Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Akshara dreaming that Naitik has come. She smiles and hugs him, and says she missed him a lot, it might be tough for him. He says he has to go back again. She says I won’t let you go. She wakes up and looks for Naitik. They ask what happened. Rajshri says Naitik did not come till now. Naksh says Papa is not coming. Akshara says he is coming. Naman says the ticket was of manager, he has come, Naitik is busy in meeting. Naksh asks her not to be sad. She asks them not to tell this to Naitik. They all agree.

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Naitik finishes the meetings and the clients like his job. Muskaan talks to Alok and says

Lord tests the lovers, and Akshara is missing Naitik a lot. Alok says he will also have to go for work. She says she won’t let him go anywhere away from her. He smiles and says wife’s idea is good. They laugh. She asks him to come home if he has time, to cheer up Akshara. He calls her very mature. Naitik tries getting a ticket for Udaipur and does not get any. He says this can’t happen. Naman tells everyone about traffic jams everywhere and they should not go out today.

Akshara gets pain and Devyaani asks her to walk, as time has come. Naman says ambulance can’t come, as its traffic jam. Bhabhimaa says then how will doctor come here. Naitik gets a ticket and smiles. Akshara says don’t know Naitik can come or not. Naitik goes to board the flight and says I m coming Akshara to give you surprise. Rajshri and Devyaani take care of Akshara. Naksh asks why is mum having pain. Akshara cries in pain. They all worry. Naitik reaches Udaipur and comes out of airport. He tries taking taxi and driver tells about traffic jam. Bau ji calls Naitik and asks him to come fast as Akshara is unwell. Naitik asks driver to take him till where he can. He prays to Lord to make him reach Akshara soon.

Devyaani says the time has come. Akshara says it can’t come till Naitik comes home. Varsha talks to Muskaan and they all come to know about Akshara’s state. Shaurya says we have to do something. Anshu says we will go and find some solution. Dadi prays for Akshara. They all worry for her. Ananya says nothing happens by worry, everything happens by prayers, lets all of us pray. Naitik sees the traffic and driver says I can’t go ahead. He pays the fare and starts walking with his bags.

Dadda ji asks Bhabhimaa whats happening. Naksh says Akshara has pain. Dadda ji asks Bau ji to call doctor. Bau ji says no doctor is coming by traffic. Dadda ji says do some other thing. Naksh cries. Muskaan takes Naksh and goes to room. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa say we can’t wait now. Naitik talks to police at checkpoint. Akshara asks Naitik to come fast. Naitik comes home and sees her in pain.

Naitik shouts Akshara and runs to her. Devyaani asks him not to come close as she can get infection as he has come from outside. Naitik apologizes to Akshara and says I have to come today. The city is shown in huge traffic. Shaurya and Anshu are stuck in traffic. Jasmeet calls Anshu and says Akshara is at home and having labor pains, reach there fast.Anshu and Shaurya think to take another doctor and go there. Vishwamber is worried. Devyaani says Naman went to take police help. Akshara says she can’t bear pain now. Naitik gets worried. He asks Devyaani to do her delivery at home, as they can’t take risk. Rajshri asks what is he saying. Naitik asks her to help.

Devyaani says I can’t do this. Naitik says you are ved, Rajshri and Bhabhimaa will help you, I will also help, you are our hope now. Naman talks to inspector and asks for help, as its about a woman and baby’s life. The inspector says I can’t help, see the situation. Shaurya and Anshu are on the way. Naitik asks Devyaani to go taking Akshara. Devyaani says I can’t, as I did it much time before. Akshara screams in pain and Devyaani agrees. Rajshri says we will wait for doctor. Naitik says we can’t wait. Muskaan asks Naksh not to cry.

Devyaani asks Naitik to go out. The ladies help Devyaani. Naitik tells Akshara that he will be come back soon and leaves her hand. Rajshri asks Devyaani to be careful.

Akshara’s delivery is done. She screams and Naitik worries for her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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