Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira and girls walking on the ramp. Kartik and guys enter by the window. Kartik asks shall we also ask a question…. Naira and everyone get shocked. Mishti says you locked door right. Gayu says yes, how did they come here. Naira says I will see them. Kartik teases Naira. Naira asks who are you all. They all show guns. Gayu and Ananya stop Naira, and ask her to let them take anything. Naksh says they all got scared except Naira. Kartik says yes, but we can’t trouble them, else they will not leave us. Aditya says I m seeing you guys scared, leave it, I will handle it. He asks Naira to start her ramp walk, we will also see some performance. Naira says none will do anything, you leave. Aditya says you will not do as you want, do what is said to you. Kartik

says when Naira knows its us, she will not leave us. Naksh says this is not fair, its much. Aditya asks Naira to go and start performance.

Naira sings bhajan. She signs Gayu. Gayu goes and switches off the lights. The girls tie up the guys and beat them up. Naira says call the police. Kartik and Naksh say its us. The girls remove their masks, and see them.

Priyanka asks why did you do this. Kartik tells what happened with them. The girls laugh. He says you girls have beaten us, you can beat us more. Naira says see how they become zero from hero. Naksh says enough now, get water. Kartik says you have beaten us a lot, get some ice. Naira asks did you get much hurt, come I will get ice. Mishti says they spoiled our fun. Priyanka says we will send them back and continue our party. Ananya says yes, they are not needed in our party.

Kirti says we did not know its you guys. Aditya says maybe you knew and beaten us finding this as a golden opportunity, don’t talk to me right now. He goes. Naira applies ice to Kartik’s face. He says already you have beaten a lot. She puts ice in his shirt. They argue sweetly. He says we did Jagrata on bachelors’ party, don’t know who was that man, he came there to tease us, you should be pitying us, and you did this. She puts ice in his shirt again and laughs. He holds her hand and puts ice in her clothes. She pushes him and goes.

Ananya says we will not allow the guys to stay here. Gayu says yes, we will have our party. Priyanka asks Kartik to go with his group. Kartik says we will not disturb you. The girls ask them to go. Naksh says wow, you are making son and son in law leave. Ranveer says not son in law, but sons in law, that’s not fair. Naksh says we can’t bear insult, we are leaving. Kartik asks are we leaving, fine we are leaving. The guys start leaving. They do drama. Kartik says I m thinking did you all think final. The girls say yes. Naksh says think well, we are here. Kartik says we can help you. Ranveer says we can help you in getting drinks. Naksh says yes, waiter. Aditya asks what, waiter? Naira says we don’t need help. Kartik says you will need dance partner, think well, we will sit there. The girls ask them to leave. Naksh says now we won’t come back. Kartik does sad shayari.

Mishti says see their sad faces. The girls laugh. Naira stops the guys. She says we will not enjoy if they make sad faces. The girls say they are fooling us, let them go. The guys join back. Naira says you can stay back, and have Mr. Universe contest along Miss Universe. Kartik smiles. Yeh rishta…..plays……… Aditya thinks is she a girl or a surprise, she does unexpected things, I like her.

Dadi and everyone eat prasad. Dadi says its halwa is made of ghee. They all like it. Suwarna says Akhilesh said Manish and Naitik won’t come, they slept in hotel room. Dadi says they would be tired, we will also stay in hotel. Rajshri says we shall leave. Devyaani says Vishwamber and my husband will come back home in morning. Bhabhimaa says girls are alone at home. Dadi says as you find right. Kartik wishes the night gets exciting. The girls walk on ramp. Aditya sees Naira. Naira’s dress gets torn. Kartik says I want to see Naira’s walk. Priyanka says everyone will come as per their turn. Naira goes to fix her dress. Aditya follows her.

