Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara and Naitik praying for Naksh. The doctor says Naksh is fine, it was not severe injury, he fainted in shock, he will get conscious in some time. They inform family. Dadi says its fine Naksh got well. Jasmeet blames Sanju. Rajshri gets irked and defends Sanju. Dadi asks them to fight later. Jasmeet apologizes to Rajshri. Singhanias get happy that Naksh is fine and will come home tomorrow. Rukmani says its good Rashmi’s marriage did not get cancel this time. Rashmi replies her and Rukmani argues. Devyaani’s stops Rashmi. Rukmani leaves.

Akshara and everyone meet Naksh. Naksh says sorry. Naitik asks why did he come infront of car, if this got serious, it would be tough for both for you. Bau ji asks Naitik not to scold Naksh. Naksh says I got conscious

just now. Naitik asks Naksh not to do drama. Naksh says I was afraid Yash would do anything wrong and wanted to stop him. Naman says too nice of you, but family would have been hurt if anything happened to either of you. Naksh apologizes and asks about Yash. Akshara asks Naksh to rest. She sends Yash to meet Naksh. Yash cries.

The elders leave and Yash goes to meet Naksh in the ward. Naksh asks Yash is he still angry, it was not his mistake. Yash hugs him and apologizes. Yash says you will understand this when you are in love, how it feels when someone breaks you. Naksh says you changed a lot, I will not fall in love. Yash says you will also fall in love, its not known when it happens. He asks Naksh is he annoyed as he has hurt him. He apologizes. Naksh says its fine and they smile.

Naksh comes home and everyone take care of him. Naitik asks why are they all looking at him, I will stay with him to take care. Naksh says no, I m fine, I don’t need anyone. Naitik says just tonight. Akshara smiles and asks Naksh to sleep well. Naira wishes him all the best. They all leave. Naksh asks Naitik does he snore. Naitik says don’t know. Naksh says ya I should have asked mum. Naitik asks him to move. Naksh says I m ill. Naitik says fine and occupies other side of the bed. They sleep.

Later, Naitik changes side and pulls blanket. Naksh asks him to give him some peace. Naitik says I told you I don’t get sleep this side. Naksh says fine, come this side. Naitik holds Naksh again and again. Naksh moves his hand and wakes him. Naitik asks him what does he want, medicine, water. Naksh asks him to keep his hand to himself.

Its morning, Naitik asks Akshara not to apply cheese to paratha, he is on diet. Akshara says are you done, mistake means Akshara to you, I did not make breakfast today, you don’t listen and just scold. Bhabhimaa says I made the breakfast, its not Akshara’s mistake, sorry. Naitik says its fine, I m eating. Naksh greets everyone. Bhabhimaa asks did he get good sleep. Naksh looks at Naitik.

Bhabhimaa says Rashmi’s inlaws asked about Naksh and told about visiting temple, we will go, maybe our problems will get less. Naira says good idea, we will have family outing. Akshara says we can’t leave jewelry at home, Naksh and I will stay back, as he is not well, you all go. Naitik says I have work in office. Bhabhimaa says you three stay, we will go. Naksh says I will go, I m fine. Akshara says it will be tiring, don’t go. Bhabhimaa asks Naksh to rest. Naksh asks Bhabhimaa to understand, and tells her that if Akshara and Naitik stay alone, their fight will end. Bhabhimaa agrees and asks Naksh to come with them. Akshara says I will come. Devyaani asks her to be at home. Akshara asks Naksh to take care and have medicines on time. Devyaani says don’t worry.

The elders and kids leave. Akshara is annoyed with Naitik. He says he did not get his laptop bag. Akshara says person can’t see or understand anything in anger and gives him laptop bag. He says you got chance to taunt these times. She says I did not taunt, if you feel so, its fine. He says its my mistake to hope. She says you feel bad if I say, and you can say anything. He leaves for office. The thieves come there and have info about marriage items at home. Akshara says kids have opened all packings of gifts to see them. She goes to terrace for work.

The thieves enter the house by kitchen window and hide seeing akshara. She asks who is there. They think who did she come, when house was empty. She thinks its Naitik teasing her, he got keys and is scaring me. She asks Naitik to come out and not waste time to convince her. The thieves show her knife and she gets shocked.

The thieves ask her to walk quietly. She gets Naitik’s call and the phone falls on the table. Naitik says she is so angry and not taking call.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. 2day naitik(papa) and naksh(beta) sleeping scene was very funny! Naitik looks like a hitler infront of Naksh. Hopefully Akshara will take care of herself from thieves..

  2. Now its the time to start Naksh’s love story. Akshara is super woman. She will rescue for sure.

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