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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajshri liking the house. Naksh says he has chosen it, Sanju will live alone, so this small home is sufficient for her. Sanju asks her to supervise and they will work. Karishma says she will take food for Mishti in her room. She sees Bhabhimaa asking Naira to eat food. Naira says she will not eat this boring food, she wants pasta, burger. Akshara asks her not to do this daily. Naira leaves. Devyaani says she is behaving like Mishti. Karishma says why is she saying this, what did Mishti do, she gave room to her, what else will she do. Devyaani says I meant Naira is acting as kid. Akshara says I will talk to Naira. Naksh and Sanju arrange the home. Naksh says he has work now and will go. Rajshri and Sanju talk similar and Naksh says he feels she got Sanju’s ghost

in her. They laugh. Naksh says we will leave now and takes Rajshri.

Karishma complains this to Naman. He asks is Mishti crying. She says she cried and slept, Devyaani did unfair comparison. He says don’t worry, we can bear unfair things, but nothing unfair will happen with Mishti. Akshara asks Naksh where was he. He says he went to settle Sanju’s home, Rajshri also came. She arranges his papers, and he takes his exam paper. She says she will talk to Naira, and asks about his result. He says 11am. She says she will keep small puja for them, its all new for them. She goes.

Bau ji and Naman come home with Naitik. Bau ji praises Naitik and Devyaani agrees. Bau ji asks Naman to take advice from Naitik about the new project. Naman says he will do what Naitik says, he will mange everything. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa agree that Naitik is elder and more experienced. Naitik says no, let him do, I will see something else. Bau ji says why not, can’t they work together. Naitik says Naman knows everything, I was away for many years. Bau ji says this is Dadda ji’s factory and I want to make it reach heights.

Yash talks to Sanju and says he wanted to help her, but… She says its ok, you will get many chances. He says we will get exam results tomorrow, take rest. Karishma tells Naman that she arranged movie tickets. Devyaani asks will they have food at home. Karishma says we will go in morning. Devyaani says Akshara made puja plan. Karishma says she can’t cancel the plan. Devyaani says go later. Naman says its not kept for us, puja is for kids, so we can go for movie. They leave. Devyaani gets thinking.

Akshara and Naitik come to Naira. They do puppet show and make her smile. Naira cries. They ask why is she crying. Naira says I won’t go to school, its bad people, no one talks to me. He says everything will be fine. Naira says I want to change my school. Naksh comes and asks why is she crying. Akshara says she did not like her school. Naksh says its best school, even I studied there, I remember when I went from here, I cried a lot. Naitik says yes, he adjusted well in some time and then he is working for his exams, his result will come good. She says I know his result. Naitik asks what does she know about his result. Naksh requests her. Naira says I know his reason, that he is happy here, as Yash, Ananya and Sanju are his friends, I don’t have any friends. Naitik says give some time. Akshara says its not magic to make instant friends. Naksh says he knows to make her mood happy. Akshara says we will make her fav food and they leave. Naksh thanks her for not telling anything to mum and dad and hugs her. She says no one talks to me, they did not invite her in fresher’s party, the class hates me, am I bad. He says no, you are best. She says she offered chocs and nothing happened. He says they will know you are sweet, cute and a good spy. She hugs him.

Karishma and Naman take Mishti. Mishti gets scared seeing Naira. Naira says sorry. Naksh says they are going to lake, will she come. Naman says no, she wants to go game zone. Devyaani asks how will they go, cars are not at home. Bhabhimaa says Naksh and Naira will come by first car as lake is far, then Mishti can go, as its near. Naira says no, let Mishti go. Karishma asks Naman to see this is happening with Mishti too. Naman and Karishma ask Naksh to take car and they will go by walk.

Varsha and Jasmeet cook. Varsha says she feels Rajma will get less. Jasmeet says its fine, Anshu does not eat it, we will make some daal. Rajshri talks to Sanju and she tells about some dish. Rajshri comes in the kitchen to pack tiffin for Sanju, as her hostel food was not good. She tells this to Varsha and sends Rajma. Jasmeet says we have to make more daal and they smile. Mishti says she wants to play with Naira. Karishma says she won’t play and just get angry. Akshara comes and hears them. Mishti says she said sorry. Karishma says it happens daily, she gets angry and then says sorry, she took room, what else remains. Akshara asks whats she saying and sends Mishti to play with Naira.

She asks Karishma is she annoyed, how can she tell such big thing to Mishti, she explained Naira and she said sorry to Mishti, they are small kids, we are elders, Mishti will agree what you say. Karishma says sorry, I told anything in anger. Akshara says I know we came after many years, so it will be some time for adjusting. She says she kept puja before they go for puja, so that they can attend it as well. She leaves.

Its morning, Akshara prays and tells Naira that her classmates will talk to her, they will become her friends. Bhabhimaa says yes, Naksh’s result will come good. Naitik says he has applied in many courses and will get admission. They all praise Naksh. Naitik goes to drop Naira to school. Rajshri says she will not eat before kids’ result come, she has the mannat. Vishwamber and Dadi explain her. She asks does she not believe in Naksh’s hardwork and want to make him pass by devotion. Rajshri says no, I believe him and takes tea. Ananya come and asks for breakfast.

Yash comes and says he is tensed for results. Naksh says even I m tensed, I will not get admission, I did not apply in any course. Yash says why did you lie. Naksh says I know, if I don’t know admission in this course then… Akshara and elders look on shocked.

Naitik checks Naksh’s result and says his name is not in any course. He says Naksh said he gave good exam and confronts him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hi YouTube I’m soofia it really upsets me with the way Naitik is being nasty to naksh and nice to Naira Naitik should be nice to both of his kids and he shouldn’t just leave naksh out all the time coz that makes me so upset please Naitik be nice to naksh just for me alright

    From soofia

  2. Areee ye show toh bhut kam log dekhte hain

  3. i agree that naitik is mean to naksh but i also feel like akshara is not fair to naira
    naira had all he friends and life in cape town and now that akshara got to come back to india she just wants naira to adjust easily
    she could have aranged a room for naira and been nice about adjusting

  4. I hate karishma

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