Naksh asks Gayu what will she do if she becomes queen. Gayu says I will pinch myself and check if its really happening or not. Kartik says I will just come. Mishti stops him. Naira goes to change. Aditya tries to record and smiles. Kartik asks them about Naira. Naira comes out of room and sees Aditya with his phone. Aditya says I was finding washroom. She says its that side, lock it from inside. Naira goes. Aditya drinks and says I like such girls. Naira comes for her ramp walk. Kartik says you came so late. He smiles seeing her. Music plays…… Kartik compliments her. Aditya comes. Naira thinks Aditya is strange, why did he come upstairs if he did not had to go washroom, shall I tell Kartik.

Naira and Kartik dance on hawa hawai song. Elders reach home. They look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Rahul96

    A big hii my new , big and expanding YRKKH family Pat Didi(elder sister ) , Sachu di , Sindhu didi , Sophie di , Fenil Bhaiya , Aniket , Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Nithya , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, , Jas , Ponkuri , Ridz , Raven, Ishika , trishi , Paakhi , Nikhil , Chanya , Shesha , Amalina , TV Fan1 , Lasyashree.10 , Pari , Trusna , Ishu (Ishwarya) , Twana
    , Khushu , Claire , riyasmiles , sweetsara , irum , Raf , Tanu , 123 , Su_16 ( Suha ) , Dona , Rosa 18 , Chanpreet ( Preet ) and all other YRKKH fan
    and silent comment readers and new comers

    How are you guys????

    Thanks amena dii for your fast update!!!!

    Coming to the episode !!! It was ok !! Kartik’s bachelor party get ruined!!! Poor Kartik . But guys you know what a good thing happened in this ruined bachelor party of Kartik. Kartik got to see that his father love him a lot .
    I guess Naira had already recognised that goons where not other than Kartik and boys . ??????What’s say guys??
    Girls statement ” Laut ke buddhu ghar ki aaye” made me full of laughter . And was feeling like ” Awwwwwwwwwww poor Kartik ” . ?????
    And Aditya’s evil intention is same as that of yhm . So seeing same track is getting a little bored . And Guys I think that Param- Ishita- Raman track of yhm is much better than Aditya-Naira-Kartik track of YRKKH. And Raman’s stand for ishita and Raman’s word was both awesome!!!
    Anyway guys waiting for precap ????

    1. Rahul96

      And Naira allowed Kartik and boys to enjoy the party was hilarious. A true love !!!!
      But just because bachelor party of boys get ruined that doesn’t mean that they will not allow girls to enjoy their own party . This thinking is not right boys!!!
      And this Aditya needs a tight slap. He invited hunter girls in the bachelor party that was not good. How they would felt if girls begin to invite charming boys in their own bachelor party!!! And why is Aditya overreacting ??? Senseless man how could have keerthi understood that it was Aditya in the Mask !!!

  2. Rahul96

    Hi pat dii , Sachu dii , Sindhu dii , Tanu dii and all my elders of the family I need your advice here!!!

    I think that serials like YHM , YRKKH , Ishqbaaa are also misguiding youth ( including me also ) . I do agree that YRKKH is the only serial that gives values of family relationships and rituals. But it is misguiding in the way of Akshara, Naitik , Ishita ,Naira , Kartik , Raman etc. By watching this serials youths generally starts dreaming that every girl deserve kartik like husband and Naira like wife. And when they will meet with their partner in real life or when they will get married it might be possible that they will try to find Naitik’s or Akshara’s quality in their partners and will be disheartened in not finding such characters in their partners!!!!
    Because in real life no girls are like akshara , Ishita , Naira etc and no boys are like Naitik , Raman , Kartik etc. And I think in this world of “money” , “well settled” , “fraud” , “beautiful” love exist only in dreams. I guess this is bitter but in my opinion it is true.
    Serials like ishqbaaaz , YRKKH , YHM are only creating a fake world of romance and love in the imagination of youth . But in real truth is just opposite !!!! …. ( To be continued …. This is part 1)

