moment remembering their times. Ananya asks what happened. Everyone laughs. Naksh and Yash ask about Maharaj’s marriage, Chikki says he should say yes for marriage. Akshara asks Maharaj to bring tea for everyone. Maharaj serves tea to everyone and everyone ask Maharaj what kind of girl he wants for him. Maharaj gets shy. Maharaj says I don’t want to marry. Maa says is he annoyed with us. The match maker comes and says I m looking for girls for Maharaj. Maa says he went out and did not come till now. Maa thinks we have teased him a lot, we will tell him sorry when he comes. Akshara says it all happened because of me, I started this talk. Maharaj comes, Akshara tells him sorry. Naitik and everyone apologize to Maharaj.

Maharaj says I went to Mandir, to thank the lord. He says I m happy that I got a good house like this. Everyone are relieved. The matchmaker asks him what kind of girl he likes, Maharaj says as you people like. Naitik offers him sweets, but Maharaj becomes shy and leaves. Bhabhi Maa asks the matchmaker to find the right girl. Everyone are excited about Maharaj’s marriage.

Akshara says Maharaj should look at the girl’s photo himself as he has to marry. Someone comes asking for Chikki.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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