Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira asking by what right are you praising me. He asks her to have apple. She asks him to answer. He says you won’t understand. She says sometimes he talks mad and I can’t understand him. She goes. Kartik says you maybe Kanha on stage, but will always be my Radha. He imagines Naira as Radha, and dancing with her. More piya…….plays………. They romance. Mishti calls out Kartik and pinches him. His dream ends and he asks why did you pinch. She says you were lost, I know you were imagining Naira. He says not fair, my dreams are my private thing. He goes with Mishti. Nannu says strange family does not leave me free.

Akshara asks him to come, function is starting. She checks his phone to spy on him. She reads messages and says what did he write,

what is his white powder on the phone. She calls on that man’s number. The man asks Nannu to come and take powder, get money. Rajshri calls out Akshara. Akshara says whats going on, I think I have to go with Nannu to find out truth.

Akshara sees the swing, and gets sad. She misses Naitik and sits on the swing. Jaane ye kya hogaya………………..plays………….She says there is no such place that don’t remind me of you, please come back Naitik. She cries. She hears Naitik and sees him. He disappears. She looks around. She asks Lord to send Naitik soon, you will unite us soon, Naitik we will be together soon.

Kartik and everyone talk about dahi handi. Akshara asks them to plan it at home, start arrangements. Naksh says idea is nice. Nannu goes out. Akshara tells Varsha that I will go after him, be at home and if they ask about me, tell me I went by some work. She leaves. Naira says I got an idea and teases them that she forgot. She says I really have an idea, just go in hall, I will come. Mishti says Kartik will break matki as he is Krishna. Kartik says I will not miss this chance of becoming Krishna, and Naira is Radha. Akshara calls out Nannu and follows him. He sees her and runs.

Bau ji says the kids found a way to do something at home. Devyaani says its good. Naksh asks Naira whats her plan. Kartik asys her plans are dangerous, don’t ask her. She says no, very funny, we can’t make human pyramid, we will break matki by throwing stones as Krishna used to do, everyone will be given three stones. Bau ji tells them that if they throw stone from far, it will hit well. Naksh says we will start. Varsha wonders where is Akshara. Akshara sees Nannu. Nannu takes an injection. A lady stops Akshara and asks are you fine. Nannu sees Akshara and throws injection. She asks what is he doing here. He runs away.

Naksh fails to throw matki. Everyone smile. Mishti tries and misses. Gayu, Vivaan, Kuhu, Rajshri and everyone else try. Kuhu says if it does not break by anyone. Mishti says we will break my stick. Gayu says Kartik’s turn is there. Mishti says Naira is also left. Kartik and Naira go to break the pot and see each other. Gayu cheers for Kartik and smiles. Vivaan sees this and gets hurt. Kartik misses a hit. Naira smiles.

Varsha thinks where is Nannu. Nannu comes with color on face and says whom are you finding, I will also find. She asks where were you, I was finding you. He lies and says I was looking for you, sit here, we will make yummy kulfi, I will get it. She says why is he behaving strange, whom shall I ask. He gets kulfis. He acts mad. The man asks does this kid get attacks, he seems to have some disease. Nannu takes drugs in kulfi and relaxes.

Naira misses the shot. Mishti asks them to hit matki together. Naira and Kartik hit matki and it breaks. Everyone break. Mishti says Radha also broke matki with Krishna. Naira jokes. Kartik thinks I will become your hero. Akshara gets Nannu home. Rajshri asks where did you go. Akshara says I went to get puja items, Nannu maybe tired, he went to room. Naira and Kartik say we broke the matki. Naira says mumma would have been proud of me. Akshara signs Varsha. She tells Varsha that Nannu was behaving weird, something happened to him, you said right. Akshara says I was scared seeing him, we should talk to family, Nannu is hiding something. They see someone hearing them.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Anika

    Kartik and Naira’s Radha-Krishna wala raasleela was so romantic and sensual. They re-created SRK-Aishwarya’s Devdas magic . I know none can be compared with SRK-Ash but Mohsin and Shivangi nailed the scene.

  2. nannu to hath se gaya..kaira scenes all r awesome.

  3. Wow aag laga Dee KAIRA ney omg .superb and Karthika one liners are awesome.till now we were worried about gayu mu now Vivaan knowing slowly that gayu likes Karthik how is this drama going to go ahead hope Vivaan doesn’t turn neg ,
    Mishti is love Yaar she is super cute ,her acting is also so cute.
    Nan us drama for another week,for TRPs sake we have to bear it

  4. Be it dreams/nok-joks….kaira rocks….hope story moves forward regarding nairas love…

  5. why there is no precap……..

    1. Kartikjpr565

      Because the show didn’t show that

  6. lovely

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