  3. Rahul96

    … ( This is part 2….)
    Serials like ishqbaaaz , YRKKH , YHM are only creating a fake world of romance and love in the imagination of youth . And I guess that fan fiction , which are written on page of tellyupdates , are outcome of these imaginations only , where we try to give our hero and heroine our favourite personality and character !!!
    ( I am really sorry to all the fan fiction writers and you all are excellent writers and does a lot of thinking and hard work in writing fan fiction but I hope you guys understand that I am pointing to some other points . I am again saying sorry to all fan fiction writers )
    But in real life truth is just opposite . Love exist only in these serials , love novels , imagination , dreams !!!
    In serials it took only 30 minutes and few words ( which are written as after 7 years )
    to show a leap of 7 years . But in real life 7 years is too long!!!
    In a nutshell Serials like ishqbaaaz , YRKKH , YHM are only misguiding us by creating a fake world of romance and love in the imagination of youth . Because in real life there is no one Ishita , Akshara , Naitik , Raman etc.
    I hope till now you guys must have understood what I am trying to say !!!
    And what is my pov !!! I am extremely sorry if I have hurted anyone feelings and extremely sorry to all the fan fiction writers!!!!
    Now guys I want the advice of elders that is my pov wrong or right ??? Even my younger brother and sister can also give me advice !!!

    1. Rahul96

      …. misguiding *us* by creating a fake world……. !
      Guys here us I have written by mistake actually real word is youth

    2. You have a point…
      But then the key is to keep in your mind that this a show…

    3. Sindhuts

      Hi Rahul…

      TV Movies n al are part of entertainment…Real life and Imaginary world is different…No relationship is permanent in dis world… and how old are yu ??

      Every relationship has up and downs …
      When we are single we feel lik having company… When we r married and full of responsibilities we feel being single…

      I’m not sure what problems yu hav… I hardly know abt yu…
      At dis age yu jus hav to think yu hav achieve something which makes ur name shine… This life will Neva come back…
      Enjoy d life… Check fa d events near yu… Nowadays fb shows all d events near yu… Participate in dem … Enjoy dem…

      Wat yu dng now ?? I mean studies… We should nt set entertainment examples in even in real life ppl will b happy…

      Jus think achieving something…my thinking changed when I heard abt PV sindhu… When she won a medal in olympics in fractions f seconds her life changed… Even I feel a lot all my college days I wasted a lot simply time passing with useless things…

      Just keep goals in life… When yu r big star ppl come to yu…

      Everything has a role love family happiness sad which come n go nothing is permanent in dis world…

  4. Rahul96

    Now coming to my family members!!!
    How are you guys??
    Hi Aniket
    So it was you who commented by Maria’s name. I am sorry that your surprise get ruined because of my doubt. But Aniket your this behaviour is not good. I am sorry if you feel hurted . What I am trying to say is that “changing name and commenting by other person name” suits to only Maria and Nithya only , not you dear !!! I know your intention behind this was not bad but this kind of cheap behaviour is made only for Maria , not for you bro. I hope you understand my words dear.
    And don’t think too much best of luck dear!!!

    Hi Sachu diii
    How are you dii ??! And how is my sweet little nephew Hamdan??? All’s well naa dii ??? I just hope that you are having fun time with Hamdan !!!

    Hii Pat dii
    How are you ??? Not commenting from a couple of days !!!! Must be busy naa???

    Hii Sophie diii
    How is your health now??? Dii how is your stomach now??? Not commenting from a couple of days dii!! All’s well naa???

  5. Rahul96

    Hi Twana
    Looklike you have become busy in your preparation!!! Anyway best of luck dear!!

    Hi Aliyaa
    Looklike you too have lost in your preparation!!! Anyway best of luck dear!!

    Hi Fenil Bhaiya
    How is your friend’s health now??? Bhaiya how was your journey???

    Hii soumya
    How is your preparation going on ??? Take care of yourself dear!!

    Hi Su_16 it was you who asked for introduction to everyone!!! And now you are yourself vanished???

