Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying I signed confession papers, its better you leave. She cries seeing him and recalls their old moments. Yeh rishta kya…..plays…. She gets a call and says yes, I m Naira, who are you, what, about accident, I will just come. She rushes out and comes infront of Manish’s car. Manish gets down the car and says your try to trap my son failed, you can do anything else to trap him. He goes. Suwarna starts going. Naira says truth is not that which we know, there is something else too, I need your help, I got some clues, I came to know there was one more car there. Suwarna gets shocked. Naira says i don’t know whose car was it, I tried talking to Kartik, he does not want to me, maybe he will listen to you. Naira leaves.

Someone looks

on. Suwarna goes to Manish and says Naira…. He says I don’t want to listen her name and goes. She thinks how to explain him. Someone follows Nairra. She reaches the place and sees the taxi behind. She meets Kartik’s friends. Manas says Kartik was with us that day, we could solve his problem. She says why did you call me. Manas says we were scared, as it was my car, we called you to accept mistake, he took his bike keys to stop him, he did not agree and went in car, we spiked his drink and tried to stop him. She recalls Kartik’s words. They say Kartik loves you a lot, we are sorry, we have family pressure and fear of police, we are not brave like Kartik to take blame on our head. She cries and thinks of Kartik.

Kartik says no need to spend time and resources on me, its okay Naira hates me. Suwarna asks him to understand once. He requests her to just leave. She thinks how to save Kartik.

Naitik asks Naira why did you meet Kartik, Manish called me and asked me to stop you and keep you away from Kartik, we are not related to Kartik too. Naira says I got some proof, there is something else, I went to find out, sorry I did not tell you, I thought to know it first, Rajshri told me to find out things from root, I got some proof, I m not saying Kartik is innocent, you hear this recording. Elders go. Mishti and Gayu support Naira. Gayu says we trust you, if you are saying its something else, it will be true. Mishti says if Kartik did not do accident, nothing wrong should happen with him. Gayu asks Naira to follow her heart. Naira recalls Akshara’s words. She goes and cries in room. She recalls Kartik’s words. She calls Manas and asks for his help, can you meet me tomorrow.

Its morning, Naira checks Manas’ car. Mechanic says don’t touch it, its police case. Manas says she is just seeing it, its my car, let me check. Mechanic says no, get permission letter. Naira gets Manas’ help. Manas makes mechanic busy. Naira asks other mechanic did this car strike any person. He says no, its big dent, it has struck some stone, it was speeding, see the air bags are right, it was going straight, police knows this and did not tell you. She gets shocked.

Naitik says I m not going anywhere, I will sit and work here. Bau ji says its good you said, Bhabhimaa was standing at door yesterday. Devyaani gives him prasad and says we donated by Akshara’s name in temple. They ask Bhabhimaa to have prasad. Gayu tells them that her work will be done, Naira helped her. She asks did anyone talk to Naksh. Rajshri says how will we manage him. Naitik asks where is Naira. Gayu says she went for some work. Baisa says its not good she goes police station every day, talk to her, else it will be our respect ruining. Gayu says Naira will not do such thing, she will try to get happiness and peace.

Naira asks inspector why did he hide this big thing, did he want to end the case. Inspector says no, we got info and did not believe it, you got recording of two cars sound. She says there will be tyre marks. He says there were many marks of 20 cars tyres, there can be many reasons, we did our work right, don’t blame us. She says sorry. He says you got big proof, we will re-investigate, trust me, we will not let wrong happen with anyone. Doctor gives injection to Kartik. Manish looks on and asks doctor how is Kartik, we can get him admitted in hospital. Doctor says Kartik does not want to get fine, he has fever and weakness, I gave him injection, fever will get down, convince him to have food.

