Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suwarna waiting for parcel. Naira asks what happened, you are lying, tell me why are you worried. Suwarna says no, my brother has sent something, it did not come. Naira says wow, Maayka’s gift, I was thinking something else. The courier guy gets the parcel. Naira receives it and gives it to Suwarna. Kartik looks for Naira. He sees them. Naira says open it fast, I m excited like kids. Kartik goes. Dadi says she won’t open it, its not any standard thing, I thought they will understand in some time, but now even I left the hope. Suwarna goes. Naira says what’s happening, why are they not happy.

Manish asks Suwarna did her work get over. She says yes. He asks about parcel. She says its household item. She thinks of her brother’s words. She opens the cupboard

and sees all the parcels kept. She thinks I did not see my son with fear that I can get attached to him. She keeps the parcel and apologizes to her son. She thinks I can’t tell this secret to anyone. She shuts cupboard and turns. She sees Manish.

He says you got scared as if your mistake is caught. She says because you came in front suddenly. He says sorry, I wanted to give you a surprise. She asks why. He says you are my wife, is there any reason, person can be inspired, don’t ask who inspired, you will say father learnt this from son. She says its beautiful. He asks how do you know. She says I know whatever you get for me will be perfect. She locks the cupboard. Karishma says Baisa refused to have food. Baisa looks on. Gayu says why is Dadi obsessed with marriage, she got after me, then Kirti, next is Naksh.

Kirti thinks of Dadi’s words. Kartik asks what happened. Kirti says you know everything. He says no, something new? She says nothing, old memories. He says come on, move on, do what you find good, don’t bother about anyone. She says yes, I will try. He says yes, you will come and tell me if you need anything, I m always there. She asks him to spend time with Naira, its time to make bond strong. He goes. She says I did not wish to hurt you, sorry to lie, this was imp for you and Naira.

Suwarna’s brother messages her asking her to see parcel once. Naira gets chocolate pastry. She says there is no problem that chocolate can’t solve. Kartik looks for her. Suwarna says I don’t want. Naira says don’t insult chocolate. Suwarna says I will say sorry. Naira feeds her. Kartik says I should keep tracker on wife. Kids ask him to hear their new rap. Suwarna also feeds Naira. Naira says keep smiling, you look good. Suwarna jokes. She applies chocolate to her nose. They laugh. Kartik comes and sees them. Naira hugs Suwarna. Kartik goes. Suwarna says I m fine, someone a memory troubles, go to your room, take the pastry for Kartik, he likes it. Naira says I kept one for him, I came to meet you first. She goes. Suwarna says I wish she stays happy, she spreads happiness.

Dadi combs Kirti’s hair and talks. Kirti says someone love does not solve hair, it has to be solved by force, it hurts but has to do it. Dadi thinks yes, I m going to do something tomorrow.

Naira asks Kartik to see what she got. She sees him sleeping and moves him. She asks him to wake up. He turns away. She eats the pastry and disturbs him with song. She says I know you woke up. He moves her hand away. He asks her to feed Suwarna. She says her mood was bad, being a family member, I was cheering her. He asks did you think being a wife… She asks what did I do, what’s wrong to help anyone. He says I have problem with her. Naira says human can be good or bad, but still a human, she is part of our family, sorry, I did not do wrong. He says why do you go close to her, the person who went close to her got snatched from me. She says you are thinking so. He says if you go close to her, I will not tolerate, you have to choose, either me or her. He goes to sleep.

Its morning, Baisa sees everyone busy. She says I packed by bag, book ticket. Naitik asks Naksh to drop her. Naksh says I will get car. Baisa gets annoyed. Everyone smiles.

Kartik sees Naira. Naira prepares a salad. Suwarna comes to help. Kartik gets angry and goes. Akhilesh asks where did Kartik go, did he have breakfast or not. Manish calls Akhileesh. Suwarna asks is this because of me. Naira says no, maybe he got some work.

Dadi talks to pandit about Kirti’s marriage. She asks him to find a good guy and mahurat. Naira says what to do, don’t know how is Dadi’s mood. Dadi tells Surekha that we can meet the family in temple, we will not tell Kirti and take her, if everything goes well, we will tell everyone. Naira comes there. Dadi asks Surekha to get Kirti to temple, don’t let Naira know this. Naira hears this and calls out Dadi. Dadi looks at her.

Dadi says I m trying that Kirti gets happiness. Naira hears the lady saying girl is rich and will fill your house. The lady meets Dadi. Naira looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. WOW good episode
    When is Kartik going to let go of his anger and hate for Suwarna
    Love Naira and Suwarna’s bonding
    I agree with someone’s view on episode I love Keerti a lot and find myself watching more when she is on.
    Have you all noticed how she looks like Akshara – similar dressing and ways as well.
    Hey Fenil I am good hope you are too thanks for thinking of me.
    I don’t know but I feel like Baisa really likes Keerti that’s what I am picking up. I love Baisa and her drama of leaving whenever she feels the family is upset with her.
    I am happy that Dadi Goenka is trying hard to be accepting of Naira but still room for improvement.
    Sure Khan is an idiot and cannot stand her
    I am thinking of Suwarna – what was her compulsion to give up her child and loose experiencing motherhood.
    This is just my opinion that she gave up her child because kartik and Manish relationship was bad and she was hoping that they mend it but if her son was around then the two will never be united. Just Thinking because I cannot understand what would compelled her to do this.

  2. *Surekha

  3. Fenil

    Hello !!

    Awesome Episode.

  4. Naira is so annoying in today’s episode. And Karthik grow up.
    Either kaira get some acting classes or change the actors

  5. Shan, you are absolutely right.. in fact I dun like karthik’s acting too..dramatic expressions all the tym..and the character portrayed by him is annoying too..

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