    Hi lasyashree
    You are also missing from a couple of days!!! I hope you are good dear!!
    And also Chanya , Ponkuri ,Twana , Tanu dii, Ishika , shesha, Ponkuri , Paakhi , Riya , Pari , Trusna , Ishu , khushi , Claire , TV Fan1 , Shesha , Amalina ( sorry if I missed anyones name ) are not commenting for a long time!!!!

    1. Bro you commented saying you didn’t forget Me but you did!! Hahahahah only joking sorry if I hurt you

  6. Today’s episode was a little bit of a drag and did not move the story along in any way. I’m sorry If I hurt anyone but it was quite boring to see repetitive actions of the guys leaving and coming although it was a little funny. Yrkkh usually show realistic plots but today was a bit wacky and random IMO. They will still go further with the date and so on and his aditya character is being dragged a little too. I prefer the yrkkh without slapstick comedy even though some comedy every now and then (like yesterday’s episode) is quite good.

    This is only my opinion but i want them to move on swiftly and move the story along to see what happens next

  7. Lasyashree.10

    Hey everyone !

    Episode was good,sorry for the late happy birthday dear Preet… and welcome dear…
    Sorry guys I’ll reply to everyone’s comment but in the evening now I’m going to hospital!!

  8. Chanpreet0815

    Missed today’s episode guys

  9. Hi all jusy cane to fullfill gayus wish.
    Hi ADI BRO
    I also agree that todays episode was a random drag and I dont think it was necessary.
    But somewhere I feel that to reveal adityas character it was necessary also.
    I am but as kind heated as you are
    To teach a lesson to maria I thot tit for tat is the best
    I don’t have a soft corner for everyone in my heart like u do
    To take a stand for my sachu di and other members I can get down to any behavior
    Like naitik said we love nairas self esteem more than their family respect
    Similarly I love my family members respect more than my behaviour
    Also at nithyas Tyne I was supposed to do the same but when I saw her comment but it was too late by then as she already apologised to twana.

    Not only u but many people would be felt my behaviour wired but I care only to teach a lesson to that nonsense girl.

    Well good morning all of you.
    How are you all? ?

  10. Vrushy

    Hello Everyone.
    Hope all of you are fine.
    I agree that they have dragged the bachelor party and hens party track since the last 4 days but then it was fun to watch. A lot of funny and emotional moments were there in the previous episodes. Loved the jagrata. Loved manish and Naitik getting drunk and singing songs and many more things. All this was a breath of fresh air amidst all the marraige breaking drama.

    Finally kaira dance would be telecasted tomorrow can’t wait to see it. Also Naitik and manish would be having a hell of a hangover the next morning !!

  11. Vrushy

    Well Rahul, I am deeply hurt by your comment as a fan fic writter. Its very hard to imagine a story plot and present it to other people through your words. You can’t even imagine the effort we writers put through to write a single Chapter. we take out time from our bust schedules and studies and write becase its our passion. No matter what happens in my personal life I make sure to post a Chapter every day because I know that there are people out there waiting for my update. It really feels great when they comment and support my talent. since I have been writing a FF on Yrkkh’s page you don’t even know how much my confidence has bosted because people are liking my work.

    The youth that you are talking about, get inspired from the good Fan Fictions written on this page and try their hand at writting and creativity.

    The same is with Yrkkh. You and me can’t even imagine how much the cast and crew puts in a particular episode.

    1. Vrushy…you got it wrong….he didn’t say anything about not putting a effort into your work…he only pointed that ouy make things a bit more realastic because afte reading and watching people expectations increase…and in brackets he also said sorry to all the fan fiction writers..

  12. Vrushy

    As far as the mindset of youth is concerned, I guess eveyone should be snsible enough to distinguish between a serial and what real life is. You are not supposed to get obsessed with a serial but only enjoy it for the time being. And I guess Everyone has parents to explain them what should they expect in real life.

    If you think that the couples in the serial are misguiding the youth or raising their expectations then they surely have the example to their parents and other couples in their family to explain them what their expectations from life should be.

    Also I don’t think anyone would get influenced by watching a couple for half an hour and not by their mom and dad whom they watch for almost half of their life !!

