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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara complimenting Tara. She asks her to smile by heart and calls Naksh there to make her smile. Tara smiles seeing Naksh. Akshara says I know you both could not talk after coming here, Naitik and I used to fight on such matters, those moments become memorable, you both also live these moments, don’t lose such moments, you both talk, I will be outside, if Sangram sees, it will be problem, come soon for puja. She goes.

Naksh and Tara have a talk. He asks is there anything she is confused about, do you love me. She says yes and you? He says always, maybe this is tension feeling before marriage. Akshara signs them. He sends Tara saying maybe someone is coming. Tara gets annoyed.

Ranveer and Ananya are on the way. Varsha messages Ananya to get chunri

from market. He says but market is closed today. Ananya says I have home keys, we will pick chunri from home. Sukanya asks Naira to come for a ride. Naira says no, mum will get angry. Sukanya insists. Dada ji comes there and asks Naira to see the village ghangaur, and get her friends too. Naira says yes. She tells Sukanya that she can’t come, her mum will feel lonely, as Papa is not here. Sukanya says you are so scared of your mum and goes.

Ananya and Ranveer reach home and see house open. Akshara tells Rajshri that Ananya will get chunri, she will ask us when she does not see Shaurya here. Ananya asks Shaurya why did he not go to village, why is he at home. He makes work excuse. She asks him to get ready and goes to get chunris. Naitik tells Akshara that he is going for meeting, he will finish work soon and come. She thanks him and says everyone is missing him. Kuhu talks to him and says I m missing you Papa, come soon. He says I m missing you too, we will enjoy a lot. Akshara says I will give her fav icecream to make her mood fine. Akshara asks Varsha when will Ananya come. Varsha says she will come. Ananya, Ranveer and Shaurya are on the way. Shaurya wishes something happens that he does not reach there, he does not wish anything bad to happen there. Ranveer’s car stops. Ananya says we have to reach on time, everyone is waiting for chunris. Ranveer says we will take taxis. Akshara calls Ananya to ask for chunris. Ananya says our car broke down, we are coming by taxi, don’t worry, we will reach on time. The ladies do puja and make idols. Shaurya sees a bike racing and pulls Ananya. He falls down and gets hurt. Varsha gets worried. Akshara asks are you worried for Ananya, she is coming in some time. Kuhu plays the tune.

Ranveer asks doctor not to hide anything and tell about Shaurya’s injuries. Doctor says we can say after reports come. Ananya cries and says Papa is very strong, he will be fine. Ranveer says yes, I will inform family. She says don’t tell them, they will panic, we will tell them when Papa gets fine. Doctor says he will get fine when he gets treatment done. Ananya asks what do you mean. Doctor says he wants to talk to you, convince him for treatment. Varsha is upset, and makes idol. Naira jokes on Tara’s idol asking which cartoon character is this. Mishti says bits Naksh. Naksh compliments Tara. He goes to her. Naitik tries calling Akshara and Naksh, and says if I call anyone else, they will be worried.

Ananya talks to Shaurya and asks why are you not getting treatment done. He says I had to say something, i did not had courage before, forgive me if possible, I will accept your decision. Naksh gives idol clothes to Tara and says mumma gave this. Akshara signs Tara and smiles. Baisa asks Tara when did you make such good clothes.

Ananya comes out and cries. She hugs Ranveer. He asks her to be strong, Papa will be fine. Doctor says Shaurya got conscious, he will be fine. She cries. Ranveer says Anshu called, I told him everything, calm down. Everyone wait for Ananya, as she got late. They think how to get chunris. The village ladies give chunris saying they made it. Akshara tells Tara’s village people are good. Baisa says fine, how will we do puja, there is no river here. Akshara sayus we thought to do some rituals after going to out city, Lord sees devotion.

Everyone give their chunri to Varsha. Ananya says no need to give chunri, I have come and gives chunri to Varsha. They all get glad. Akshara asks where is Ranveer. Ranveer brings injured Shaurya there. They all get shocked seeing him. Ananya says Shaurya got hurt while saving her, doctor asked him to take some rest. Shaurya apologizes to make them worry in happiness moment.

Ananya cries and tells Varsha that Shaurya has told her all the truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode.

  2. I know Ananya will forgive Shaurya and so others will also do the same.

  3. How many times Tara will be doubting Akshara & Naksh’s affection towards her? She wants them to be rational and broad-minded with her, but she herself has a narrow attitude.

  4. I heard in some spoiler that the show is going to take a long leap and natik and AKshara are going to be separated and there is going to be a big twist were Akshara will marry an other man.

  5. Nice episode

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