Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik jumps off the train

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode stats with Kartik and Naira having an eyelock. Acha ji mai haari…plays… the ladies dance. They think of their past moment. Yeh rishta….plays…. The ladies shower flowers on them. They see each other and get tied by a garland. The man says I have come from Mrs. Dalmai’s place. Bhabhimaa says tell her not to give big order on a short notice. Bau ji says yes, tell her not to place orders on phone call, ask her to send email or message. Devyaani says we had a tough time to arrange everything. The man agrees. Kartik sees Tanvi. Naira also sees her. The lady says they make a wonderful couple. He jumps off on the platform. The ladies say what if he died. Naira worries. The lady says this is dangerous, he will be punished if railway officer knows this. Bau ji

asks Kirti to check the order once. Kirti checks the boxes. She asks the man to take the boxes. The man goes. Kirti gets Suwarna’s call. Suwarna asks didn’t the order get fulfilled. Kirti says no, the men just collected the order.

Suwarna says Mrs. Dalmai just called and said someone from your family said something bad about time and delivery. Kirti says I don’t think they said so, maybe they said the time was less for the big order, Bhabhimaa helped me, I won’t say her anything, she accepted her mistake and helped me, not all elders are same. Suwarna ends call. Naksh hugs Kirti and says women are amazing, you are getting better with each passing day. Naira gets down the train and runs. Tanvi sees her and asks what happened. Naira says Kartik, Mr. Goenka fell down the train. Tanvi asks what, are you sure, was he in gents compartment. Naira asks her to call on the college number. She wishes Kartik is fine. Dean says he fell from a running train, can you imagine. Kartik comes and greets. He says I hope I m not late. Dean asks him to please sit, is he fine, is he hurt.

Kartik says no, but why are you asking me. Dean says a student called on board line and said she has seen you falling down from the train. Kartik smiles and thinks few things didn’t change. Dean says Tanvi has called, do you need any first aid. Kartik says I m okay. He thinks everything happened in front of her and even then she didn’t bothered. Suwarna says I wish to go to Kartik, but there are pending works here. Surekha asks her to go, what’s the imp work here. Suwarna says I will find a flat and furnish it well, so that he doesn’t miss home. Surekha says you can get my brother’s flat. Suwarna says no, it will be far from college, he would waste time in travel, why do you talk such, you went away when I needed you the most, you knew I m lonely. Surekha says I m still here, you stepped back. She goes. Manish says Naira brought this family together before, I expect the same, Naira come back and join this family again.

Naira thinks to see Kartik once. She sees him and goes to him. She hugs him and asks are you fine. Bell rings. Her imagination ends. She asks are you fine. He says don’t pretend to be sympathetic, I know it won’t matter to you if anyone dies. She asks do you know everything, you consider true what you feel, learn to trust others, you aren’t right always. Bell rings. He says its time for your classes, go and sit in the classroom. She says I m not interested, I had come here to mind my own business, you have come here following. They go. Kirti hugs Naksh. He says you would be feeling relaxed. She says yes, order is complete, did you call Naira. He says yes, I was a bit busy. She says you don’t call her back and just talk a little. He says I m stressed by work, just see all this work. The girl says I don’t want to do this project. Kartik asks who all aren’t interested in doing the project. Students raise hands. He asks them to get out.

Kunal throws a chalk at him. Kartik says Naira and turns to them. He hits the chalk. Kunal gets hit and thinks how does professor know that I have hit the chalk. Kartik says if you do this again, you won’t get an entry in class. Bell rings. He sees Naira and goes. Naira thinks he misunderstands me, what happened to him, he has changed a lot, the session just started, how long will this go on. Tanvi says any idea, what’s his problem, he looks a cool dude, look at his anger, I feel some girl has cheated him, so he has become angry young man. Naira says no, I would go home now, I have to do the project. She leaves. Suwarna sees the flats and says Kartik wants open space. Akhilesh asks her to check out more. She says its small flats, he can’t stay there, we are also thinking to go and stay with him, shall I call that broker once. He says yes. She says we didn’t like any flat. The broker says I have shown the best, I will show the last one on video call, you can see it.

Kartik and Naira take the same book. She goes and takes more books before him. He sees her and asks what’s your problem. The man says silence please…. They go other ways. They bump into each other and have an eyelock. Music plays…. her hair get stuck in his shirt button. She tries to free her hair. He says hurry up, if anyone notices. She says so what… He says you know what they will think, don’t give me that look, don’t act immature, just break them off, its a bunch of hair. She says I don’t want your advice, I wonder why you are so angry. He helps. Music plays………… She frees her hair and goes.

Suwarna says I have finalizes a flat. She gives the address. Kritika says a new person is coming to stay in the flat above yours. Kartik comes. Naira doesn’t see him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I’m still trying to figure out what the purpose behind this leap, i mean to just only show the change between the cities udaipur to Mumbai. Seriously coz it’s same old boring repeats tracks like separation and infinity number of milan they have these two. Funny things a girl who doesn’t have a basic school education, is ready to studying “management” ?????? are you kidding me man. Coming to karthik who behaving so weirdly to everybody, including even keerti, shouting at her when she started talking about his relationship for naira and breaking the things and drinks alot of alcohol thus acting that he hates naira to core, are now expecting everything to be alright. ????? between where their so called trusts and vows are gone. Today I like the scenes between suwarna and keerti, the way keerti defended singhania was outstanding and that confident of hers was ??? coz mata suwarna wanted only everyone to obey her orders though Manish ji has becomes powerless for not reacting of what suwarna’s doing to his family . Where is dadi goenka and nani gone, although rajshari nani’s character are nothing to do the show anymore but she was with singhania and her naksh ?????? I miss her aaw, eew, ? reactions and her unstoppable praising for naira. Kaina dear, where are you, i miss actually your reviews, come back please coz without you here it’s so boring. Appu as well

    1. I was thinking the same today.did they actually separate.they are together in class room,train,flat , library. Please fans I’m not enjoying their separation,this separation was forced to show some changes in location and they want to show again how they met again .it’s going to be some cheap Romance everywhere after milan.everyone will praise their love which has no trust or understanding. leap ho na ho it’s same boring story of kaira Milan million times.dont advice me to stop watching

  2. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I really hope that naira kartik sort out there mazzive misunderstanding about there stupid fight over nothing and I what kartik his family to apologise to naira kartik should take naira back to his house his Mam should apologise to naira for slapping her daughter in low for no reason and I what kartik grandmother to come back sort kartik Mam out once for all now that kartik grandmother has left the house kartik Mam has ruined naira kartik relationship it’s not fair on naira kartik anymore they both need to patch up really soon sort out there mazzive misunderstanding relationship right now I can’t see naira kartik separate anymore it’s making me cry so much

  3. Why does swarna treat kartik like he’s 18, he can look for his own apartment.

  4. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Amena

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