Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh and Naira trying to convince Gayu about accepting Sameer as her father. Gayu leaves. Rashmi says I was afraid she will feel bad, what will she think about me. Akshara says no, she will understand. Rashmi says no, she felt bad, don’t talk to her again, I don’t want her to be in pressure, I will not marry anyone. Naksh says relax, this marriage will happen, I took this responsibility, we will not force Gayu, but we can talk. He goes.

Rashmi says its her mistake, just Gayu’s happiness matters to me. Naksh brings Gayu. Gayu cries. Rashmi asks her not to take tension, it will happen as she wants, I won’t marry, as just you are imp. Naksh says Rashmi is imp in Gayu’s life, you will know what has Gayu’s happiness. They all see the box. Gayu

gives the box to Rashmi. Rashmi opens it and sees a cup for her dad. Gayu cries. Rashmi sees all the gifts Gayu has kept for her dad.

Rashmi cries seeing my family pic. Everyone cry. Bhabhimaa asks Gayu what does she want. Gayu says a dad, I want a dad who keeps me and mum happy. She says I have seen when parents function happened, my mum used to feel lonely, I did not like it, my mum needs a partner, Sameer uncle is a good choice. Everyone smile. Gayu says I have asked Rashmi, and she did not tell me. Akshara says mum did not lie to you, Sameer is not her BF, we want him to become your mum’s husband. Naitik asks is she okay with it. Gayu hugs Rashmi and says yes, Sameer uncle is really nice, mum likes his company, he used to make her laugh by his shayari and jokes. Rashmi also agrees. They all get glad and smile. Naitik says I will call Sameer. Devyaani asks what is the hurry, we don’t know about Sameer. Gayu says Rama knows him well. Naitik says yes, Rama told me that Rashmi knows him well, Sameer has waited for Rashmi a lot, I will call him.

Jasmeet says Nannu slept while studying. Rajshri says we hide many things from children, when they know it, kids manage better than elders. Dadi says we have many examples. Sameer comes to meet Singhanias. Akshara says we tried our best, but…. Sameer asks what. Naitik says we have thought that we will accept anything, you just came to meet Rashmi. Sameer asks did she refuse. Akshara asks can he bear truth. Sameer says yes, but tell me what happened. Akshara says you have to go back to Mumbai. Sameer smiles and says I know you all would have tried, let me talk to Rashmi, maybe she can get convinced.

Akshara says she is already convinced and they all laugh. Sameer gets glad knowing Rashmi agreed to marry him. They all look at his excitement. He says I m sorry. Gayu comes to him. She teases him and they shake hands happily for their new bond of father and daughter. He asks about Rashmi. Akshara says we have few conditions. He asks what. She says Rashmi agreed, we all have to agree. Naitik says we will take your test. Naksh says my family is simple, I will guide you, you say yes. Sameer says yes, tell me what to do. Akshara asks Sameer to propose Rashmi well. Naitik says your time starts now. Sameer says you mean now.

Maheshwaris like Sameer and Rashmi’s pic. Varsha says we will get Ananya married too. Ananya says this is not fair. Varsha tells them that Sameer used to work with Rashmi in Mumbai, and tells about him. They have a talk. Sameer does arrangements to propose Rashmi. Akshara and Naitik, and elders look on and send Rashmi to him. Sameer smiles and sits on his knees. The kids and entire family look on. Sameer says Rashmi…. Its difficult for me, you know me, I don’t hesitate to tell anyone, I told this on phone many times, your family is making me nervous. He asks them to support him. Naksh says yes, its tough. Naman asks how does he know. Karishma says he might have tried. Naksh says I was just saying. They encourage Sameer.

Sameer sits again and says he wants to marry him, he loves her. Everyone clap. He folds hands and asks her to marry him. Rashmi smiles and looks on. Gayu comes and joins their hands. They hug. Everyone clap and smile. Devyaani looks tensed. Sameer says shayari and impresses everyone. Naksh also says shayari and they all smile. Naksh tells Sameer to talk about marriage. Sameer says no, I will look desperate. Naksh says if you don’t, then they will feel you lost interest, I will manage. Sameer asks them about marriage. Devyaani says whats the hurry, we will wait for few days, your elders will wish to meet her. He says they agree to Rashmi already, I have to marry, don’t worry, you just prepare for marriage and tell me date. She says we want to meet elders of your family. Sameer says fine, if you insist, i will go and call from home, phone battery is low. Devyaani says we will get it charged and talk. She tells Bau ji that its imp that we are giving Rashmi.

He says his family works, he will call them in morning, they will be happy, don’t worry. Akshara says fine, you talk to them and make us talk tomorrow. He says fine. Devyaani feels Sameer is not looking right, why is he hurrying.

Bhabhimaa asks Naksh to become Kanha. Naitik asks him to agree. Naksh refuses and leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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