Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naman seeing Akshara and hiding Naitik. She turns and sees Naman. The man asks Naitik not to do anything, else you know what can Naman do with you and your wife, family. The men take Naitik. Akshara asks Naman how did he come here, when he said he is leaving for Geneva. Naman makes an excuse. Naitik wishes Akshara sees him once. Akshara asks Naman to stop his acting. Naman worries. Everyone ask Naksh and Mohit what did they plan. Rose says sorry Chitti, you did so much and even then Rukmani did not understand anything. Rukmani comes there.

Kartik says I did not think this will happen, complains and annoyance is bearable, but not blames, I don’t know what can happen, I m not getting any sign. He gets some thing. Naira thinks to try to talk to Naitik.

Naitik is taken away from same place, where Naira is coming. Naitik sees Naira. Naira does not see Naitik, and he is taken away. Naitik says my entire family is here and I m not able to do anything, Naman is busy now, I can go to Akshara.

Akshara asks Naman whats happening, how much will you lie. Naman says I m saying truth, my flight delayed. She asks him to say truth, and don’t act smart, Naitik has also become like you. She cries and asks do you care what is family going through, everyone wait for your and Naitik’s return, you both are busy in business, why did you forget family, tell me where is Naitik, answer me, I want to know truth, why did you come here.

Rukmani asks Mohit what are you doing here. Mohit says I came to meet everyone. Rukmani thanks Chitti for saving her purse. Naksh says thanks Dadi, you proved that person is known by heart, not status. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani say servants are called helpers in our house. Chitti goes to make snacks. Devyaani thinks how to tell about Rose’s pregnancy.

Naitik runs away and the men say this does not happen right, if police knows this, it will be problem, we have to catch Naitik, Naman has wand remote. Naman says I m saying truth, Naitik is not here, I came here for deal. Akshara asks him to say what is the deal. Naman gets call. She says no, first tell me what is the deal, where is Naitik. Naitik hides from the men and runs. Naman says I have to leave for Geneva, tell everyone that we will come home soon. She says no. Naman goes. She says my heart is saying he is lying, Naitik wherever you are, I know you are fine, but where.

Naitik hides. Kartik comes that way. Naitik sees him and could not call out. He runs after Kartik. Naman uses remote and gives electric shock to Naitik. Naman catches Naitik and asks him not to irritate him. Naitik says Akshara will find me, you don’t have much time.

Chitti asks everyone how did they like idli. Rukmani says its good. Rose asks for chutney or pickles. Rukmani says you are not well, if you eat pickles, you will get unwell. Naksh asks Rose did she ask for raw mango candies. Rose says yes, thanks. Mishti tries to tell Rukmani. Bau ji says I think we should get a small baby. Rukmani says I will go and rest at home. Bhabhimaa says no, have rest, you can go after dinner. Rukmani says fine, but don’t wake me up for 2 hours. Devyaani says fine. Yash says Dadi is not understanding hint. Mishti says I got baby name, I mean nickname Puchhoo. They laugh.

Gayu hugs Akshara and says everyone is praising my stall, you also come. Akshara asks where are Naira and Kartik. Gayu says don’t know. Naira and Kartik come. They ask Gayu about her exhibition. Gayu says it was good. Kartik says we will go for sight seeing tomorrow. Gayu suggests the things. Kartik says I know, your wish is my command. Naira thinks maybe Kartik forgives me tomorrow.

Naman says I think Naitik got over dose of shock, he will not wake up, I need him till papers get signed, we got saved today, but have to be careful. Akshara, Naira, Gayu and Kartik go for sight seeing. Kartik takes selfies. Akshara hears cow bell sound and looks at the far off cottage. She asks them to go, as she can’t go in ice, she forgot her pump. They ask how did she forget pump, she gets unwell. She asks him to go, she will have tea and buy souvenir. She sends them and thinks whats in that cottage. Gayu can’t believe Kartik is with her.

Naira thinks Kartik will forget her. Gayu calls out Kartik and Naira, and she goes alone in the sky cab. Kartik calls Gayu and says sorry, I did not hear you, I m coming. Gayu says why does this happen with me always, Naira is with Kartik, I m alone, I can’t think this, Naira did mistake and should apologize to Naira, his mood will get good and he can enjoy, even I can enjoy then.

Kartik and Naira board the wired cab. Gayu is alone and misses him. Naira tries to apologize and asks him to end his anger and annoyance. Yahan wahan hai tu…………plays………… Gayu gets down the cab. Naira says its so beautiful place and lovely weather, I can’t let this waste, I will throw his anger out.

Kartik and Naira dance on khuda Jaane ke……. In filmi costumes and style.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Too much dragging of Naman saga. He has cheated in the past and how could Akshara believe him ???

  2. haan full non sense drama dikhra serial kinchne keliye…, when raj banna is ready to give property n money in the past why naman still wants to be part of the company , naman cheated and shown frustation abt the naitik involvement in the past why askhra and naiitk dint understand it .., let him give another business right,past me naitik is daring and dynamic tha ab usko dumb banadiye just to make akshra mahan or to extend in episodes. or vexed up with kaira dramatic songs sequences what are you trying to show off by dis..just to extend the episodes.kuch sensible story line banao, bahut kuch dikha sakte hein,naksh ko aise side mein rakdiye aur aunties becoming so fashionable des days(rukhmini aunty n choti ) when any small thing is discussed by both families y when nannu epidosed for rehabilitation is nt shown with jasmeet n anshu all non sense one time my fav serial tha ab #yhm se bhi non sense dikhra pls make sme sensible story lines man or get lives for story writers.

  3. I love this episode I am big fan of kaira and when naira accept the karthik live I want to see the episode soon and I am so exciting

  4. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia please stop b*t*hing about akshara naitik alright they r really good husband wife together there r really good characters too alright so if u don’t have anything nice to say about akshara naitik then I would advices that u don’t say anything nasty about akshara naitik coz I’m a mazzive fan of akshara naitik I’m not going to let anyone say anything against akshara naitik anymore do u understand me

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