Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ananya talking to some lady and saying she will just write and do the online job, let her be a mystery, its fun. The lady says she will keep on saying till she meets her. Naira says she will not have boring parathas. She says we get healthy food in canteen and asks for money. Akshara says no. Naira says why is she punishing her for Naksh and Naitik’s marriage. She does drama. Akshara asks her to have her tiffin and hugs her. She says I love both of you equal. Naitik comes and Naira asks him to have home made food too. Akshara gives him tiffin and he goes. Naksh comes and asks since when will he have to be at home. Akshara says ask Naitik, and gives him tiffin, as she is going to his college.

She asks Naira to go school. Naira says I don’t like when Naitik

and Naksh fight, do something. She leaves. Akshara thinks and calls Rajshri. Rajshri then calls Naitik, while he is on his way. Naksh calls home and asks for Rajshri. Naitik and Naksh complain her about each other. Rajshri says control is fine, no I mean not good. Vishwamber looks on and smiles. Naitik asks her to come to him, as its just her who understand him. Naksh asks her to come. She says fine, it will be good that both dad and son sort this. Naksh asks about Ananya and Naitik asks about Vishwamber. They answers them and they get confused.

She says milk is boiling and ends call. Naksh says what happened to her. Naitik smiles. Vishwamber says she managed them very well. Rajshri says Akshara is managing them alone there. Sanju comes to meet Naksh and says she came as he did not come. He says my dad does not like this. She says did I ask him to welcome me, I will meet your mum. He says she is not at home. She says she came to him, as there is no fun at college without him. They play football and she asks till when is he grounded. He says don’t know. She asks for soda and he stops her, saying she can’t go inside, as her feet is dirty and he will get it.

He turns down all the family pics and does not let her see. She says she has to meet his mum and likes his home. She says I also want such artistic home. He says they ordered all these things online and their elders sent it. She asks why don’t they go if family is in India. Naksh says don’t know, when I told dad, he refused. She asks what, is there anything fishy. He says no, they know whats cooked there and evn then we don’t go. She asks did he not ask. He says everytime same answer. She says she forgot the work she came for and asks him to sign the form. He asks whats this. She says divorce papers, and says exchange program papers, sign it, I will make it all done.

He says everyone came, go fast, you can meet them, not today, dad was very angry. He sends her out, and Naira comes. Vishwamber says its so tough to be at home. Rajshri says its all new, you will get habitual soon He asks her to give him some work. She says no, and asks him to go and meet any friend. He says I retired, not my friends. She asks him to watch any movie. Sanju says she will go India with Naksh and fills his form. It flies and falls near Akshara. She asks Sanju to do her project and gives the papers. Sanju says sh got the topics, she will do the project.

Sanju calls Naks and says she has a good news, and tells that hindi teacher gave that project topics. He says what and smiles. He sees her pic and says love you mom. He says good, I said I will manage. Sanju says I think she got scared of us. He laughs. She says the surprise and she filled the form, she will do something and convince him, they will go India. She says she dropped the forms. She gets glad.

Naksh gets bored at home and thinks of Naitik. Naira talks to him and apologizes. She asks him to leave his anger and sings. Naksh smiles. She says I love you and Papa too. She gives him money and asks him to get a new jacket. Akshara comes home and brings bouquets and items. Naira asks why so much items. Akshara says its Ghangor and tells them about India. Naksh says we feel sad when we get alone, and miss them. He says don’t worry, we are here. Naira says yes, I will help like last time. He jokes on Naksh that Akshara won’t let Naksh have a GF, else she will feel the girl will snatch him. She says she saw this from Indian movies.

Akshara asks them to stop watching movies. They say this won’t be accepted and Naira goes. Naksh thanks for hindi project. Akshara says you came to know, I just gave a second chance to my student, you will get 0 marks if assignment is not good. He says yes. She asks Naksh to make a good tea, and its puja tomorrow and much work to do.

Naira asks Akshara to sing song. Akshara says what to sing alone. Naksh and Naira sing and she too sings along, doing the puja. Naitik smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naira looks so grown up like a 14,15 year old girl although its been ten years since they left India when she was an infant, a few months old. Where as Akhara has grown 10 years younger which is strange. As guessed earlier, Naitik went and settled abroad and Naman became the legal heir if Singhanias , leaving his real father Suresh in a lurch, all alone to himself.

  2. I dont like naira and naksh
    They should take a younger girl too play they role of naira

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