    The show is called a ‘Serial’ and the posts on this page are called as ‘Fiction’ for a reason. Its because they are imaginary caracters and someone’s creation.

    I am sorry to say but your comment was an insult to me as a writter. You saying sorry won’t lessen the hurt.

    1. Wow..

    2. It was no way an insult…
      I am a professional writer who has studies litreature and Rahul actually has a point…
      People have come up to me and said all of these things…
      So writers need to be a bit more open minded and actually consider what their fans or readers are saying because that is how you become better in your passion or profession…
      Writing is all about reselience…

      1. Vrushy

        Well I welcome criticism as long as its positive. What rahul said just directs that the fan fictions are fairy tales and not relatable to real life.
        I differ with that point. All the FF’s on Yrkkh’s page are very much relatable. All the story’s, characters and plots in the FF are very much true and inspired from real life.
        I felt his comment as an insult as it demotivated me. Its my POV and I guess I can know what insults me and what doesn’t.
        And anyway they are ‘Fictions’ which basically means imaginary and so it should obviously differ from real life.

      2. Vrushy

        Also there are lesser FF’s on Yrkkh as compared to other serials. So I think we should motivate the writers and let them express whatever their ideas are instead of restricting them to write only the things relatable to real life.

        All of us watch movies !!
        Not all movies are inspired or similar to our lifes but we still do watch them and enjoy them right ?!! The same should be for the serials and FF’s

        We have grown up while listening to fairy tales or ghost stories which are not true and we understood it. Same way we need to accept that the characters and plots in serials and FF’s are not true. They are supposed to be different from real life and ‘Hatke’ !!

      3. Vrushy…it is truely your point of view…and if you don’t to welcome negative criticism that is your choice…
        But let me tell you something…
        If you want to persue your writing passion into a career…than you have to acknowlege what the audience wants even if it is negative…
        And I know you are an amazing writer…and you might go very far…
        And you are right people should keep characters and humans apart…but many people don’t because they are not writers..
        Coming to the movies…I am sure you have watched DDLJ…
        You can’t even imagine how many girls wanted a husband like Raj…and they still do…because that is kust human nature..
        People will be influenfed by books and movies and if they don’t get what they want…their are going to be problems…
        I hope you understand…
        I am only saying this to you because I know you are a very bright writer with an amzing imagination..
        I hope you consider my points..
        And your FF…there is nothing unrealastic about it and therefore what Rahul said…it dosn’t include you..
        Sorry if I have said too much…?

  13. Hi Aniket.!!
    Soo Glad dat U fulfilled my wish bro….Thnx…I’m good!! How are You bro?? Aniket, I left many comments fr U in ystrdays page. I’m not confused now anymr…Well, How is ua preprtn going on???
    Hi Lasya!!
    Happy to see ua comment. Hw r U??
    Hi Sophie dii, Tanu dii, Pat dii, Sindhu diii, Sachu dii….
    Where are you all dii?? Hope, U all r fine..

  14. Rosa18

    Hello every1 How r all of u??
    Well when it comes to the serials and its effects so the thing is that all serials are trying to show what viewrs want and it is upto us how we interpret it.When i was living in WB then i read an article in which a young girl of 13 had commited sucide by hanging herself on further investigation it was found that she did not do it intentionally as there was no problem in her family rather she did it by mistake.Acually for her the line b/w fiction and real life was very thin she was trying to imitate one of those stunts of hanging self when stool tripped below her causing death.Even in up there are cases of death by immitation but out of 100 there may be 1 or 2 such cases.That is because some people take tv to heart.So,these soaps though do not have a very positive effect they dont even have a negative effect it is upto us how we see them.And coming to wanting to have a husband like Kartik,wife like Naira and mother like Ishita when we were young then even we wanted to live in castle like Cinderella and have a Prince charming which was irrelevant but gradually we came over it.
    Now if one is feeling that tv is influencing too much the best thing is to stop following the particular serial for some time but what is more necessary is that we need to realise that it is just a show and things happen just as director wants it.It is not real life.
    And coming to ff writers they write what they imagine it also has nothing to do with real life.
    So that is what i think i hope i have not hurt anyone and Rahul bhai it depends on us how we interpret what is shown here.
    So thats all i wanted to say and my humble apology if ive hurted any1 of u or if my POV has hurt u.

