Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Thanks to our member, AHT, here’s brief update. *Detailed will be added later*

The episode starts with everyone being tired of dancing and complaning at the maheshwari house they are stuck in positions while in sighania house the time for a kawali night is tomorrow so everyone is getting prepared Gayu starts to write a poetry for Kartik and starts to dream about him Naksh catches yash and rose romancing and they see Rukhmani and Martha comming Rose runs into the room while yash and Naksh pretend nothing has happened Rukamini accuses chandu outside Gayu room and doubts him when his phone is checked nothing is in it shocking Rukmani Naira yells at her Rukmani gets an electric shock Naksh calls electrician Kartik hears about it and goes to fix it THe ladder is abut to fall and Naira holds it to make sure Kartik doent fall Kartik looks at her Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai plays

Precap: Naksh scolds Karitik for trying to do it he says your an employ noone else does this Akshara comes and says what hapening here

Update Credit to: AHT

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  1. update it fast pleaseeee..

  2. Ya…. pls ?

  3. Post krou updates

  4. Karthik is going to turn negative.As he wants to take revenge on naira about his sister death Senate’s.

    1. No karthik truly loves naira and karthik says that he can’t see naira eyes in tears so please stop this nonsense bakwaas and shut up your mouth

      1. priya chaundoury

        She’s telling the truth kartik is going to turn negative because he thinks his sister sukanya died because of naira but she didn’t

      2. You learn some manners ? Did she say something bad to you? She’s only giving her Point of view, which is her right!! This forum doesn’t belong to you alone!!!

    2. priya chaundoury

      He’s sisters name is sukanya not senates

  5. some1 plzzzz update

  6. thats a false news kartik is not sukanya’s brother n his love for naira is yeah stop spreading false news which nvr gonna happen..

  7. Who says that kartik is sughania’s brother??? How did you know are you a writer of this drama????

  8. Anika

    Ok..Ok guys calm down.

    If Kartik Wanted to take revenge from Naira had he been thinking of her all day?
    these dream sequence wouldn’t have happened.
    Had he confessed his love infront of God?
    Guys don’t believe in rumours and spread them.
    Our Kartik is 100% genuine

  9. Please update full episode

  10. Are yrr pls update the full episode bhaii

  11. Just download hotstar yr…y waiting fir updates…as simple as that

  12. priyanka Hemnani

    hi i like this blog very much. thank you so much admin. as i am deaf i cant hear what chrecter said i only see them and next day i used to visit here to read actuly what happend in the serial. there are many site for telly update but i like only this site. thank you so much. love and hugges

  13. Ooh tu ye sukanya ka bhai hai

    1. You are right Anika if he loves naira truely he sees naira every place..we will see later please girls don’t let us upset from now

  14. See girls if there would be any rumours then it would be clear afterwards but for future if you spoil your today then its a bad idea …just drop it out…
    Naira is moving in kartik and kartik truly loves naira
    And if there would be anything that he is su’s bro then he would confess it when he was infront of god

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