Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baisa talking to Devyaani. Baisa says I remember it was not keys there, I don’t know what was there. Devyaani says leave it, it will be something else. Naira feeds Bhabhimaa. Naira sits thinking of Kartik’s words. Bau ji comes to Naitik and explains him to see other relations too, there are many people, Naira, Naksh, Bhabhimaa, many things are incomplete, you have to complete it. Naitik says you are right Bau ji. Bau ji says I know we are dependent on wife always. Devyaani gets everything for Naitik and says saas gets bahu in house, but my bahu got me in this house and taught me the things here, after her leaving, I got your responsibility, I want to do it if you don’t have objection. He nods.

Manish signs without reading. Suwarna says I m seeing

this for the first time. He says this loss is nothing than Kartik’s confession. She asks won’t you go and see Kartik. He says I get hurt seeing his state. She says its strange, Kartik wants to ruin himself and you want to save him, till when will this father son war go on. He says till dad wins, my love has to win over his hatred for his sake, not mine. She thinks its good he did not see Naira here.

Naitik comes office. Staff member tells about Kartik completing the file. Naitik gets angry and throws the file. He scolds staff and goes to cabin. He says why did Lord get him close to us, Lord did this with us. Naitik sees Akshara’s note and says I can’t live without you, but I will do whatever you expect me to do. Inspector says papers are ready, Kartik surrendered, we will make him sign. Rajshri says we don’t want to get revenge.

Devyaani says Akshara will not come back. Rajshri says we know him, maybe he did by mistake, if its wrong as per law, let his family do anything, we will do what is right for us. He says even then, we will keep you informed, Naira also wants this. Naira hears them. Police leaves. Rajshri says revenge motives made sorrow higher. Naira goes to meet Kartik. He goes to hold her and see. She says its me, Naira, I came to tell something, this accident happened by mistake, so we forgive you, but I want to end our relation, there is nothing like before now, no need to surrender and ruin your life, my mumma won’t come back, live your life, I will live my life. He cries and holds her. He asks her to listen. She says I don’t want to. He insists. He says I did not do this accident even by mistake, I don’t remember, trust me.

She says let me go. He says how, I love you and can’t live without you and seeing you annoyed. He says I also loved you, but now I don’t love you. He says no please don’t say this. You can hate me externally, but you love me. She says yes, I love you Kartik, its tough for me, what shall I do. They hold each other and cry. Kartik imagines all this. He says all my dreams got true, this will also get true. Naira sees Akshara’s pic and cries.

Naira wears ghungroos and dances. Naitik and Gayu praise Naira for managing them so well, no one else can do this. Naira cries hearing Akshara’s lullaby. Kartik and her conversation plays. She hears the car sounds and checks again. She says its sound of two cars, it means there was one more car there, but whose. She recalls Kartik’s words and thinks did mumma’s accident happened by other car. Inspector asks Kartik to sign on the confession papers.

Kartik recalls Naira’s words and says I can understand your pain, but I could not understand why you could not trust me, why you felt I can do this, I can’t bear this. Naira says whose car was it, I have to find out, but how. Rajshri gets juice and asks her to be with Gayu, she is worried. Naira asks why. Rajshri says someone told her something, Kartik used to manage her work and now…. anyways you encourage her, I told her to go to roots of the matter if we have doubt, so that we get sure and satisfied that we tried.

Mishti does not study and sings. Everyone ask her to study. Mishti says I m studying, its periodic table, its my learning way. They all smile. Bau ji says we used to say same thing. They recall their times. Mishti says enough, you all act to grow up, you all are kids. Naira smiles seeing them. She says I have to find this out alone. She comes to police station and sees Kartik. Naira tells inspector that she has to meet Kartik. He says try and see, he refused to meet anyone. She goes to Kartik. He cries and asks why did you come here, did I do any more crime, tell me, I accept the punishment. She says no, I got to know something about accident and came to confirm, think again. He says I told you everything and forgot, now I believe what you said, there is no truth. She asks him to understand. He says leave it, maybe we fight and I don’t want it. She says this is imp. He says I can go jail for you, but not see you annoyed, please go to your family, they need you, there is nothing to listen now, I signed confession papers. She gets shocked and cries.

Manish says you could not trap my son, do anything you want. Naira says maybe truth is not that we know, its something else. Suwarna stops.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vrushy

    The story is moving at a snails pace. The CV’s should buck up now. High time they end this track !! Waiting for happy moments and kaira millan !!

  2. Hi Amulet, Pat , Shilpa and all YRKKH fans and all others silent comment readers , I hope you all have enjoyed your day today .

    I love the conversation between bauji and Naitik.
    Anyway despite so much happenings and do not trusting Kartik, it was good to see that some of the family Members still have soft corner for Kartik. And those words of Rajshri and devyani to police man was awesome.

    Kartik’s reaction to naira was completely justified as she has always accused him. It was really good to see naira taking up family responsibilities. Anyway she is now feeling guilty for Kartik.
    This track is going to be difficult for Naira in upcoming episodes.

    1. Sorry it was written

      Hi Aniket and not hi amulet. Sorry Aniket it was printing mistake???? due to auto correct.

  3. Guys I just got your know that gayu did akshara’s accident hope it is not true

  4. I agree with u Vrushy, the storyline needs to wrap up now. They are extending it uslessly….. I can understand Rahul, no issues, it happens oftenly….. Why is Shilpa and Pat silent?? And Sarayu where from u got the news, i dont think thats true!! Hope the storyline dont be that way!! Wish to wrap this track asap.. GooD NighT FriendS.. Have a- WONDERFUL TOMORROW!!

  5. Yes sarayu I have also read the same.
    But I think it’s not true because YRKKH is not a vampire person wala serial. Everyone in this serial is a simple minded positive person

  6. Yes sarayu I have also read the same.
    But I think it’s not true because YRKKH is not a vampire person wala serial. Everyone in this serial is a simple minded positive person .
    I have also read rd that swati chitnis is going to play the role of Kartik’s Dadi

  7. plsss let naira find out the truth & let kaira unite again…

  8. when ll kaira b together man!so much pain both r going through.

  9. Boring as hell!

  10. Awatif Rahman

    Don’t know why but I have a feeling that suwarna did the accident

  11. reshma begum

    What r u serious sarayu . Is it true no it won’t be true… I love gayu very mush more than everyone plz yrkh don’t do tis

  12. Sethidisha002

    plz bring the truth out soon

  13. please unite kaira please please. its very painful to see them like this. please

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