  15. Soumya85

    Hii my yrkkh family members..How r u all?
    Sorry everyone becoz I will be not frequent in This site as my pre boards r starting from tomorrow and from 10 March boards will sorry
    Best of luck aniket bhaiya,twana di, raf di,aliya di,rosa and pawan for well..hit a big score..bye

    1. Rosa18

      Thanx Best of Luck 2 u 2

  16. Hi.. friends.. I follow your comments daily and I like all of yours rapo b/w each other… but today when I read rahul,vrushy, rosa and sophie comments I really felt bad…like why are they creating rift b/w each other??
    So dont mind …. I wanna say few things right here!

    Vrushy and Rahul,

    Hi… I agree your sayings but a coin has both the faces…. whatever rahul said and your pov even have two sides…. yea I agree rahul there is lot of impact of serials only serials… if fan fictions are like that I mean if any ff shows a negative impact readers will not like it and writer will stop writing. .. so you shouldn’t insult them here where there are no such writers. …. im sorry to say this please forgive me…. and vrushy when rahul said about those ff who show a negative impact you need not get hurt because your ff is not like that…. if its lyk you are hurt as he hurted your passion…. just tell me whats the use of those pplvwasying their time and writing such storyline s which impact negatively? ?just think and sorryvif I have hurted you and please forgive me …. and its just my pov…

    Dont take me wrong but wanting a husband like karthik and so…on… doesn’t mean that we are taking the serial to heart its just like a feeling which we feel after seeing that particular actor because I personally like paarth samthaan but I never watched his serial its just I saw him when I was changing the channels I saw him some years back ….sorry if I have hurt you… please forgive me.

    Thank you

  17. Hi.. friends.. I follow your comments daily and I like all of yours rapo b/w each other… but today when I read rahul,vrushy, rosa and sophie comments I really felt bad…like why are they creating rift b/w each other??
    So dont mind …. I wanna say few things right here!

    Vrushy and Rahul,

    Hi… I agree your sayings but a coin has both the faces…. whatever rahul said and your pov even have two sides…. yea I agree rahul there is lot of impact of serials only serials… if fan fictions are like that I mean if any ff shows a negative impact readers will not like it and writer will stop writing. .. so you shouldn’t insult them here where there are no such writers. …. im sorry to say this please forgive me…. and vrushy when rahul said about those ff who show a negative impact you need not get hurt because your ff is not like that…. if its lyk you are hurt as he hurted your passion…. just tell me whats the use of those pplvwasying their time and writing such storyline s which impact negatively? ?just think and sorryvif I have hurted you and please forgive me …. and its just my pov…

    Dont take me wrong but wanting a husband like karthik and so…on… doesn’t mean that we are taking the serial to heart its just like a feeling which we feel after seeing that particular actor because I personally like paarth samthaan but I never watched his serial its just I saw him when I was changing the channels I saw him some years back ….sorry if I have hurt you… please forgive me.

    Thank you

  18. Sorry guys… both Swara is the same it’s me only what happened means when I gave my first email … it got rejected saying wrong email then I tried with another both got posted.. so pls don’t get confused AND PLEASE LET ME JOIN IN THIS FAMILY… CAN I JOIN YOU GUYS?? Please Don’t take my above comment negatively and don’t reject me from joining you

    1. Why would we reject you…you seem so nice…
      Ofcourse you are welcome…
      Can you plz introduce yourself?

    2. Soumya85

      Hiii welcome…can u pls introduce urself

  19. Hello family yo! Your Tanu Di is back today I’m sorry I didn’t comment because I said you my husband’s own sister I.e my sister in law’s marriage was done and now some other rituals were there so I didn’t comment n sry for that! Episodes from last three days are rly being funny n great…. excited to see today’s episode.. hoping that there will be no more drama in their marriage
    Manish n Naithik were very funny and missing luv Kush!!
    Mansi dude say the truth don’t drag the concept and I loved kirthi and Naira’ s dance movements.. Adithya you shamelesss huh don’t drag please
    I hope they will get married Kaira on valentines day

