Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varsha getting Ananya. The guy’s family see Ananya. Ananya greets them. Akshara and everyone see the guests discussing. Akshara asks the lady why is she worried. The lady says don’t feel bad, but…. And asks her husband to say. The man says we are glad meeting such nice family, but we did not expect this from you. Omi asks what does he mean. The lady says the photo you sent us, its different, we don’t care about girl’s looks or weight, but hiding and sending wrong photo is not a good thing. Everyone get puzzled.

Akshara asks what do you mean by wrong photo? The lady shows the photo Varsha has sent. They all see Ananya’s young age pic. The man says you should have sent us current pic. Akshara says sorry, we don’t know how did this happen,

maybe by mistake, Ananya does not take pics often, so we have sent old one. The lady says yes, pic is old, weight increases and does not decrease easily. Akshara smiles and says don’t you think we should not give priority to weight in marriage and relations. The man agrees. The lady asks Ananya to come and sit near her and talks to Ananya. Akshara takes Rajshri aside and shows the photo. Rajshri says I did not know, Varsha gave pic. Akshara asks Varsha gave this intentionally? Rajshri says yes, she is stubborn to get Ananya married soon. The man says we shall leave now. The lady says we don’t wish to go, but we have to go, we are glad meeting you. The man says we will decide a good mahurat for marriage.

Rajshri says so soon, give us some time. The lady says Ramesh is coming for three weeks, we decided we will not send him alone this time. They leave. Varsha smiles and asks how did you like this family. They all like the family. Varsha says I told you Ananya, I will get nice proposal. Ananya says you have no right to embarrass me, why did you send old pic. Varsha says its nice photo, you like it as well. Ananya says no, you sent it as I look slim in it, you proved that you have complex with my weight, that I don’t deserve good proposal. Varsha says we have to think practical, I did what I felt nice, its good proposal, you are still making issue. Ananya goes. Varsha asks Akshara not to give her lecture, how will a mother feel when anyone rejects her daughter. Akshara says I m not giving lecture, I m saying family is good, and Ananya stays happy, its Naira’s birthday tomorrow, you all have to come. She leaves.

Akshara comes home and tells about Ananya to everyone. Bhabhimaa says we will wish them. Mishti shows the designs she made for Naira. Bhabhimaa says Mishti is doing Karishma’s duties. Naira comes and says I want to do party with just my friends. Naitik asks why, are we not excited. Naira says my friends want a small party, I want two parties. Naksh agrees with her idea. Naitik says fine, but parties will at home, you won’t get permission to go out with friends. Naira says fine, you all will be in your rooms. They all agree. Naira says cool, I will inform my friends. She calls her friend and invites her. She says she did not say about that guy, and decides to tell Naitik and Akshara afterwards. Varsha asks Ananya to drink this juice, and be away from chocolates and sweets. Ananya gets angry and asks her to stop taunting. Varsha says I m mother, I m worried, and your dad is not here. Ananya asks her to just chill. Varsha says you will understand this when you come to my place, I want your happiness, I have kept juice here, drink it or leave it, I don’t care. She goes. Ananya says I don’t know if this continues, there will be problem, whom shall I say.

Akshara and Naitik talk about Naira. He says nowadays Naira started sharing less things with me. She says sometimes daughters share more with mums. He says then a day will come when Naira will share things with others, not us. She says once they become independent, they will have their lives, what will we do. He says she will always be my princess, what about her friend’s party, we should know. Akshara says no need to find out, don’t ask me. He says fine.

Everyone wish Naira at night in her room, while Naira gets wishes on her phone from her friends. Someone throws a paper and it hits Akshara. Akshara tells Naitik that she felt something hit her. He asks her not to think and they all leave. Its morning, Varsha talks to Shaurya about Ananya’s marriage. She says I m in tension, leave it, I will talk later. Naitik asks Akshara to suggest what to do. Naira does not like ideas. Naira says she wants theme party. Akshara says let me call Karishma, she is good in party planning.

Naira and Akshara thank Karishma for these wonderful theme decorations. Karishma thanks Akshara for inviting her to become part of celebrations, but I won’t stay here till hearts distance ends. She gifts Naira and says sorry Naman could not come, he had imp work. Naira thanks her. Mishti thanks Karishma and hugs her, saying you are really nice. Karishma leaves. Devyaani cries. Naitik stops Akshara from stopping Karishma, and says we have to wait for some time, they will be back when there is right time, you see the change in Karishma, when they come back, they will be back here permanently.

A guy comes in party and keeps bouquets and gifts for Naira. Akshara comes in party and looks for Naira. She sees a guy troubling Naira.

Update Credit to: Amena

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