Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara asking the girl not to have much dry fruits as its very warm by nature. Mausi ji gets angry and scolds Akshara. Devyaani comes and apologizes to Akshara. Akshara says she will manage. Naitik meets Anshu and says he wants to learn cooking. Anshu is glad and says he is good husband. Naitik says Akshara did a lot for me, and asks does he know any good cooking class. Anshu says he will teach him, he is busy for world, but not for him. Naitik thanks him and asks where will be our cooking class. Naksh comes home and sees his toys on the floor and Paras playing in his room. He asks does he not have manners. The kids argue.

Paras teases Naksh and laughs on him. Akshara comes and asks what are they doing. Paras leaves. Naksh tells Akshara what Paras was

doing. She pacifies him and asks him to be a good boy, and good to everyone. Naksh says he will share everything with Paras and hugs Akshara. Naitik comes to Akshara’s Maayka with Anshu. They are surprised to see him. Anshu asks Naitik to say. Naitik says you say. Anshu says Naitik is annoyed with Akshara. Rajshri asks what happened. Naitik smiles and says no, I wanted to learn new dishes for Akshara. Rajshri says will you cook for her now, you tell us, we will make it. Naitik says I want to learn new things and make for her. I don’t want her to have outside food and get unhealthy. Varsha says wow, a husband should be like you. They smile. Naitik goes with Anshu to learn cooking.

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Mausi ji taunts Akshara and praises her bahu Shobha. Devyaani sees Akshara upset and asks did anyone tell anything. Akshara says nothing. Kaki and Rajshri tell Vishwamber and Omi about Naitik learning food. Anshu says we will teach everything. Varsha says if you knew this earlier, it would have been help. Anshu says this time I will teach Shaurya. Kaki says we did not get food made by husband. Rajshri says me too. The men smile. Vishwamber says you all don’t give us chance to cook and we can’t be compared. Chanda laughs.

Paras says he wants to sleep in Naksh’s room a she has to study. Mausi ji says fine. Akshara says yes, Naksh sleeps with us. Naksh thinks he won’t let Paras touch anything and says he will also sleep here today. She says fine. Rajshri is excited to make woolen clothes. Vishwamber brings a dish and says he made it for her. She gets scared. He says he made it by much hard work. She jokes. He says he could not be with her to support her and be a good husband in her pregnancy time, as he was busy in growing business. She says its fine and calls him special one to make her life moments special. They smile.

Akshara asks Naitik how did his shirt get haldi stain. He says nothing, I don’t know. Naitik diverts her and dances with her. Music plays……………….He lifts her and makes her rest. They say I love you. Devyaani apologizes to Rajpanna and says Mausi ji is not bad by heart. He says I understand, don’t worry. She says she scolds Naksh a lot, and everyone is feeling bad. He asks why, did anyone complain. She says no. He says then let it go Rano and laughs. She asks what did you say. He calls her Rano and they laugh.

Akshara feels thirsty and wakes up. She drinks water and goes to see Naksh. She sees light open in Naksh’s room. Naksh is sleeping. He wakes up by Akshara’s call and asks what happened. She scolds him for watching Tv. Paras was watching and hides. Naksh says he was not watching. Paras comes and says Naksh was watching tv even when I said I have exams. Akshara scolds Naksh and takes him. She makes Naksh sleep in her room. Naksh gets annoyed.

Naitik asks Rajshri to leave him for cooking. She says she can teach him as he is doing this for Akshara’s love. The oil falls on Naitik and everyone get worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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