  20. Hi all I pray all is well I am going to give a simple take on Rahul’s point
    Every point of view is correct because it is your point of view. Please Vrushy don’t take it personally – I don’t think Rahul meant to insult anyone it’s just things that are there that he just wants our opinions on. I don’t live in India but I do know that sometimes some of these shows show India police, judiciary systems and other important organisation in a different light than they are but we all know they are fiction right so there should be room for exaggerations
    I am going to posts several long comments I hope mr/s moderator post my comments cause the other day my main comments was not posted. Thank you Rahul for noticing.
    I pray you are all having a great day. God bless ?????

  21. Hi Rahul
    WOW – you do come up with some stuff.
    Have you been talking to someone with negative perception about life.
    I read your comments last night but I was too tired to comment anything sensible.
    Firstly I will address the notion that some of these shows are leading our youths astray – NO because it is just entertainment and if you are sensible you will pick the good traits of it and ignore the negative stuff. Some of them are mind bugling as it gets you to think if this was you what would you do. As for reality I can tell you this about 70% of the story lines are realistic.
    Marriage is a good, wonderful and blessed thing and it should not be taken lightly. It is not a game and I think that’s what the CVs of these shows try to show and also when you mess with it – what could happen. YRKKH, Ishbaaz & YHM show 3 different kind of marriages and love.
    Secondly I will address you personally: sometimes back Ishika declared our love for you (I know she said it was a joke but It could have been or not) but your reaction was mind blowing and all hell broke loose on this site about how can she fall in love with you without seeing you. She could have fall in love with your mind – the way you write, she can tell you are sensitive, caring, intelligent and so on and maybe for her those are the things she would like in a life partner, looks or physical attraction was not for her. I am so sorry Ishita, that I brought this up and you in this. There are many reasons why people fall in love or even marry but where the issue is how that marriage is maintained.

  22. Thirdly I will address each show and couple that you mention and say why I fell in love with these couples and what I have learnt from them.
    Kaira – love before marriage, both young but Kartik is over 21. Families are right to marry them off soon before they do anything stupid. At this young age, they are handling everything in a mature and sensible manner. They have learnt to put their egos to one side and love each other as they are flaws and all. They care for each other’s family and seek their happiness. For me this is good, the youth should learn from this as in a world were our children have become selfish and only think of themselves- we see two youth fighting against all odds to unite two family with different thinking using their love. You talked about jobs, money and all – this is my personal story the first guy that wanted to marry me was a few years older, have a job but I had just started Uni. Turned him down because I was scared that I would not be able to complete my studies and was too scared to voice my fears to him and to the families. Second proposal just completed my BA and he was doing his MBA, a few years older than me, I was interested in this one but my family (mother) was against it as she said he would not be able to look after me as he was still studying (but this guy already had two degrees to his name and now completing a post graduate one) I saw potential but my mum saw doom and I used to always listened to her – so we turned down the proposal. Guess what I was right, he went on to work for an international company in USA and he is big name.
    The third proposal I married – well story is still going on – I will leave it at that. Any regrets I may have it is my business – sorry I have said too much and I don’t want to hurt my love ones.
    Shivika – he believes his partner should have money, class & education. She does not have those views. He loves his family especially his brothers (cousins). She loves her brother (so far the writers have only shown the brother). He loves her from the moment he met her but could not accept that he could love someone with no family name so he misbehaves with her by being rude like he hates her. Slowly we have seen their love develop – grow after marriage – they have an understanding and we are yet to witness their declarations of love. It does sometimes happen. I have a friend whose sister married a millionaire. She is simple, homely, deeply religious and he is out there and it works. She was not in love with him before marriage (it was arranged) but love happened after marriage 13years & two kids they are getting on with it.

