Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara missing Naitik. Naira and Naksh bring his voice message. Naitik tells Akshara that he will come soon, and apologizes for not being with her. He asks her to take care and misses her. They all do the puja. Akshara blesses Naksh and Tara. Naksh says bless us to become like you and Tara. Dada ji agrees. Akshara says no, Tara is already good and does not need to become like anyone. Ananya worries for Shaurya. Baisa asks Varsha to take care of Shaurya. Akshara feels Naitik was worried.

Varsha takes care of Shaurya. He says I did not wish to come, Ananya insisted. She asks him to rest and goes. He says my one mistake ruined my life. Ananya sees her and Shaurya’s pic and cries. Varsha and Akshara see her crying and go to ask. Akshara says Shaurya will get

fine. Varsha says don’t cry, he is fine. Ananya asks and you. Varsha says I m fine, what happened to me.

Ananya says don’t lie, Papa told me the truth. She hugs Varsha and cries, saying I don’t know how Papa could cheat you. Varsha says I did not tell you as you will get hurt. Ananya says how could Papa do this. Akshara says its our mistake too. Varsha and Ananya ask her not to blame herself. Ananya says I can never forgive Papa. Akshara asks them to calm down, we will sit and discuss this after Naksh’s marriage. Ananya and Varsha agree. Varsha says they have to find mehendi as function is tomorrow. Tara’s brother grind mehendi and they laugh. Tara looks on and says I m glad seeing you all happy. she thinks why is she not happy and feeling this.

Its morning, Vikram says we worked hard to grind mehendi. Akshara says mehendi is good as it has your love. Dada ji says yes, we will wash hands and come to join the function. Naitik messages Akshara to call him, he has to talk.

Naira and Sukanya wear western dress. Naira says you sure we won’t look weird in western dresses in village function. They take pics. Baisa comments on Naira’s dress. Sukanya scolds a man for staring. Akshara scolds them for dressing awkwardly. She tells about marriage functions which is related to their roots. She asks Naira to wear what they decided for functions and sends them.

Sanju tells Naksh about the bachelor’s party. Naksh asks in village. Yash and Sanju joke and laugh. Naksh says if anyone knows at home. Sanju asks him to imagine loud music, romantic lights, and hot dance, it will be perfect bachelors’ party. Tara and Preeti hear this. Tara gets angry and Preeti takes her. Naksh says thanks, but I m not interested in any girl, we can have fun with friends, where will this happen and how. Yash says Sanju was just teasing you. Sanju says leave all this on me, focus on your fun.

Tara comes for the mehendi function. Akshara compliments. Baisa asks whats these clothes, don’t we have any value. Dada ji says just see Tara is looking good in village clothes. Sangram says your relatives can see some change. Akshara says yes, there are many functions, she can wear anything later. Naksh says mumma is saying right, I have worn traditional clothes knowing Tara is becoming traditional bride. Baisa says you have become Tara’s puppet. Akshara says we will do rituals. Dada ji says we have a ritual too.

Dada ji does some rituals. Everyone smile. Dada ji says we don’t know applying mehendi. Akshara asks him to make a small round for shagun. Dada ji makes the round. Varsha looks at Shaurya and is upset. Ananya looks on. Akshara says I will apply mehendi to Tara now. Naira takes pics. Tara sees Naksh and Sanju.

Dada ji dances on girl’s song and everyone smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  4. Omg naira is just trying to hard and doesn’t understand that popularity isn’t for her. I swear it’s always her that goes with the wrong people and then gets rescued later and then she feels guilty and cries like a stupid idiot… ugh hate her sooo much! She’s soo annoying

  5. i also like to watch our naitik akshara together in this show.

  6. lovely episode.

  7. Plz request h team se ki naksh Tara ki shadi cancel karo , I hate Tara agr inki shadi ho gyi to show flop ho jyega.

  8. very much plus point of this serial is that there are no negative characters….it shows our culture,values,respect for others,love for each other …..romance of akshara and naitik….it is best show without any melodrama…..happy show ;welcome sanju

  9. A D is right this is quite close to reality without saas bahu conspiracy

  10. Lolol I totally agree with anon, naira is annoying snd cant act! Kill her off

  11. Feeling bad for Varsha. ?

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