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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik finding Akshara. Dada ji asks Vikram to call Sangram, he has imp work. Sangram comes home. Dada ji asks did he fight with anyone. Sangram says I will freshen up and come. Dada ji says he has done something. Rajshri sees Akshara’s pics and it slips. Vishwamber holds the pic and asks her to be careful. She worries. He asks her not to worry about Shaurya and Anshu. She says I spoke to them, I worried for Akshara. He says you spoke to Devyaani, we will meet Akshara tomorrow, take this pic. Rajshri smiles.

Everyone try to find Akshara. It gets very dark. Bhabhimaa says bahu and wakes up. Devyaani consoles her. Naksh tells Naitik that they did not find Akshara. Inspector says we did not get any clue, there is no way to go down that railing area,

if your wife fell then… Naitik says no, this can’t happen. The inspector asks does your wife know swimming. Naitik says no. They go to check that area. Its morning, everyone pray for Akshara in Singhania house. Naitik and Naksh along with everyone try to find Akshara. The search team checks inside the river also. Naitik wishes Akshara tells him where is she, he will reach her. He promises he will not let her go anywhere alone.

The men say there is no dead body there. Naitik scolds them and says she is my wife. The man says sorry, we found out but she is not here. The inspector says I can’t give any false hope, if she fell in water and did not know swimming then anything can happen. Naman says maybe she did not fall. Inspector says yes, maybe she is kidnapped. Naitik says I have strong feeling she is here. Naksh says we would have got here, come, we shall leave. Naitik sees Akshara’s sandal slipping inside the river and shows Naksh that its Akshara’s sandal, she is here. Naksh and Naman ask him to stop. Naitik jumps in the river and looks for her. Naman says if search team could not find her, then.. Naksh says I m sure Papa had some intuition.

Naitik comes out and calls out Akshara. Naitik says Akshara is nearby, maybe she tried to come out, I will see other side. Naman asks Naitik to come. They get worried seeing Naitik not coming out of water. Naitik looks inside deep waters and comes out. He sees a cloth matching to Akshara’s dress and swims that side. He says its her dupatta and sees a boat there. He pushes the boat and sees Akshara lying in the water beneath that boat. He gets shocked. He says nothing will happen, come and takes her to the shore. He lifts her and calls out Naksh and Naman. He brings Akshara out. Naitik says I told you we will get her. Naksh asks Akshara to wake up. Naitik pumps out the water.

They request her to get conscious. Inspector asks them to check nerves. Naitik gets tensed and checks her pulse. He closes eyes being worried. He says there is pulse running and they take her in ambulance with emergency care. They reach the hospital. Naitik recalls his words and cries. The doctor asks them to stand outside. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai……………plays……Naman asks Naitik to sit. Naksh says she will be fine. Naitik says I want to be with her, she will look for us when she gets conscious.

Naitik stands at the door and sees her. Her treatment starts. Doctor says she is critical. Doctor tells Naitik that we can’t say anything, she got internal injury, maybe her head struck to any solid rock, water and poisonous algae entered her body, she was lucky that she held the boat, else…. We are trying out best.

Naman informs Karishma. Karishma behaves normal informs of Naira and Mishti. She tells Naira that Naitik and Akshara went to Rajshri, elders went to temple. She asks them to play. Naira says we had food. Karishma says I will get chocolate shake. Bhabhimaa, Devyaani and Bau ji reach hospital. Bau ji hugs Naitik and cries. He says don’t lose courage, I understand what you are going through, I went through this phase, nothing will happen to Akshara, don’t lose hope.

Nurse asks them to get medicines. Bau ji asks Naksh to be with Naitik, he will get medicines. Rajshri and Vishwamber got Dadi there for her checkup as Dadi slipped from stairs. Rajshri hears Bau ji making Akshara’s bill. She says she heard Akshara’s name. Vishwamber says why will anyone take her name here, come. They see Bau ji and Devyaani there. Rajshri asks them what are they doing here, is everything fine. Devyaani cries and says Akshara. They get shocked.

Rajshri tells Devyaani that she did wrong by not telling them. She cries and asks no one told us anything, she is my daughter and I have right to know. Vishwamber asks Rajshri to calm down. Devyaani says I m also a mother, I did not say you as you will worry, what would you do being in my place, we all will pray for her. Akshara sees Dadda ji. Akshara goes to Dada ji, while Naitik, Naksh and Naira ask her to come back. Askhara says I don’t want to go Naitik and calls them out. They shout. Akshara gets critical. Naitik says nothing will happen to you, you can’t go leaving me. Her heartbeat gets down. She closes her eyes. Naitik panics.

Naitik goes to pray, while Akshara is treated. Naitik says even Lord can’t snatch my Akshara, she can’t leave me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice episode

  2. anyone knows spoiler our cute aksara is back to serial

  3. Akshara get well soon dear. Without u Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is incomplete. I pray for your quick recovery…. ????????

  4. Very emotional…. I don’t know why I have a feeling that Sangram will try to kill Akshara again.. maybe in the hospital.

  5. YRKKH: No blindness, No memory loss, Akshara returns home safely Upcoming Episode

    Sunday, December 06 2015
    YRKKH: No blindness, No memory loss, Akshara returns home safely
    Naitik’s (Karan Mehra) love brings Akshara (Hina Khan) back to her life in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will show that Naitik’s love wins and Akshara comes back to her life.

    Family members are happy seeing their beloved Akshara safe.

    Naitik brings Akshara back to home and she finds difficult to walk due to weakness.

    Being a good husband, Naitik lifts Akshara in his arms and brings her to the room.

    Akshara is shocked seeing the messing room

    Naitik tries to cover up his mistake which bring smile on Akshara’s face.

    Akshara is irritated seeing her sandals drawer and ask Naitik who keeps sandals here.

    Some sweet –bitter fight take place between Naitik and Akshara over the messing room.

    1. wow how you know this all who are you please reply

  6. .yc episode…it was superb when akshara sees dadajii..get well soon akshara….

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  8. plzzzzz Akshra get well soon

  9. No worries akshara is back

  10. Nilantimushfiquemahi

    I hope she’ll get well soon 🙁

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