Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th February 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Devyaani bringing her father to meet Dadda ji. Dadda ji, Bau ji, Akshara are happy to see them. Akshara asks Naksh to greet Devyaani’s dad. Naksh greets him. Dadda ji says give him carrot and beetroot juice, he will feel good. Naksh says I will not drink that and leaves. Devyaani asks her dad about Dadda ji’s medicines. He asks her to give him medicines twice a day. Naitik comes and thanks him. He says thank Devyaani. Naitik thanks Devyaani. Bhabhimaa says have some food. Devyaani greets everyone and leaves with her dad. Dadda ji is glad meeting them.

Bhabhimaa says Devyaani is a nice woman, she will get much happiness soon. Vishwamber and everyone talk to Varsha and asks her not to get into much problems. Omi says we can’t

trust anyone. Dadi says I think what Varsha did was right. Naksh spends some time with Bau ji giving him a head massage. Naksh asks what will you do now. Bau ji says I don’t know. He says play with me. Bau ji says I don’t feel like. Naksh says lets talk then. Bau ji says fine. Naksh says talk about anything. Bau ji tells him about him and Dadda ji’s story.

Dadda ji and Bhabhimaa discuss about Devyaani. She asks what about Bau ji which you wanted to talk. Dadda ji says I don’t remember. Bhabhimaa says you rest now. Naksh is bored by Bau ji’s talk. Bau ji says what should I tell you, story about king and queen. Naksh says I m not a baby and runs. Dadda ji says I can’t see Bau ji alone. I was hurt seeing him lonely, he tried to hide his loneliness, but I felt. Bhabhimaa tells Dadda ji that Akshara spoke about Bau ji’s marriage. He is shocked.

Naitik tells Akshara that I m going to see Bau ji, you rest now, you will get sleep. She says don’t scold me, you know about my mood swings. Girja says Bhabhimaa is calling you. Bau ji says Bhabhimaa even called me. Akshara asks why did she call us, lets go and find out. Akshara asks Bhabhimaa what happened. Bau ji asks is everything fine, why are you worried. Bhabhimaa looks at Maa’s photo. She says how should I say, if you get annoyed. Bau ji says you are like my mum, we won’t feel bad. Naitik says yes, tell us.

Bhabhimaa says I did not think I will tell this, but I have to do this. Bhabhimaa asks Bau ji to remarry. Bau ji is shocked. Bau ji says what are you saying and why again and again, you are hurting me. Bhabhimaa says I can’t see your pain. Bau ji says why, even Akahara told me yesterday, what does you all want. Bhabhimaa says we want to see you happy. Bau ji says I will leave this house, I m happy, ask Dadda ji. Bhabhimaa says even Dadda ji felt this, he asked me to talk to you about this.

Bhabhimaa says we want you happiness to return in your life, we don’t want you to forget Maa. Your loneliness is eating you. She says we don’t want to lose you. Akshara and Naitik look at Bau ji. Raman gets ready and asks jasmeet to keep it a surprise. Anshu wakes up and sees them talking. Raman asks jasmeet to tell Anshu not to leave his clothes in washroom. Anshu gets a call from Dadi. Dadi says we all are missing you a lot. Rajshri says I forgot that you are not here, did you get the house. Anshu says yes, I got one. They hear Muskaan’s voice. Anshu lies to them saying I m in canteen and will call later.

jasmeet asks Asnhu to remind the broker to find a room for him, as its not good to lie. Naksh tells Akshara that I want to sleep for some time, you are bad not to allow me. Bhabhimaa is worried about Bau ji. Akshara says we should see how Bau ji reacts, we have to be normal to him. Bhabhimaa says till he says anything, I won’t be fine. Naitik says we can’t ask him again and again. Naitik and Naksh play the Jal tarang. Naksh tells Akshara that Naitik taught him. Bhabhimaa says Naitik broke many cups doing this. Akshara asks Naksh to hurry up for school. Naksh says I saw Bau ji, he is fine and he said he won’t come for breakfast. Akshara brings breakfast for Bau ji. She keeps it and leaves. Bau ji notices. Naitik and Akshara stand at the door and look at Bau ji.

Naksh says Bau ji is not at home. Akshara and everyone are worried seeing a letter.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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