Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivratri is celebrated

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira scolding Aryan. He asks what did I do. She shows the pendrive and says you have taken Kartik’s presentation, you have put my dance academy files in his work folder. He recalls. He says I didn’t do this. She scolds him. She says you have ashamed Kartik, Manish and Akhilesh in front of the clients, I will tell them what you did, they should know your doing. Aryan sees Manish coming. Suwarna stops Naira and asks her not to tell anyone about Aryan’s mistake, he got close to everyone by difficulty, please forgive him, else he can get away from them. Manish goes. Naira says I m keeping Suwarna’s words, next time I will not keep quiet, don’t repeat this mistake. She goes. Suwarna says I supported you, as I m responsible for your thinking, please change

your thinking, think and ask yourself, you will realize what’s right and what’s wrong. She goes.

Kirti says its matter of one day, send the man tomorrow. Narang asks her not to make excuses, give money tomorrow, where to send him, home or anywhere else. She says fine, send him home. Kartik talks to Priyanka on call and asks her to come home. Naira thinks shall I tell Kartik about Shubham. He thinks shall I tell her about Naitik and Priyanka. Surekha asks kids to write the essay, communication is imp, else misunderstandings grow. Kartik and Naira hear this and go.

Kirti asks Naksh what is he finding, its just her clothes. She sees the bag. Naksh says I didn’t know you are so possessive about your cupboard, I was hiding the gift, you scolded me, she hugs him and says sorry. He says chill, I was joking. Naira gets ready. Kartik comes to the room and sees her. Khayal tera…..plays…. Naira sees him. She thinks of their old moment. He acts to be on phone. She asks him to wear that clothes for the puja. He adorns her with the jewelry. He holds her close. She gets away. She gets the sindoor box and gives him. She says you should fill my maang. He fills the sindoor in her maang, get ready and come down.

Manish asks them to see who has come. Suwarna hugs Priyanka. Priyanka says I told you I won’t go without meeting. Suwarna asks what will you have. Priyanka says nothing, I kept a fast. They get surprised. Priyanka says I just wanted to keep fast this time. She gets a call. Surekha says why did Priyanka go aside. Dadi says it would be Naitik’s call. Surekha says I will go and hear. She records Priyanka’s video. Dadi sees the video and hears Priyanka and Naitik’s conversation. Surekha says it means it will be a big drama tonight. Naitik thinks of Priyanka’s words. Kirti waits for the man. Baisa calls her for puja. Naksh says you can finish your urgent work. Kirti says no, its fine.

She keeps her phone. She doesn’t see the notification. Surekha gets shagun plate. Naira sees Kartik coming and smiles. Akhilesh asks Kartik to come for work if he is free. Suwarna says no, Kartik and Shubham will come with us to temple, four sons will be doing the puja. She thinks Kartik and Naira should be together. Kartik says I will join you once I return from temple. He thinks Naira didn’t see me once. Everyone does the puja in Singhania house. Kirti worries seeing the man.

Dadi goes to meet her friends. Suwarna asks Kartik and Naira to tell their wish in Nandi’s ears, Shiv will grant their wish. Kartik and Naira pray and turn to Nandi. Kartik thinks you know what’s in my heart. Naira thinks Kartik used to understand me well before. He thinks why did we get apart, why can’t she accept her mistake. She thinks why doesn’t he scold me, why does things not get like before. They ask Nandi to give their answers. Suwarna comes. Naira says I told it to Nandi. Kartik says it should reach the right place. Kartik, Aryan, Lav, Kush, Dadi, Naira and others do the aarti. Suwarna prays to Lord to bless the children, they overcome all difficulties, no hurdles breaks their strong relation.

Dadi talks to her friends and says we are donating more things this time. Naira stops the truck and diverts it somewhere else. Dadi asks Surekha what happened.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naira b*t*h! U don’t divert things meant for temple elsewhere. Why does it pain u so much to listen to ur elders once? Stupid female. Mannerless.

  2. In the Initial years of yeh rishta also, importance will be given to all rituals and Festivals..But Now I feel they are celebrated only for designing new costumes..SHIVRATRI IS A POOJA, right?? And everyone have dressed as it is some WEDDING RECEPTION..Spoilers show another new design for upcoming shiv parvati drama..

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