  23. Now coming to my favourite pair before it got mashed up. Here you see the love of a child binding two people and two families together.
    Ishita and Raman Bhalla – this was the best jodi before things fell apart with crazy storylines. Ishita is barren and Raman has two kids with the wife who ran off with his former boss and their son. Now he is rich and successful but still lives with his family in an apartment block not a mansion – makes it more relatable to the average viewers like myself.
    Ishita well educated (dentist) but can’t get a proposal because she can’t have children lives in the same apartment as Raman with her ageing parents. 1st common link they care for their individual families. Ishita saved Four Year old Ruhi from being run over by a car and they fell in love with each other. Ishita loves Ruhi as her own child (yes Rahul this can happen in real life too a woman can love another woman’s child as her own)
    When Raman’s ex started making trouble to steal Ruhi from the Bhallas (she took the son & left the daughter behind when she walked out of her marriage) the two families decided to marry them off
    So Ishita becomes Raman’s wife and mother to his little girl. Slowly Ishita with love and patience joined Ruhi with her father. The three of them are so cute together – wonderful to watch. Raman slowly fell in love with Ishita vice versa and all misconceptions between them was cleared. For me it was the sweetest love story on TV.
    I am yet to have children and I love my sisters and friends children as my own. I get so involved in their lives you will think I am the mother. Sometimes I get hurt by incentive people who question my childless state but I shrug it off. Because children comes from God – they are gift and we should all love them as our own. I believe that Motherhood is not just giving birth to a child but loving every child as your own.

  24. Fourthly Rahul we should celebrate those who write fan fictions for their talent. And that is why it is called fiction – make believe you can learn from it or you can discard it. It is up to you. It takes me ages to text and that’s why when I am writing my comments I write long ones or else I will start then I have things to do then I forget about it.
    Writing takes a lot of imagination and time.
    We cannot blame others always for the upbringing of our children. Even though I am not home anymore my family’s upbringing is still with me. There are times when I can still hear my mother’s voice in my head – what is this stupidity idiot – ?????????
    I tell my mum everything – my friend and I went shopping in the market once – we both grown women and she with kids – and we pick a fight with one the traders – it was awful – proper screaming match with the guy. Then we ran off from there – she turned to me and said ‘don’t you dare tell your mum this, I know you tell her everything and I said do you think I am crazy, she will give me a long lecture and highlight despite my education I still act like an idiot. We started laughing. Once your parents have given you good upbringing it is difficult to depart from it. You might slip but their upbringing will bring you back to order.

  25. This is my take on the subject
    And don’t think took much na. Just enjoy it try and pick some of the good things they are showing and ignore the awful ones.
    This track about Aditya and Naira – I keep thinking what would I do if it is me & I still don’t have an answer- the situation is complex and Naira is innocent. If Akshara was alive she would have noticed Aditya because she was very observant. Sorry to say these type of people do exist in society and we need shows like this to highlight these issues. I know it is hard and uncomfortable to watch but we need to address it – many young people suffer abuse by so called family members and they keep silent.
    Please don’t get me wrong for concentrating only on the LOVE side of these shows. I know that they sometimes include some outlandish plot lines that can be negative but true to form if you search society you will definitely find someone or something that fits that. When it gets too much just switch off from it. I stopped watching Saathiya, YHM and This other one with Yuvraj (can’t remember the name anymore cause it was such a long time that I watched it) because of their constant revenge plot lines and far fetched stories. Who kills their own sister; who uses ex wife as surrogacy for new wife; which grandmother instead of teaching good morals to children instead use them to do evil and revenge.
    Also Rahul there are awful but isolated incidents that have happened in India which was not because of tv/serials but serials have depicted it in their show to warn young people about the dangers of the world.
    I have said too much today – my brain is tired now. If you don’t see another comment from me in the next two days just know that I am resting my brain. ???????????
    Safe peaceful and blessed evening all

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