Manish goes inside lockup and sits down to caress Kartik. Suwarna cries seeing him. He takes Kartik in lap. Suwarna gives soup. Manish feeds Kartik. Naira comes and cries seeing them. Manish covers up Kartik. Manish’s tears fall on Kartik’s face. Manish says how long will he stay annoyed with me, I can’t bear it. Gayu calls Naira and asks where are you. Naira cries. Gayu asks what happened. Naira says we did big mistake, Kartik told us he did not do anything, he did not hit mumma, he has hit a stone, not any person, why did he not tell us. Gayu says we did not give him chance, he regards us as family. Naira says we were mistaken, but he knew truth, he confessed crime. Gayu says he did what he always does, he loves you, you are very lucky girl that someone loves you so much. Naira says I will end this matter and get justice for mumma and Kartik. Gayu says come home. Naira says I will meet Kartik. Gayu says fine, don’t get late, Naitik will worry. Naira says I will meet Kartik any way.

A man calls Naira and says I know who killed your mum. Naira says I will not lose till I prove you innocent Kartik.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vrushy

    Finally !!
    Glad that naira understood that karthik is innocent. Derr aaye durustt aaye !!
    Now I just can’t wait to see how naira will win karthik back. He should not give in so easily this time.
    Last time during all that diwali sacrifice drama he forgave her very easily. This time we need to see some efforts from naira’s side. She needs to show her love for karthik as he has always stood upto to prove his love for her !!

  2. Finally….Nairaa finally…

  3. am so scared..who can be behind aksharas death.
    i dont know but i have an intuition that its either Naman akhilesh or suwarna.

    please dont make it gayu and please unite kaira and get them married asap..

    also please dont create any villians and vamps in this serial. its very different from other serials. no serial is like yrkkh please dont spoil it.

  4. yeah naira understood atlast…waiting for the kaira moments again….and justice for akashara & kartik….

  5. Hi Aniket, Shilpa, Pat , Vrushy , shreya and all other yrkkh fans and silent comment readers. How are you guys ??? I hope you all have a good day today.

    It was really nice to see that Kartik’s friend finally prove Kartik innocent in front of naira. Finally naira listen to her heart, her mother’s advice, kartik’s word. Finally naira understood. But this time I really want to see effort from Naira’s side to win Kartik’s love back as she has already done so much injustice and accusation to him.

    Guys I think that someone from Naira’s family is the killer and I think that Akhilesh, suvarna , Manish , keerthi or Kartik’s brother has not Done the accident.

    I have read that akshara is coming back with new face , swati chitnis will be Kartik’s Dadi and Rafi Malik will be Kartik’s brother ( and he will act opposite to gayu) , and keerthi opposite to naksh.

    By the way guys what do you think??? Who was following naira in taxi??? Who has done the akshara’s accident??? Please comment with explanation ( that why do you think so??).

    1. Vrushy

      The killer is just some random guy and not somebody from the family. Soon naira would get a call and she along with gayu will catch the guy and prove karthik innocent before the court’s hearing takes place. I have read this is a spoiler.

  6. Hurrayyyyy Kaira wont separate. Waiting eagerly for the coming episodes. Read in spoiler bout entry of karthik’s dadi. Hoping that her track wont ruin the charm of Yrkkh and turn it into those like suhani si ek ladki or sns. Anyways soooooooooo happy for Kaira. Missing Akshara. Good to see gayu supporting naira. Just praying that they dont turn anyone in the family into a negative character.

  7. even namans wife karishma can be behind aksharas accident i think.

    please dont bring any negative roles please. let it be a clean serial.

  8. arey chill guys noone from family is the culprit it ll b some random guy for sure.yrkkh is a positive show n ll remain so.happy for kartik finally!naira again back to sherni mode thats awesome.

  9. was missing akshara so much that was watching her 2009 episodes.

    hope she comes back soon.

    1. Mona146

      makers are pissed off with hina khan. If possible they will introduce a new person as Akshara.

  10. akshara ko wapas layo plz

  11. I cant imagine anyone frm family to b the culprit. There is no reason fr anyone to kill her. Karishma can think of taking revenge fr naman bt that is a rare chance. Are the writers trying to bring back tara’s family into the story ? No one else would deliberately try to kill Akshara. More than loving, whole family is dependent on Akshara fr each and every thing. Anyone frm goenka family cannot also be imagined unless writers plan to give negative shade to Akhilesh Suwarna and all. In short , now I believe that the culprit is an outsider n nt anyone frm the family.

  12. Very good but lil emotional

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